Sunday, December 27, 2009

StreetSweeper - Demo

"It's Time To Sweep The Streets..."Boston Hardcore

1. Exterior Uses
2. Scum Runner
3. StreetSweeper
4. Rubber Neck


Rhythm To The Madness - 2 Song Demo

"Formed when Klaas wrote the lyrics to 'till your well runs dry' and 'through the mind's eye' and gave them to Stief so that fitting music could be written for them. The two songs were recorded in their friends demo-studio and no plans where made doing anything with them. However, the two songs were so well received with anyone who heard them that Powered Records decided to release them on the demo-cassette. Rttm's appearance on the Justice release party got kids wanting more that just a demo. In October 07 Rttm released their debut ep on powered records; two songs, an intro and a motorhead cover song were recorded in Dé studio in Asse. With this release it became clear that rttm was going to become more than just a project band, as cedric from Rise and fall now joined the ranks, giving extra guitar-power to the band. Right now rttm is writing for their full length LP that will be out next summer . "

01 Till your well runs dry
02 Through the mind's eye


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Dept - Demo

"Formed in the late summer of 2009, In Debt started out of a want to inject economic and political thinking into the hardcore movement."

01. Intro
02. The Banks Never Lose
03. Tompkins Square
04. Money Is Debt
05. Bite Your Tongue


Move Along - Demo

"Move Along. Hardcore band from Denver, Colorado. Act like you know."

1. Move Along
2. Changes
3. Who Cares?
4. Mental Floss
5. Slow Your Roll
6. Take Me Away
7. Get Me
8. Walk On Home


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MINUS - Demo

No, not the Icelandic ones.
Members of Violation, Downpresser and Fell To Low. Could only be good, right?

01. Endless
02. This World
03. Bloodshot
04. The Difference


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Length Of Time - We Choose The Violent Way (Demo)

"Length Of Time from Brussels, Belgium, started in 1997 as a side-project of guitarist Kirby Michel of Deviate, with members of Backstabbers and Out For Blood.
While this demo doesn't have the greatest sound and the drums have a really bad 'thump' in some spots (it was recorded during rehearsals), it has got some memorable riffs and breakdowns and songs such as 'Revenge For' are classic. A few of these songs were re-recorded for the debut-album 'Approach To The New World'."

01. Intro
02. Touched By Death
03. Revenge For
04. Short Timer
05. Unavoidable Changes
06. Better Evil
07. We Choose The Violent Way


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Right Idea - 5 Song Demo

"Right Idea is a cool band playing hardcore influenced by the staple bands we all love, and continue to keep Cleveland on the map for straight edge hardcore. Check 'em."

01. Right Idea
02. I Try
03. Shut It Up
04. If You Cared
05. On Edge


Friday, November 27, 2009

I Hate This - Demo

Great powerviolence / hardcore band from New Brunswic, USA.
They released a 7'' earlier this year and are about to release another one soon.
Check them out.

01. I Can't Scream Any Louder
02. Thieves
03. Reprieve
04. Shut Up
05. Dead to Me


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have Heart - Demo

Boston Straightedge in it's finest. No introduction needed.

1. Intro / To Us Fools

2. Lionheart
3. About Face
4. The Worth
5. More Than Music (Verbal Assault Cover)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alert - Demo

Alert come from Massachusett, USA, and bring up a youthcrew revival vibe.
Nothing new, but hey... nobody's reinventing the wheel here.
check out their myspace

01. Be Heard
02. Cloud Your Sight
03. Straight Down
04. Stay Alert
05. Self Doubt
06. Leave It In The Past
07. Shenanigans


Trial - Demo

""the struggle is not over - it assumes new forms" These words are a vision which Trial relates to every day as a parallel of their own history. Since forming in 1994 the band has worked desperately to communicate their infusion of activism, emotion, anger and intensity in a world where people are more comfortable remaining sedate. Challenging that attitude, Trial has never given up, all the while fueled by a relentless desire to play hardcore music which is charged with political and personal fury."
One of the best hardcore bands ever, RIP Brian.

01. Turn Away
02. Quest
03. Falling From Grace
04. 500 Years
05. Splinter



Sorry for the lack of updates, but work has consumed all of my time lately. I'll only be able to update de site about once a week from now on.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plague Bearers - Demo

NJ punk hardcore band, fast and chaotic. Haven't got much information about the band, but check out their myspace.

