Friday, August 16, 2013

Revengeance - Complacent Complacency EP

Revengeance just made their latest EP available for free download. Don't sleep on one of the best bands to come out from Portugal last year.
And if you wanna piss of the neighbours with some loud powerviolence/grind/hardcore, don't 
forget to grab a copy in 7''!

01. The Model Citizen
02.  Drunken Dialects 
03.  Inaugurate The Warfare 
04.  (R)helix 
05.  Lex Talionis 
06.  Nihilistic Circus Parade 
07.  Controlller (Void Cover) 
08.  Bloodshot Vision 
09. Army Of None 
10. Jockcore Mentality 
11. A Screwdriver In The Ass Of Capitalist Hardcore 
12. Pictorial Representation of Faith 

Various Bitrates

Bricks - Forfeit

Bricks just released their new tape, new stuff, same poison!
Get in touch with the bandthrough their email for tapes .

01. Habits
02. Forfeit 
03. Identity 
04. Secrets
05. At A Loss
06. Deluded 
07. Wasted

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Presence Of Fear - Demonstration 2013

"Presence Of Fear is a new band out of West Michigan that plays a metallic/heavy style of hardcore with some hints to beatdown, quoting influences from bands like All Out War, Ten Of Swords, etc."

1. America's Pastime
2. Forever The Neglected
3. Smoke And Mirrors
4. Hatred Within
5. Sworn In 
Various Bitrates

Blare - Blare

80's influenced hardcore punk from Richmond VA.

01. I'm You
02. Reasons
03. Verbally Empty
04. Know
05. Bad Dreams
06. Hollow
07. Kids
08. Problems

Various Bitrates

Hollow Truth - Prometheus Bound EP

Dublin's Hollow Truth, previously featured with their demo, just released their new EP.
If you like a good dose of oldschool thrash crossover, don't let this one slip by.

01. With Sword & Salt
02. Prometheus Bound 

Various Bitrates