Friday, August 26, 2016

Northwoods - S/T

"NORTHWOODS, featuring members of VENTO D'OTTOBRE, (A)TOLL and DESOURCE.
The self titled EP, available as 12 Inch one side Vinyl and digital download, blends all the different members' various influences such as CONVERGE, MASTODON and BOTCH to create a progressive mixture of Hardcore and Metal.
The 3 tracks embed the key elements of Hardcore music such as cathartic vocals and aggressive guitars with the experimentation and progressiveness of the modern metal.
Lyrics are developed using tools such as rhymes and rethorical figures, a stream of consciousness in the ambiguity of life and the human condition."

01. Obsolete
02. Traitors
03. Blindfold

Various Bitrates

Closet Witch - Euth Split

"Both bands play chaotic metal influenced mathy/grindy hardcore. Euth is from Wyoming. Closet Witch is from Iowa. Cassettes are available to purchase since August 8th via Sassbologna Records.

01. Closet Witch - Funeral Regrets
02. Closet Witch - Civil Necessity
03. Closet Witch - Nekhbet
04. Euth - Violent Reprieve
05. Euth - Blind Rotters

Various Bitrates