Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warbox - Demo

Warbox is a new band from Western Massachusetts mixing old NYHC with the Boston vibe.

Get in touch with the band through their email for tapes of the demo.

01.  Intro 
02. Hard Way 
03. Paper Tiger 
04. The Grind 
05.  A.D.A.V. 
06. Caught In A Cycle

Various Bitrates 

NYC Headhunters - Demo 2015

"New killer NYHC band featuring members of Vanity. Their 5 track demo tape could have been recorded during the mid 80's in New York. For fans of Raw Deal, Outburst, Breakdown, Killing Time or The "Where The Wild Things Are" compilation."
Grab a copy at Straight & Alert Records  or Just Audial while they last.
01. Settle
02. Piece of Crap Stomp
03. Die Commuting
04. There's Always Something
05. Don't Worry About It
06. X