Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jagged Visions - Beyond The Serpent's Touch EP

Conneticut Hardcore clearly inspired by Integrity and the Holy Terror vibe.
Also, take the time to check out the bands debut EP, The Sword That Slays The Seasons.

01. Dogs 
02. Bloodcast 
03. Crucible of Worlds 
04. Amongst the Dead 
05. Beyond the Serpent's Touch

Various Bitrates 

Idle Hands - The Worst Times EP

"6 Piece hardcore band from South East London, We recorded our first EP 'The Worst Times' mid February at The Cro's Nest Studio With Sam Threadder who has recorded the likes of No Second Chance, Last Witness, Dead Swans and a number of bands under the Rucktion Records Label."

01.  Intro/Another Lie 
02. Slut 
03.  Backstabber (Featuring Pelbu, Knuckledust) 
04.  Scum 
05.  False Perspective

Various Bitrates 

Seeing Red - Half bad Half worse EP

South Dakota's Seeing Red representing old school NY inspired Hardcore!

01. Death Adder
02. Exasperation 
03. Half bad Half worse 
04. Soulless 

Various Bitrates