01. Sedition
02. Sedation
03. Parasites
04. Boundaries
05. Compromises For Survival
06. Firewall


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Horizons - Demo

"Hailing from the Vancouver/Kelowna area of British Columbia, Canada. Horizons is a hardcore band featuring members of the bands Daggermouth, Act Fast!, and the recently defunct Born for Battle. Sounding quite different from Daggermouth and more like the latter, Horizons play fast, aggressive hardcore that is also melodic."

01. Hostile Territory
02. Failure
03. This World
04. Still Dreaming
05. Old Man


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Think Again - Demo EP

Think Again hail from Massachusetts, with a certain NYHC influence (Cro-Mags in their own words) , and this is their demo EP from 2008

01. Intro
02. Nothing To Prove
03. Buy Into It
04. Uncivil War
05. Dragging Me Under
06. I Don't Care (About Your Shit)
07. No Way To Live
08. Get Real


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raw Deal - Demos

"Raw Deal was formed in 1988 by Carl Porcaro, Rich McLoughlin, and Anthony Drago after their former band, Breakdown – another New York hardcore band – split through personal differences. While Breakdown continued as a band without them, Anthony Comunale – formerly of Token Entry – was recruited on vocals and Mike Sentkiewitz – formerly of Sick Of It All – on guitar to round out the Raw Deal line-up.
The band then recorded a demo cassette and set about playing at various venues in New York – most notably at CBGB's which was home to many hardcore punk acts at the time, including Agnostic Front, Warzone, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits, and Murphy's Law. They also created a second demo which remained uncirculated because, after a show at the Ritz Theatre in New York City, they were signed to the In Effect Records label – a part of Relativity Records – with a view to recording their first full-length album."

Demo (1988)

01. wall of hate
02. telltale
03. new release
04. only the strong survive
05. my reason
06. no more mr. nice guy
07. the lines are drawn


Unreleased Demo (1989)

01. fear in the streets
02. brightside
03. cheap thrills
04. backtrack
05. wall of hate
06. the lines are drawn
07. outgroup



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blank Stare - Problems (Demo)

Blank Stare was a great Boston sXe hardcore with current and ex-members of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and SOCIAL CIRCKLE. The band has recently broken up after 3 7'' and an LP, all self titled.
I leave you their demo. The LP is also available in their Blog.

01. Intro - I Admit It
02. Of Course Not
03. Jack Off And Die
04. All Those Social Ills
05. Mixed Sex Message
06. Fuck Drugs. Fuck You.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

69 Balls - Demos

"Formed in the beginning of 1998, by Lebre (vocals), Camisas (guitar), Stimpy (bass) and White (drums), with the intention to make pure HardCore-Punk with the Margem Sul HardCore trademark..."

69 Balls (2000)

01. 69 Balls
02. Let's Get United
03. My Friendz


MS Kick Ass (2002)

01. Till The End
02. So Much Talk
03. Southside
04. Bêbados e Drogados
05. Abuso de Poder
06. MS Kick Ass
07. Dido


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Despair - Demo '95

No myspace page for this one.

Despair was a 90's hardcore band with some metal influence, mainly known for being one of Scott Vogel's bands, specificity between Slugfest and Buried Alive, all of them great bands in my opinion. I'll leave here Despair's first and only demo, check out the rest of their stuff.

1. Stoneface
2. Day Of Atonement
3. Follow The Leader
4. Intro/All Deceived


Hardside - Welcome to Hell (Demo)

New band with Bitter End members, in a more NYHC style.
01. Clean Slate
02. Lessons Learned
03. Welcome To Hell


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trask Talk - Demo

"Seven songs in four minutes with an average of one barked "fuck" per song. In other words, this demo rules. Trash Talk play fast, short songs with a hint of heaviness and a load of pent up aggression."

01. Intro
02. No Hopes
03. Collapse
04. Too Late
05. Unholy
06. You're Wrong
07. Dead End Road


Reality Slap - Demo

"We came from the underground. Representing the 80's to the 90's till the end of the world. This is Hardcore. Like it or not this is the REALITY. "
For the ones that didn't have the chance to get the tape. Great fuckin' band

01. Step Back
02. Life's Insane
03. Sealed
04. Breakin' Out


Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Rival Mob - Bitter Rivals

"Members of Mind Eraser, Soul Swaller and XFilesX bring a fast, gnarly early NYHC sound with plenty of mosh, raising the ghosts of bands like the Abused and Warzone."
Great band.

