Friday, August 28, 2009

Kickback - The Demos

I'm going to do a little Kickback special, since i got the 2 demos and the long out of print 7''.

Kickback is the longest running European hardcore band, with an album released just a few months ago, and certainly the hardest.

The Meaning Of Pain (1991)

1. Be My Guest
2. Street Cleaner
3. Harder They Fall
4. Times Of Hate

vbr (Low Quality)

No One Gets Out Alive (7'') (1992)

1. My Reality
2. Sins
3. Preacher Of Lies
4. Crumbling


Démo 4 Titres Inédit (1993)

1. On My Feet
2. Sins Pt.2
3. Darkside Rising
4. Scared Inside


Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Equal - Young Men (Demo)

Now for something a bit different. On Equal was a screamo/harcore band from Portugal whose members went on to play in bands like larkin, fools die and from now on.
This 3 track demo is all that's been recorded (with the female vocals).

01. Violence Is Online
02. Giving Testimony
03. The Day The Sun Goes Down


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Terror - Life & Death Demo

No need for introduction here. Before Lowest of the Low, terror released a 4 track demo that was later released in 7'' vinyl.

1. Life And Death
2. Another Face
3. Nothing To Me
4. What Have We Done


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nazi Dust - Demo Tape

With members of Cult Ritual. The demo k7 sold out in the 2 presses.
If you like the other Youth Attack label bands, check this one out.

1. Value Without Purpose
2. Mislead
3. Subservient
4. Cling To Objectivity
5. Bad Blood
6. Fervour


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Backtrack - Demo '08

This might have been one of the best demos of 2008. Backtrack come from Long Island, NY.
The demo was re-released in 7'' by 6131 records.

1. Standing on two feet
2. Kept out
3. Different direction
4. Another way back
5. Paused progress


Monday, August 17, 2009

Cornered - Demo

Oldschool NYHC vein in this hardcore band from Holland.
Demo to be repressed by crucial attack in 100 piece limited vinyl.

1. Intro/Cornered
2. You wouldn't last
3. My war
4. Expandable assets
5. Faith of the blind


Moutain Man - Demo 09

Members and ex-members of Verse, I Rise and Last Lights.
Much in the vein of Trash Talk, and very nice by the way.

1. God/Fuck
2. Live
3. Hate
4. Love


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Breaking Through - Demo

Lisbon Hardcore represented here by Breaking Through. The band broke up in 2007, with only this demo and a split with The Punchskulls

01. Make The Difference
02. Set Our Goals
03. Media Control
04. Wall Crew


Ape Attack - Demo

Another German band with the demo available in the myspace page.
Fast paced hardcore/punk.

1. dont ask me
2. the high price
3. be real
4. army of dicks
5. give it a chance
6. emo massacre
7. refugees welcome
8. tough guy poser


Saturday, August 15, 2009

XSink or SwimX - Demo 2k8

Female fronted Vegan Straight-Edgers XSink or SwimX from Germany, have recently made available their out of print demo for everyone to check out, through their myspace

1. Truth?
2. Identity
3. Zip your lips!
4.Day by day
5. Delusion


Enuf - Demo

1988 demo from New Jersey's shortlived ENUF. With only this demo and a couple of shows through out the States, the band broke up. Ari Katz, singer of the band later formed Lifetime.

01. Suckah Mosh
02. Face The Music
03. I Just Wanna Skate
04. MF/Get It Done
05. Once Too Many Times
06. Fantasy World


Never Fail - Demo

Portuguese band with current and ex-members of bands like Eternal Bond, No Good Reason and LifeDeceiver.
5 tracks of oldschool, moshable, pissed off hardcore.

01. Intro (Nail it)
02. Never Fail
03. Bombs Away
04. Reality Slap
05. For the Glory


In The Beginning...

In the beginning it was something like this for every band, recording a demo and passing it on.
The purpose of this blog is to show people all the new stuff that is around, along with the old days of some of the big band around.

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