Thursday, December 29, 2011

Youth Issue - Hate/Anger Tapes

Tokio Youth Crew


01. Intro/Stuck
02. Enemy
03. Choices
04. Get Out
05. Snake
06. No Tolerance

Variable Quality


01. Your Face
02. Emptiness
03. Count Me Out
04. Interlude/FUFP
05. Into The Hole
06. Burn
07. Youth Issue
08. Wolfpack (DYS Cover)

Variable Quality

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Final Rage - Tombstone (Tape)

"The debut recordings from the Dirty South's fiercest new export.
Members of Never Again, Wayfarer, Coldsnap, On Thin Ice, Out Of Hand and just about every other quality hardcore band to have come out of Kent in the past decade, join forces to remind the UKHC scene EXACTLY how the SRH takes care of business.
Drawing influence from both the classic NYHC sound and more recent bands like Striking Distance & Right Brigade, Final Rage drop five heavy tracks that hit harder than a ton of Milmead Bricks."

01. Intro / Final Rage
02. Tombstone
03. 5 Finger Discount
04. Walking Dead
05. Flawed Existence


Wolf X Down - MMXI

"Rising from the ashes of the German vegan straight edge band Sink or Swim, Wolf Down is ready to keep pushing forward their message of political and social activism. Amazing vegan straight edge hardcore carrying the tradition of Gather and 7 Generations."
EP out on Catalyst Records.

01. Hide & Seek
02. Rot
03. Faithless
04. Rat Race

Variable Quality

Monday, December 19, 2011

Harness - Demo '11

Hardcore band from Santa Barbara, naming influences from Buried Alive, Turmoil, Mayhem, Crowbar, Kickback, Disembodied, Integrity.
 It can only be good!

01. First Taste
02. Pull Me Back to Birth 
03.  State of Siege
04.  Mala Gente 
05.  Imprisoned

Variable Quality

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Headwind - Fall Back EP

Debut recording from the female fronted hardcore band, formerly known as Insight, hailing Fortune Valley.

01. Use Me
02.  What It's Come To 
03.  Fall Back
04. Waste of Life 
05. Motivation
06.  Abase
Variable Quality

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unlearn - Demo 2010

Metallic Hardcore From READING, PA
New 7" Coming this summer on RDG RECORDS.

01. Intro/Unlearn
02. Deathshead Revisited
03. Snakeoil
04. I Am Revenge


Friday, December 9, 2011

Wastoids - Demo 2011

80's influenced hardcore with tape out on Blank Stare Records.
"Keep your ears peeled for Chris Colohan of Cursed/Left For Dead/Burning Love/every good band ever screaming about beer and partying on one of the tracks."

01. Hoop Dreams 
02. Moon People 
03. We Are (The Wastoids Crew) 
04. Fuck You (We Came To Party)

Variable Quality

Brainwreck - Demo 2011

Buffalo Straight Edge hardcore citing influences from
Alpha & Omega, Crowbar, Slayer, Iron Age, Biohazard and Leeway.
01. My Own Hell  
02. Break The Mold 
03. Wretched World (ft. Zak Quiram) 
04. Gone Forever 
Variable Quality

(requires valid email address)

Friday, December 2, 2011

SKVLT - Demo

Massachusetts residents SKVLT bring you 5 tracks of blackened hardcore crust. Physical copies, limited to 100 cassettes available through PRGNT Records.

01. Spill Over
02. Useless
03. Overgrown
04. Skvlt Pt. I
05. Dysphagia


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coins As Portraits – Form and Structure

Coins As Portraits are an experimental grindcore band from Brasov, Romania, this is their debut recording, released between Asiluum and Fading Halo Records.
"We’re a catapult. Our songs are meant to provoke and agitate. There’s no specific formula for what we do, we just love fast grinding and meshing things up.
Lyrically, we approach the human predicament with references to man’s part in life, society, philosophy and knowledge"

01. Great Numbers
02. The Curator’s Brush
03. The Plot
04. The Human Predicament: Part I
05. The Human Predicament: Part II
06. Overcome By Assumption
07. Solipsism

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fought Alone - Demo 2010 & Nothing Nice To Say (EP)

"A mix of old and young dudes who just wanted to play old style hardcore. Includes ex and current members of Four Walls Falling, Thinktank, Over My Dead Body, Short Circuit, and Losing Skin."

