Friday, December 21, 2012

Thought Crime - Self Titled

Hardcore band from Oklahoma, USA
"The name Thought Crime comes from the book 1984 by George Orwell. We live in a place where originality, questioning, and free thought are shunned. Fads come and go, trends fade with time but hardcore should always be a place for open minded individuals to feel at home and find family."

'nuff said!

02.Tread Lightly
03.Sick Of It
05.Cop Song

Variable Bitrate

Dirty Work - Demo Tape

Dirty Work are a raw as fuck hardcore punk band from Kansas.
Also be sure to check out the Tour Tape.

01. Dirty Air
02.  Stepped In It
03. Fleas
04.  I Feel Sick


Friday, December 14, 2012

Birds - Demo

I've been anxiously expecting this release and wasn't disappointed. 
Birds hail from Pombal, Portugal and just released their debut demo, harsh and dark metallic hardcore.
Check it.

01. Outro
02.  Blind 
03.  Harshest Memory 
04. 13/13/13 
05.  Decayed

Various Bitrates 

Blessed State - Demo 2012

"Melodic punk/hc from western Massachusetts.
Self-released demo cassette now available. Get in touch with the band if you're interested in mailorder, trades, etc."

01. Ghost Front
02. Wiser
03.  Where There's Smoke... 
04. E For Effort 

Various Bitrates

True Lies - Demo 2012

New band from Sydney, Beatdown vibe with a lot of groove.
Check it, get in touch with the band for copies of the demo.

01. Ice Age
02.  Sleep Easy 
03. Backburner 
04. Caged 

Various Bitrates

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Become - Demo Tape

Another great release from Take It Back Records, don't forget to grab a copy.

"Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, BECOME reminds of the sound of past emotive hardcore bands such as Swiz, Rites of Spring, and Sawhorse, played with the passion of modern bands in the vein of Modern Life Is War. Explosive and high energy hardcore as well done as you would expect considering the members involved. BECOME features current and ex-members of Manumission, Ochre, Lumber Lung, X-Wing, Worship, Bone Explosion, Desperate Hours, Masisin, No Man's Land, Eden in Flames, Sutrama, Embassy, Uphill Battle, Broken Needle, Blasting Concept, and Surprise Vacation."

01. Ever Know
02. Floor
03. Drowning
04. Melatonin
05. Bodies

(link and password on the soundcloud page) 

Truth - Demo '11

Youthcrew Straightedge from Texas, Love it or Leave it!

01. Speak the Truth
02. Myself 
03.  The Right Mind 
04. Moving On 
05.  How Long Will It Take 
06. Meaning 
07. Nailed to the X 

Various Bitrates

Habitual Offender - Tape

"Habitual Offender is a recording project made up of Kyle DeVille of Blue Monday and Get the Most, and Ian Shelton of Drug Culture, Stress X Relief and Clarity. Habitual Offender has documented seven straight edge power violence tracks on this short tape that will be available soon at Mind Melt Industries."


Various Bitrates

Hollow Truth - The Earth Shook - Demo MMXII

"Hardcore/Thrash metal crossover from the Bray Area, Dublin."
Get in touch with the band if you want a cd copy of the demo

01. MMXII 
02. He Who Shook The Earth 
03. The Sisters Of Fate 
04. Terrible Winds 

Various Bitrates

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back Again - Street Justice (Demo)

Italy's been highly active, specially this year, and with great bands and recordings, Back Again is no exception.
"Formed in September 2011 we are an oldschool Hardcore band from Bolzano/Italy, we play the music we all liked, still like and probably will like till death: oldschool 80's hardcore with a punk attitude in the vein of the early releases of Revelation, Schism, x-Claim and Dischord Records as well as the early Agnostic Front records."
They mentioned Floorpunch in the email, so that sold me out right away.
Check it.
01.  Back Again
02.  Hardcore Crew
03.  Street Justice
04. Blind Rage
05. Not for Sale
06. Our Time
07. Total War
08. Friends
09. Your Turn
10. Underground

