Sunday, March 31, 2013

Very Rare - Demo 2012

 "Punk/Hardcore from Brooklyn in the vein of Husker Du or Jawbreaker, with some weirdo Ink and Dagger/Quicksand grooves every so often to spice things up. Lyrics are focused on the linkage between personal relationships and larger economic bummers, like pharmaceutical over-prescription and 'lifestyle' capitalism."
 Get in touch with the band for tapes

01. Dust
02. Online Songs
03.  Shareholders
04. Ajax
05. Wasting Nothing
06.  Strange Ways

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bedsores - Demo

"Formed by four kids in late 2012, Bedsores is the product of four existential crises crossing paths at various dank basements and windy city streets. Raw, unpleasant, and unsure of its origin; this demo documents four different people’s perspectives on punk in a downer-fueled trainwreck with layers of feedback, bitter guitar riffs, droning bass lines, and piercing drum work.
Tasteless and troublesome, Bedsores will drag you through the mud and leave you to die alone."
Tapes looked awesome... but they are Sold Out.
01. one kings
02. blondie 
03.  the forge 
04.  atonement

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bricks - Demo 2012

Another great new heavy hardcore band from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

01. Cold
 02. Detached
03. Faith
04. Drought
05. Escape
06. Ladder
07. Done
08. Bored

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stabler - The Squadroom

"4 dudes, no nudes, very crude. 5-0-tude Rapist Bashing Thrash Bullshit, superSWICK!"

Hardcore with a lot of powerviolence and trash in the mix.
get it touch with the band for copies.

01. Intro 
02. Weak
 03.  Consequences 
04.  Torture 
05. Self Disgust 
06. Stabler 
07. Humiliated 
08. Disappointment 
09. Desperate 
10. Liar 

Various Bitrates

Lowlife - Stranded on Retard Island

Fast paced hardcore punk from Rode Island
Tapes available at Major Destroyer Records.
Also, check out their interview at Idioteq.

01. Cesspool City
02.  Garbage Day Poetry 
03. Whorehouse Fire 
04. Stranded on Retard Island 
05. Dead Idiot 
06.  Lavaswim Marathon 
07.  Dirtnap 
08.  Blowhole 

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grump - Demo 2013

 New band from Nova Scotia, Canada, featuring members of Castle Wolfenstein, Negative Circles, Envision, etc.
Crust raw hardcore, like it can only be made in Canada.
get in touch with the band if you want a tape.

01. Imminent Premonition
02. Devil's Agenda
03. Empty Lungs
  04. Lethal Threshold
05. SPQR (Tribal Hangover)

Various Bitrates

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jurassic Penguin - Home

"This is Home. We recorded this after moving to Australia and being homeless for a few months, drinking way more than was good for us and leaving all of our friends and our family that we had made over 18 - 22 years of life in New Zealand.
We moved to try and make something of ourselves as musicians and as people but ended up nearly breaking up countless times and falling in and out of faith, in ourselves and what we we're doing in Australia. We got through and wrote this record, this is us, raw, scared, alone and sorry, its us questioning what we are and realising nothing is the same anymore, constantly alone regardless of location.
But more than anything it is now a positive to have this all out and to be sharing it with you. It is who we are and we do it for you, without you - we're nothing. Simple as that, enjoy."

01. Naah Bo 
02.  Busy Divisons 
03.  Cool Kids 
04.  The World Is Fucked and So Are You
05. Empty Faith 
06.  Everybody Hates Chris 
07. Consume 

Various Bitrates

The Fanboys - Demos

Hardcore punk rock with thrash and doom metal influences from Long Beach, NY, with members of Grime Watch and a lot of references to the interwebz.

Doesn't get rawer than this!

Demo Gear Solid

01.  Lameintroll (Old Man's Advice) 
02.  Button Masher 
03. Casual Bro Gamer Hype Machine 
04. We Get No Girls 
05.  Stop GameStop 
06. Prehistoric Fapmaster 
07.  P.M.A. (Positive Mental Asshole) 
08. Eat. Shit. Game. Sleep. Repeat.
09.  I Turned into a Meme
10.Lameoutroll (Senile Improv)

Various Bitrates

Demo Gear Solid II

01. Forever Alone
02. Crunch Time 
03. Into The Friend Zone 
04. Hikikomori 
05. I Still Love You Yorda 

Various Bitrates

Correction - Demo

"Straight edge hardcore punk from Göteborg, Sweden. Straight up catchy Scandi crust bangers with explosive punky youth-crew breakdowns. One can draw comparisons from the likes of MOB 47's spin on d-beat hardcore, the crushing elements of JUDGE, and the urgency of Boston hardcore. Lyrics have a very strong straight edge and political slant.
Punkers and youth crew nerds, united as one."

01. Resist Stance
02. Shamed or Honored  
03. Condemned Evasion 
04. Stop the Bleed 
05. Correction 

Various Bitrates

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sabotage - Demo II

Sabotage, whose demo I had already posted, released last month their second demo tape through Climbin' Aboard Records and Bringin' It Down Records.
Sober up and check it out.


Various Bitrates

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pressure Drop - Demo

Long Island homebred dropping the classic NYHC.

01. Lost Sight
02.  Idle Mind 
03.  Shadow Of Doubt 
04. Hands Of Time

Various Bitrates 

Black Ice - Demo

Black Ice are one of the bands responsable for placing Midwest Hardcore back on the map.
If you skipped this demo back in 2011, give it a shot.
Be sure to check out Like Glue Records for copies, and take a chance to check out their remaining releases.

01. Divergent Paths
02. Blood Of My Life 
03. Devil's Seed 
04.  Chains 
05. Never Look Back 

Various Bitrates