Demo 2010

01. Turned Your Back 
02. Face Reality 
03. Waste Of Life 
04. No Affiliation 
05. On My Own 
06. Target For Profit 
07. Wasted Words 
08. Whats Ahead

Variable Quality

 Nothing Nice To Say

01. Fought Alone 
02. Personal Politics 
03. Judgement Day 
04. The Good Fight  
05. Flounder  

Variable Quality 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bent Life - Demo

Bent Life hail from Nebraska and released their demo through Lost Time Records.
New 7'' to be released on 6131 Records.

01. Bent Life
02. Beginning of The End 
03.  Tied To The Earth
04.  Lead Astray 
05. Survive


Barren Lives - Consumption

fast/heavy 80's influenced hardcore/punk/d-beat with heavy influences from DOOM, Poison Idea, etc.

01. Man-Made 
02. Lost Cause 
03.  Barren Lives 
04. Frauds 
05.  Slave Now, Slave Forever

Variable Quality

Monday, November 14, 2011

Backflip - New Ticket, New Journey

 "It has been almost a year now. Doing it from the heart, straight from the city of Loures, where we're all from. Four guys, one girl and one thought: Have fun everytime we gather to play, always talking shit, always helping each other. Hope you enjoy it, as much as we do doing it. Hoping to stick around."

 01. Intro
02. Stand Up Tall
03. Yours Truly
04. Fandango
05. Am I Right?
06. Cut Th'a Bullshit
07. Les Serpents


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Stared Into The Forest - Society Discontinued

"A bunch of people brought together by their love for DIY hardcore. We're not reinventing hardcore but we sure like to play it. We're opposed to discrimination and any totalitarian beliefs.
I Stared into the Forest recorded their debut EP this summer, released by Fading Halo Records."

01. watching the world collapse 
02. sloth machine 
03. locked in part i 
04. locked in part ii  
05. clean up the snow 
06. sore monday 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kicked In - Demos

Kicked In are an awesome band from Kansas City in the vein of the Lockin' Out Records bands.
Their 7'', In Session is also available at their Bandcamp Page and through Thinkfast Records.

Demo 2010

01.Warchant Intro
02. Intro/Free Mind  
03. Urban Decay 
04. Square One
05. Time Can't Change 
06. No Respect  
07. Crampin' My Style


Demo 2011 

 01. In Session 
02. Our Fun
03. Crampin' My Style 


No Submission - EP

New punk/hardcore band from Burlington, Vermont.

01. I Still Believe
02. Dear Fred Phelps
03. Counter Recruitment 
04. SS Trash
05. Game Over  
06. Cages 
07. Shit Out of Luck 
08. We Are Human

Variable Quality

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Step Aside - Reaching Out

Tucson youthcrew straightedge, love it or love to hate it.
There's still hard copies available of the tape, and soon available in 7''.

01. Intro/Mind in a Maze
02. Reaching Out 
03. Step Aside
04. Stronger Than Life 
05. Nothing's Gotta Give

Variable Quality

The Hollowmen - Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man

"The Hollowmen is a five headed band formed in 2010 in Tenerife,Canary Islands. It comprises members of hardcore and metal bands from the Canary scene (Wreckage (RIP), Good Fellaz,Pollution (RIP),Against All Hope,Dead Relic).We enjoy filling our songs with nihilistic visions of society,religion and politics (three betrayals toward modern man!),but also fighting an unholy war against Justin Bieber."

01. Unholy Tunes 
02. Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man 
03.  Cainite 
04. Human Nature 
05.  Growing Colder

Variable Quality 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Ropes - Demos

Picking up where the Repos left off, with the original intensity
  still present; the powerful and rapid drumming and the blasting guitar riffs.
Keep an eye for their releases on youth attack records.