Various Bitrates

Barlow - Vol. 2

I totally missed Barlow's first release, but thanks to an email from Aaron, who not only sings and plays guitar, but also does the artwork for the band, i was able to redeem that.
"Barlow are a thrash/hardcore band with rock and roll styling to match. Slow and brooding, the intensity rolls out with ease as they grind your bones to bake their bread. Built on a foundation of heavy roots and unrelenting speed, songs cut through like a knife from minutes to moments, leaving you in a cold sweat wondering, 'what the hell just happened?'. The decency and well being for others are not taken into consideration once deafening drums, gritty bass and screaming guitars come together as one unit, backed up by loathsome vocals, to paint an intimidating picture. Don't blink, never miss a beat, as it may always be your last"
Don't miss out on this, and be sure to check out Vol. 1 also!

01. Intro
02. Death Rattle
03.  Severed Ties 
04. Chained/Vain 
05.  Harbour

Various Bitrates

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blind X Justice - 3 Song Demo

"Indianapolis Hardcore. Indianapolis Straight Edge."

01.  Wrecked 
02.  Unwelcome Mat 
03. Forget

Various Bitrates

Friday, November 9, 2012

Halftime - Demo

 Straight up hardcore from Southern California influenced by Leeway, Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Outburst, Fury of Five, Biohazard, Pantera, Body Count, Obituary and Nas.

Tapes still available at their Bigcartel Store.

01. No Future
02. Eye 4 An Eye
03. Thieves
04. Suffer The pain
Various Bitrates

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Youth Violence - S/T

Awesome debut from Virginia Beach's Youth Violence, something in between Negative Approach and 86 Mentality.
Check it.

01. Intro
02. Live Fast Die Faster 
03.  Nothing But Talk 
04. Turncoat 

Various Bitrates

Rotten Souls - Immunity '11

"Rotten Souls is a hardcore/punk band with some dark and ominous tendencies, hailing from the lower midwest of the US. Loud, fast, and full of heart, this Mason/Dixon Hardcore band receives no greater pleasure than the joy of playing music for awesome fans, traveling to new places, and sharing the stage with fellow musicians."

01. Deathnote 
02.  Intravenous 
03. Rotations 
04.  Nec Paenitet (No Regret) 
05.  The Black Order 

Various Bitrates

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Side FX - Demonstration

Fast and raw hardcore from Indianapolis.

01. Hidden Hand
02. Sensory Deprivation
04. Run With The Pack

Various Bitrates 

Mercyless - Mundo Enfermo


My fellow spanish neighbors Merciless have been playing metalic hardcore since 2000 with influences from Hatebreed, 100 Demons, Crawlspace or Born From Pain. This is their most recent EP, Mundo Enfermo.
Check It.

01. Saca tu rabia
02. Te maldigo
03. No acepto
04. No hay futuro
05. Honor, respeto
06. Mercyless
07. Mundo Enfermo (feat. Pirri "Escuela de Odio")


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shudders - EP​/​Demo

Detroit back on the map with Shudders, another great tape release from Lost Time Records.

01. Prejudice Is Killing Us All
02. Recluse 
03.  The Best Things In Life Are Shit And I Don't Want Them 
04. Tortured Souls 
05. To The Parasites

Various Bitrates 

Thenn - Threshing the Golden Fields EP


This one is for the black metal lovers, Thenn is a band fresh out of Bloomington, Indiana, playing black metal with a strong hardcore/crust influence.
Keep an eye for the upcoming split with split with the Texas black metal/experimental outfit Cara Neir.