01. Ill Informed
02. Mind Closed For Life
03. I.I.B.
04. Upside Down
05. The Butcher's Bill
06. Bitter Rivals


Monday, September 21, 2009

For The Glory - Demo

For The Glory is definitely the biggest hardcore band from Portugal right now, and one of the biggest in the countries hc history
The mp3 quality is lousy, haven't got the chance to get a better rip.

01. intro + fall in disgrace
02. to your place
03. some things won't last forever
04. don't dive headfirst into shallow water


Sunday, September 20, 2009

In My Eyes - Demo

"If you don't already know about this Boston straight edge hardcore band, you seriously need to check out some of their releases...and now's your chance to get the songs from the original seven song demo recorded at Salad Days with Brian McTernan."

01. This Is Our Time
02. Courage to Care
03. Out of My Hands
04. Lasting Values
05. Built on Trust
06. Actions Fall Short


Sidetracked - Is Not With You (Demo)

Not to be confused with American band with the same name, these guys come from Germany and through their own words:
"We're around for some years now. Due to the fact, that we emanate from different bands, we did years ago, nobody really knows the point since we do our crap as 'sidetracked'. Definitions of music usually suck, so let's say we play some punk-hardcore-thrash and get your own impression. We always try to express our view to this world, with all our love, hate, joy and frustrations, so we're a very energetic, fast and lusty band and as I look back, we don't become quiter over the years. We care for antifascistic actions, for people, who have something to say and for songs with substance. Unpolitical equals braindead. Some last words: We're a punkband, we don't care for big-business-shit, we're not around to make some money with the things we do. It's totally disgusting to see how stupid and bumptious some so-called punk- or hardcorebands behave just to move mainstream against long odds. Fuck you, we're not with you.

01. Intro
02. Chapter Two
03. No Exclusive Club
04. Sick Prick
05. Straight Forward
06. I'm Not With You
07. Kidding Queers


Friday, September 18, 2009

Transitions - Demo

"From the land of Albany.....melodic positive hardcore, probably don't hang out with the likes of Beardo or Danial, etc....or else they wouldn't be positive. Raging breakdown towards the end of the first song...sounds like it's gonna bust all hard, but rainbows appear through the clouds and all is well. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME!!!!!!"

01. Intuition
02. Perspective
03. Less Traveled
04. Said And Done
05. Run, Don't Walk
06. What It Meant
07. Together We Can
08. Speechless
09. Within Reach
10. Untitled


Bad Seed - Demo 2008

Bad Seed from Pennsylvania are one of the most promising hardcore bands around. Check out their self titled demo, not to be confused with the 7'' released this year, with the same name

01. Swallowing Knives
02. Nothing Is Real
03. Separated
04. World View


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Supertouch - Death Before Dishonor Demo (1987)

So... Supertouch needs no introductions, but this demo does. There is a lot of confusing information about this demo. Some label it as the first Supertouch demo, and some the Death Before Dishonor demo (bands name before Supertouch). It's unclear to me, if anyone can point it out, please do.
I'll post the 1988 demo later on.

01. Deadlock
02. Am I Wrong?
03. (untitled)
04. True Colours Don't Run
05. Inner Strength
06. (untitled)
07. (untitled)


EDIT: If you want a polished version of this recording with the addition of their demo, please check out thanks to Vinnie Filippini for the info.

AD - Demo (2003)

I know little about this metallic hardcore LA band, besides being inactive for about 4 years, having recorded this demo with double bass and having used the name Already Dead for live shows.
check out for yourselves

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Killing Frost - Frozen to Death (2005)


Great Portuguese hardcore band, 80's old school all the way.
This is their first demo, Frozen to Death

01. sick of you
02. so much more
03. kfa
04. enough of you
05. fashion fool!
06. your rules
07. frozen to death


Reason - Demo 2009

Reason is a Straight Edge hardcore band from Buffalo, NY featuring former members of The Control, Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Plagued With Rage, Still Ill, They Live, No Reason and No Time Left.

