Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floorpunch - Fast Times at Jersey Shore Rehearsal Demo


"Originally formed in 1995, Floorpunch really made a splash in the hardcore scene that would continue until the end of the decade when they broke up. In 2007 they reunited and have been playing here and there since, even touring Europe recently. Whatever you might think about them, they played a major part in helping to jump start the "hardcore revival" of the mid/late nineties, and really professed a love for NYHC in a way a lot of straight edge bands of that era hadn't. Without question, they've left a big impact even on today's current hardcore scene. "

Celebrating the recent released discography, here's a little pearl that floats around.
Sounds crappy but still, if you are into it check it out.

01. let it ride (instrumental)
02. the answer
03. washed up at eighteen
04. washed up at eighteen (second take)
05. change of heart
06. turn away
07. turn away (second take)
08. shottsie
09. gaining ground
10. point of view
11. untitled
12. holding on
13. what's right



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop and Think - Both Demos

Boston hardcore in it's finest. They made quite a buzz in the beginning of the decade, left 2 demos, compiled by Lockin Out Records
rejoice, but drug free.

01. without words
02. get lost
03. some die for this
04. thick skin
05. easy way out
06. given to me
07. get lost
08. stop and think
09. t.j.r.b.
10. up to our necks
11. blood red


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rat Attack - Demo


Rat Attack was a great harcore band from Faro, Portugal that made a good run from 2008-2009.
Great Shows, great spirit, great attitude.
Rat Attack is Dead but will be missed.

01. My way
02. Time Bomb
03. 605 Strong
04. Hard to breath


More Than Life - Demo


"More Then Life is 5 kids from the south west uk playing honest and passionate hardcore.
We started this band to make shit that means something to us,tour as much as we can and to create memories driving around playing our songs to people. Been a band for less than a year and have released a sold out demo on cd and cassette tape and played nearly 50 shows with bands like Lifelong Tragedy, Integrity,verse, Bane, Miles away, Dead swans to name a few."

01. prelude
02. live love learn
03. one step closer to the edge
04. forget your lies
05. this is a new day
06. make this count


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Downpresser - Demo


"HARDcore. Between these guys and Violation, Santa Barbara is responsible for two of the best NY influenced hardcore bands in the world, let alone California...There's some real cool influences from the Cro-Mags to more 90's style NYHC without dragging along some of the cheese of that era. (Believe it)."
Love this band, they deserve more attention, so get fuckin into it!

01. Heart Of A Demon
02. Disillusioned
03. Don't Touch Me
04. Human Error
05. Black Clouds
06. Try Me Now
07. Out Of My Mind

128kbps (M4A)