01. Abscesses of Light
02. Bathing in Cold Autumn
03. Vigils
04. They Are Given to the Inviting Earth
05. Threshing the Golden Fields

Various Bitrates

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Razoreater - Necropolitan

"Razoreater are an extremely venoumous and hateful 5-piece from Peterborough. Church Of Fuck is extremely proud to be able to present to you the bands first recorded output, 'Necropolitan'. Having perfected their particuarly nasty form of dark metallic hardcore relatively early on, this release sees the band unleash an ocean of spite upon humanity. As harsh as it is heavy, this will appeal to fans of Integrity, Entombed and COF's own Swinelord."
Church Of Fuck will have a limited tape run of the demo, don't sleep on it.

01.  Necropolitan 
02. Hashishins 
03.  Mind How You Go 
04.  The Weyward Coven 

Various Bitrates

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brain Slug - Demo 2011

 "Boston meets NYHC"
 Oldschool NYHC with the youthattack vibe.
New 7'' "Distort New York" available through Hardware Records.

01. Fully Loaded Handshake
02. Vermin Of The Week
03. Permanent Bummer
04. Ignorant Ass Shit
05. Weak Flesh
06. Worthless
07. Hammer Riffing
08. Audition


Retrace - Demo

"Four piece Melodic Youth Crew Hardcore band out of Sacramento, CA formed in August, 2011."

01. Untraveled Roads 
02. Pieces of Myself 
03. Cutting Our Ties 
04. Sinking 
05. A Reminder 

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Constant Struggle - Demo 2011

"Constant Struggle is a Hardcore band formed in February 2011 in the sea side town of Manhattan Beach, CA. Looking to fuse their roots of classic California Hardcore with their love of the East Coast’s primitive dance parts, they wrote and recorded their demo and began playing shows. In July 2011 they released the “What Goes Around” EP on Good Times Records, did their first tour of the United States, and played shows consistently on the home front. Upon returning they began working on their Irish Voodoo Records debut “To Live Is To Slowly Die”, a record which lyrically and sonicaly was a huge step up. In 2013 the band plans to tour everywhere in North America that they have yet to be and begin working on their first full length record."
Check out Irish Voodoo Records for copies of their latest 7''

01. Fake Smiles
02. Pure Hate
03. Constant Struggle
04. Hate You
05. Lone Wolf
06. Straight Ahead (Straight Ahead cover)
07. A.C.A.B. (98 Mute cover)

Various Bitrates 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Featuring members from Out Cold, OBLIVINATION delivers us another awesome demo this year.
Bleeding Edges will have tapes for the eager materialists.
Don't forget to set your house on fire with this one!

All 3 songs as one track:

 01. Compulsive Paranoia
02. Proud To Be Dumb
03. Closet Country

Various Bitrates

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Portside - Demo

"Portside is a female fronted hardcore punk band with elements of doom metal from Stockton, California started in April 2012. For fans of: Sabertooth Zombie, Eternal, Soul Search, Code Orange Kids, Crossed Out, and Sworn Enemy."
Also check out their newest Self Titled EP, available for stream on their bandcamp page.

01. Intro 
02. Land of Desolate 
03. Falling Sun 
04. S.O.S 
05. Seven17teen

Various Bitrates

(Band also made available a mediafire link in VBR, if you're lazy) 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Thousand Words - Sinners EP

A Thousand Words, whose 2009 demo i had posted some time before, released a new EP.
After suffering some line up changes, the band took a different turn in their sound, closer to a darker hardcore, in the vein of Rise and Fall, or even Converge.
Awesome EP, available in 7'' as for today through Ruins Records, and CD (Get in touch with the band).

01. 5am
02.  Blind 
03.  Sinners 
04.  Burn 
05. Cursed 
06.  Crosses


(Also Available for free through the band's bandcamp)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harsh Reality - MMXI

Kansas City Hardcore with members from Kicked In, No Class  and Attention Seeker, with influences from Ringworm, Buried Alive, Integrity and the likes.

01. Harsh Reality
02. Dead And Gone
03.  Curtains 
04. Nothing Left 
05.  Bleak Existence 
06. The Fear

Various Bitrates 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strung Along - Demo 2012

Raw demo from Maine's Strung Along, Hardcore with influences from Think I Care, Cold As Life, Death Threat.

