Sunday, December 27, 2009

StreetSweeper - Demo

"It's Time To Sweep The Streets..."Boston Hardcore

1. Exterior Uses
2. Scum Runner
3. StreetSweeper
4. Rubber Neck


Rhythm To The Madness - 2 Song Demo

"Formed when Klaas wrote the lyrics to 'till your well runs dry' and 'through the mind's eye' and gave them to Stief so that fitting music could be written for them. The two songs were recorded in their friends demo-studio and no plans where made doing anything with them. However, the two songs were so well received with anyone who heard them that Powered Records decided to release them on the demo-cassette. Rttm's appearance on the Justice release party got kids wanting more that just a demo. In October 07 Rttm released their debut ep on powered records; two songs, an intro and a motorhead cover song were recorded in Dé studio in Asse. With this release it became clear that rttm was going to become more than just a project band, as cedric from Rise and fall now joined the ranks, giving extra guitar-power to the band. Right now rttm is writing for their full length LP that will be out next summer . "

01 Till your well runs dry
02 Through the mind's eye


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Dept - Demo

"Formed in the late summer of 2009, In Debt started out of a want to inject economic and political thinking into the hardcore movement."

01. Intro
02. The Banks Never Lose
03. Tompkins Square
04. Money Is Debt
05. Bite Your Tongue


Move Along - Demo

"Move Along. Hardcore band from Denver, Colorado. Act like you know."

1. Move Along
2. Changes
3. Who Cares?
4. Mental Floss
5. Slow Your Roll
6. Take Me Away
7. Get Me
8. Walk On Home


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MINUS - Demo

No, not the Icelandic ones.
Members of Violation, Downpresser and Fell To Low. Could only be good, right?

01. Endless
02. This World
03. Bloodshot
04. The Difference