01.  Forward Defeat
02. For The Blitz
03. Blood Gut Twins
04. Valium Cocoon


Demo II

01. Hitchhiker
02. Went Gone
03. Love Me
04. Down In Flames
05. Time Alone


Sunday, October 23, 2011

In The Red - 4 Song Demo

Cleveland Hardcore with members of Stop & Think, Commited etc.
They played just a handful of shows between 2003 and 2004, and left this awesome demo.
Check it

01. Er.T
02. 3 Topics
03. Lost Time
04. Red Right 88


Steppin' Stone - Demo

With members of Expire, influenced by Mental and Warzone.
Tape out on Lost Time Records.

01. Jack Move
02. Feel The Fury 
03.  Bottomfeeder
04.  Trip


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Negative Circles - Six Songs (Demo)

80's influenced raw hardcore from Halifax, NS.

01. Intro
02. Negative Circles
03. Eye Contact
04. Giving Up
05. Notes
06. Reap/Sow

Variable Quality

Profits - 1913 (Demo)

"Dark Hardcore residing from Portland, OR. Started in September of 2009 to bring loud, heavy, pissed off music back to the NW. Ended July 2011."
Check out the Only For A Few and  Upon The Backs Of Broken Men EP's also, available at their bandcamp page.

01. Treading Water
02. 1913 
03.  Debt, Inc. 
04.  Salmon P. Chase 
05.  Swarm Beatings 
06. Pyramid Schemes

Variable Quality

Haute Couture - Demo

"New parisian band featuring guys from Black Spirals, Autistic Youth and Miles Away. Raw hardcore punk taking influences from Poison Idea, The Fix or Negative Approach. 6 tracks demo that could have been recorded in 1982 in Portland!"

 01. Haute Couture
02. Hello Finn
03. Love Glove
04. Act Your Age
05. Sketch It Up
06. Serious Shame


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Traitors - Demo 2011

Heavy, Dark and "Crusty" Hardcore from Tampa, FL.

01. Despaired
02.  Delusion 
03. Unholy

Variable Quality

Ida Sessions - Demo & EP

Nice little band from Buffalo NY, stating influences from boy's life, i hate myself, june of 44, lincoln and raymond carver.


01. House
02. Guilt
03.  ~ ~ ~
04. Robes 
05.  Summer 
06. Falls

Variable Quality


01. Summer Days
02.  Summer Nights 
03. Bummer Daze 
04. Bummer Knights

Variable Quality

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Green Beret - Demo 2010

Hardcore punk in the vein of Discharge/Totalitar from Boston.

01. Violence Is Their Currency
02. In Order To Control
03. No Truth
04. Neutralize Me

Giant - Demo 2011

"Oslo City hardcore's GIANT is out with their first demo. Inspired by late 80's Boston and New York City hardcore. Make sure to check it out and download the demo."

01.  Intro/ Douche Chills
 02. Do The Right Thing 
03. Choose The Wrench/ Gym Ratz 
04. Me And My Friends

Variable Quality

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rude Awakening - Demo 2011

"Rude Awakening is a brand new hardcore band from the Boston/MV Massachusetts/New Hampshire area that play heavy straight to the point no frills hardcore. Their 4 song demo was recorded by Ryan Stack from Andrew Lanes Recording Company in Haverhill,MA."

One of the best demos of the year.

01. Erosion
02.  Untamed World 
03. Severed Ties 
04. Towing The Line

Variable Quality

Håp - Demo 2011

Screamo hardcore from Stavanger, Norway.
In the vein of La Quiete and similar acts.

01. Håp
02. Knips
03. Pleierske
04. Blanke Ark

Variable Quality

Motivator - EP

Coming from Ontario, Motivator bring us their first EP, 7 songs, just over 7 minutes long.
Released by Blank Stare Records.
Check It.

01. Grey Mass 
02. Vitriol 
03.  New Flesh 
04.  Black Adder 
05.  Halo of Vultures 
06. Ivory Tower
07. Terrain Vague


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seizures - EP


chaotic blackened orange county hardcore

01. Needles
02. The Writer
03. Tonight
04. Maim The Hope

Variable Quality

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Remission - Demo '08


"Remission is a hardcore band from Santiago, Chile which began in 2008. Their main influences are Verbal Assault and Dag Nasty which is reflected in their melodic riffs with strong vocals."

01. Burden Of Shame
02. Controlled
03. Love


Monday, September 12, 2011

Traveler - Demo 2011


Melodic hardcore with metal influences from Boston MA.