01. Strung Along 
02.  Put Me To Sleep 
03.  Collapse 
04. Remnants
Various Bitrates

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Confined - Demo '12

"Straight edge hardcore band based out of Buffalo, NY, featuring members of No Goal and Our Times. Started in 2010 and recorded a demo in April of 2012."

01. Intro/Song 1 
02. Lost In The Light 
03. Back On My Own 
04. Start Looking Down 

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Killing The Dream - Demo 2003

As requested, here's Killing The Dream's 2003 Demo.

"Killing the Dream formed in Sacramento, California in 2002 with guitarist Joel Adams of Embrace the End, bassist Chris Chase, drummer Isaac Fratini and vocalist Elijah Horner. After recording a five-song demo tape in 2003, the group added second guitarist Bart Mullis—also of Embrace the End. The songs from this demo made up half of their self-titled debut album, released in 2004 through Rival Records."
The band later released two records, Fractures and Lucky Me through Deathwish, breaking up in July 2011.
  01. Before you fall asleep
02. January 2nd
03. Pardon the interruption
04. The escape
05. By now


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Down Again - Voices

"Representing the new wave of hardcore from San Diego, Down Again play a fast, pissed off, slightly metallic brand of hardcore with plenty of mosh parts and singalongs played over angry and pessimistic lyrics and vocals that sounds a bit like current kings Retaliate and Terror and old favorites Integrity and Judge.
Started in 2006 in Brian Mark's garage. The Down Again demo was released that summer with a follow up full length record on Nick Jett's (Terror) label New View Records. It is now out of print. Brian Mark remains a great friend but was replaced by Cesar Ruiz in 2008. With the emergence of Take Offense, Down Again slowed down but never broke up."

01. I Am Nothing
02.  No Reason
03. Dying
04. The Loser
05. I Won't Succeed
06. Ending Now
07. Voices(In My Head)
08. I Am Your Hate

Various Bitrates

Vanishing Point - Demo 2012

"Montreal Straight Edge with current and former members of Omegas, Look Beyond, Tightrope and Harriers."
Tapes available at Climbin' Aboard .

01. Stand Clear
02. Words For Words 
03.  Losses and Gains 
04. Outro

Various Bitrates

Monday, August 20, 2012

World War 4 - Demo 2012

No Links

I don't know how I hadn't come across this before, but this has got to be the best demo out this year:

"New band with Mark Porter (Floorpunch) on vocals plus Justin “DFJ” DeTore (The Rival Mob, Mental, No Tolerance, Righteous Jams, Mind Eraser, etc.), Chris Corry (No Tolerance, Mind Eraser), Doug “Free” Cho (The Rival Mob, Give, Free Spirit, etc.), and Bill “Punch” Hanily (Floorpunch)."

 Boston meets New Jersey - CHECK

 01. Intro
02. Can't Take It
03. Bystander
04. Who Are You  Kidding
05. Crossed Path
06. Talk About Respect
07. Old Friend
08. Got Some Friends


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blindside - Self Titled EP

Belgium's Blindside released this awesome NYHC vibe debut record through Powered records last year.
Keep an eye for a new EP that's going to out soon. In the meantime check them out in Germany with Not Afraid in September

 01. Intro
02. Blindside
04. Disgrace


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Move - Demos

"Hardcore from Manchester for fans of Justice, Jaguarz, Lockin Out."

Demo 2011
01. Pipe Down
02.  Life of Waste 
03. No Apologies 
04. Modern Mind Control 
05. Mental Block

Various Bitrates 

 Demo 2012
01. Unit 
02. Reaction Formation
03. Burnt Out
04. Self-Deprived 

Various Bitrates

No One Rules - Demo

NYHC featuring ex members of Backtrack.