01. Still Falling Down
02. Desolate
03. The Worried Man
04. The Oath
05. Your Best Your Worst
06. Exposed
07. Nothing Remains


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Burning Love - 2009 Demo

One of the bands risen from the ashes of Cursed have made available through their blog their first demo. Check it out.

1. Intro / Lives of the Saints
2. Alien vs. Creditor
3. Money Shots
4. I Don't Like You (Battalion of Saints)
5. Burning Love

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kickback - The Demos

I'm going to do a little Kickback special, since i got the 2 demos and the long out of print 7''.

Kickback is the longest running European hardcore band, with an album released just a few months ago, and certainly the hardest.

The Meaning Of Pain (1991)

1. Be My Guest
2. Street Cleaner
3. Harder They Fall
4. Times Of Hate

vbr (Low Quality)

No One Gets Out Alive (7'') (1992)

1. My Reality
2. Sins
3. Preacher Of Lies
4. Crumbling


Démo 4 Titres Inédit (1993)

1. On My Feet
2. Sins Pt.2
3. Darkside Rising
4. Scared Inside


Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Equal - Young Men (Demo)

Now for something a bit different. On Equal was a screamo/harcore band from Portugal whose members went on to play in bands like larkin, fools die and from now on.
This 3 track demo is all that's been recorded (with the female vocals).

01. Violence Is Online
02. Giving Testimony
03. The Day The Sun Goes Down


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Terror - Life & Death Demo

No need for introduction here. Before Lowest of the Low, terror released a 4 track demo that was later released in 7'' vinyl.

1. Life And Death
2. Another Face
3. Nothing To Me
4. What Have We Done


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nazi Dust - Demo Tape

With members of Cult Ritual. The demo k7 sold out in the 2 presses.
If you like the other Youth Attack label bands, check this one out.

1. Value Without Purpose
2. Mislead
3. Subservient
4. Cling To Objectivity
5. Bad Blood
6. Fervour


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Backtrack - Demo '08

This might have been one of the best demos of 2008. Backtrack come from Long Island, NY.
The demo was re-released in 7'' by 6131 records.

1. Standing on two feet
2. Kept out
3. Different direction
4. Another way back
5. Paused progress


Monday, August 17, 2009

Cornered - Demo

Oldschool NYHC vein in this hardcore band from Holland.
Demo to be repressed by crucial attack in 100 piece limited vinyl.

1. Intro/Cornered
2. You wouldn't last
3. My war
4. Expandable assets
5. Faith of the blind


Moutain Man - Demo 09

Members and ex-members of Verse, I Rise and Last Lights.
Much in the vein of Trash Talk, and very nice by the way.

1. God/Fuck
2. Live
3. Hate
4. Love


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Breaking Through - Demo

Lisbon Hardcore represented here by Breaking Through. The band broke up in 2007, with only this demo and a split with The Punchskulls

01. Make The Difference
02. Set Our Goals
03. Media Control
04. Wall Crew


Ape Attack - Demo

Another German band with the demo available in the myspace page.
Fast paced hardcore/punk.

1. dont ask me
2. the high price
3. be real
4. army of dicks
5. give it a chance
6. emo massacre
7. refugees welcome
8. tough guy poser


Saturday, August 15, 2009

XSink or SwimX - Demo 2k8

Female fronted Vegan Straight-Edgers XSink or SwimX from Germany, have recently made available their out of print demo for everyone to check out, through their myspace

1. Truth?
2. Identity
3. Zip your lips!
4.Day by day
5. Delusion


Enuf - Demo

1988 demo from New Jersey's shortlived ENUF. With only this demo and a couple of shows through out the States, the band broke up. Ari Katz, singer of the band later formed Lifetime.

01. Suckah Mosh
02. Face The Music
03. I Just Wanna Skate
04. MF/Get It Done
05. Once Too Many Times
06. Fantasy World


Never Fail - Demo

Portuguese band with current and ex-members of bands like Eternal Bond, No Good Reason and LifeDeceiver.
5 tracks of oldschool, moshable, pissed off hardcore.

01. Intro (Nail it)
02. Never Fail
03. Bombs Away
04. Reality Slap
05. For the Glory


In The Beginning...

In the beginning it was something like this for every band, recording a demo and passing it on.
The purpose of this blog is to show people all the new stuff that is around, along with the old days of some of the big band around.

Keep in touch, send emails and comments, opinions and requests are welcome as much as contributions.