01. Obstacles
02. Cliffhanger
03. That Sinking Feeling
04. 1:30 a.m.

Variable Quality

Omens - Demo


"Formed in the winter of 2010 featuring members of Druids, Knuckled Down, Plague City, and Nothing To Nothing."
For fans of Crust/D-Beat influenced hardcore.

01. Deeper
02. Bleak
03. Revelations
04. Drag
05. Disgust
06. Ruin


Monday, September 5, 2011

Condemned - Vicious Reality EP

Condemned hail from Arizona and bring us an EP clearly influenced by One Life Crew, Sheer Terror and Killing Time.

01. Vicious Reality
02. No Escape
03. DFTS
04. No Sympathy
05. Trapped
06. Worn Thin

Variable Quality

Axis - Rites Of Passage


"Axis is a hardcore band out of Florida. Highly influenced by 90s hardcore, comparable to Turmoil, Buried Alive, Kickback, Harvest, etc… Expect a lot from these guys this year. They will be heading out this summer for tour."

01. Atlas
02. Collapse
03. For the Coward
04. OC80

Variable Bitrate

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lifedeceiver - Demo Sessions


"Four souls ready to devastate this planet with messages of metaphorical positivity and the imagination of catastrophic proportions. Exploring the simple art of frequencies blasted at all kinds of speeds. we are here in our favor but willing to accept yours. these roads may seem dark and lonely but nothing is made for nothing. eight hands grabbing that which is dear and eight eyes releasing all thats bared with the pumping of each blood cell within each vain within each muscle within each single drop of sweat! we will try to make it worth every second, if not then all is well because trying is never a failure. don't let your eyes cheat you or your life deceive you. we are the deceivers and once again we are ready, at arms, for whats to come."

01. Intro/Needless
02. The Massive
03. Riot In Hell


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Local Trap - Demo 2011


"We are a colective of 4 local friends from Gaia, Portugal. The music we do and all of our actions are nothing but reflections of our own friendship. we support all independents and d.i.y. pirates, venues, zines, labels, distros, promoters, studios, bike punx, people. the music we've been into speaks up for disfuncional nightmares, frustration, rejection, molested youths, lots of shrinking, cheap violence, agony, going down and never coming back."

01. This Sick Machine
02. Society Drops Out
03. L.I.F.E


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worn Out - Demo


"4 piece Hardcore band out of Jacksonville Florida."

01. Intro
02. Sanity Slips
03. Facing Truth
04. Abrupt End


Friday, August 26, 2011

Malfunction - Locals Only (Demo)


NYHC style from Buffallo, their demo tape is fresh and still available from Climbin' Aboard Records.

01. Your Mistake
02. My Own Way
03. Weakness
04. Since Day One

Variable Quality

Hungry Lungs - Demo 2K9


"4 guys and gals founded in january 09 as hungry lungs. playin’ some punkish mixture of classical hc, crust, powerviolence and everything you can call punk anyway. recorded a demo in late february. sold out in early march. the second version and a tape version are sold out too."

01. herrin armut (mistress poverty)
02. zalech

Variable Quality

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mammoth Grinder - Goes To College (Demo Tape)


Sludge downtempo hardcore from Austin Texas.
This is their 2006 Demo Tape.

01. Two More Classes 'Til Black Out Weekend
02. Thrash Boeckman
03. Alcohollege (Preprise)
04. Alcohollege


Monday, August 15, 2011

Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Demo


"New band featuring ex-members of Tafkata. Loaded with pulverising riffs and hypnotic drumming in the name of the horned one!!!
Ultra gloomy , subsonic depression delivered with a vicious kick in the skull."

01. Beirut
02. Tide is Rising
03. Monastery


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Machete - Demo 2009 & Judgment EP


"Punk/hardcore band from Adelaide. Bringing new things to 2011!"

Demo 2009

01. Ultimate Booby Prize
02. Ignorance is Bliss
03. Smack Head
04. Intermission
05. Chilli Con-Carnage
06. Cactus Clothesline
07. Chest Infection Blues

Variable Quality

Judgement EP

01. Roses Fucking Suck
02. Dead World
03. Heart Attack
04. Cry Wolf
05. FTW
06. Heaven

Variable Quality