01. Take Control
02.  Self 
03.  United As One 
04. Chains Of Life

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

False Light - Self Titled EP

"Pissed off powerviolence grind from south carolina."
This release has been widely publicized already, but i couldn't let one of the best releases of the year pass by! 
01. Rotting Teeth 
02.  Almighty Thief 
03. The Great Unwashed 
04. Lung 
05.  Praxis 
06.  ///


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Menace - Demo 2012

Awesome new band from Williamsport. USA, guess they got heat for their original demo cover.
Heavy hardcore with a lot a groove, check them out and keep an eye for their new EP, available for pre-order at their bigcartel.

01. Forgiveness Denied
02. Heavy Thoughts 
03.  Spectator 
04. Sewn Shut 
05. Bottomless

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Void Forger - Ruined Demo

"Void Forger is a Romanian band from Bucharest formed in 2011.
Three members originally from Bacau, Romania, but relocated to Bucharest for studies. 
Old school down tempo harshly distorted music with hints of speed, screamed vocals and with a dark and nihilistic sound. The lyrics are inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian themes, fantasy and social issues."

01.  Pointless Media
02.  Relief
03.  Automation

Various Bitrates

Set Me Free - Only One Flag & Walkin' The Line EP

"Set Me Free is a Straight Edge band from Milan (Italy), born in 2009, with members of Product, No More Fear, The Miracle and Fumbles In Life."
They have just released a new EP called Walkin' The Line and a split with Motivation.
Check Them.

01. Set Me Free
02.  Only One Flag 
03. Fami-Lies 
04.  Help 
05.  Never Surrender 
06. Hey Sandman
 07. Chewed Enough

Variable Bitrate 

 The band was kind enought to share the new EP with the blog, so here you go.
Don't sleep on these guys!

01. The Line
02. Banks Unfair 
03. Still Proud 
04. Wonderful World 
05. Your Internet Account 
06. NWO 


Upward - Pushed Aside EP

Cool dudes Upward, whose demo i had already posted some time ago, where kind enought to remind me they are a great youthcrew band and just released a new Tape, that you can get at their site.

01. Sheets of Time
02. Holding On
03. Motivation
04. Pushed Aside
05. Take Your Chance


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

VVOVNDS - Demo 1

"If you like your Hardcore raw, fast and angry as fvck then vvovnds might just help you through the day...
Think Youth Attack hardcore mixed with Punch, Das Oath mixed with Sex Vid, all added with some moshy bits..."

01. Scapegoat 
02.  Happy Smile - Happy Lie
03. Among The Flock
04.  Plagued
05. A Wreck
06. Blank Stare
07.  Maze


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Suffering Quota - Demo 2011

"Suffering Quota is a 4-piece consisting of hardcore and metal veterans from Groningen, the Netherlands. Started somewhere in 2009, the current line-up came to light in february 2011. Although from different (musical) backgrounds there was a very good connection between us and the result is a bunch of eruptions in which we try to blend hardcore, grindcore and death metal."

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V

Various Bitrates

Splitback - A Fight To Change Yout Mind EP

Spitback are a Hardcore/2-step/Beatdown hailing from Colmar, France.
Copies still available in cd at Goodlife Records.

01. Intro
02. SpitBack
03. Confront This
04. Pride
05. This Is Hell
06. Rest In Pieces ( Feat. Niko of EL COMER OCHO)
07. One (Feat. Oerjg of SLAM COKE)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Burning Man - Ronin EP

"Formed in 2011, Burning Man are a band with 5 members from Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
Influenced by bands like Mastodon, Torche or High on Fire, the Portuguese quintet plays a heavy and dark sound but melodic, culminating in a powerful Sludge, that some might compare to another great Portuguese band, Men Eater."

01. Dead Rabbits
02. The Rat 
03.  Our Thing 
04. Ronin 
05.  Wise Guy 
06. Triad

Various Bitrates 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Raw Style - Demo 2012

In your face straight(edge) from Ottawa, Canada.
Get in touch with Climbin' Aboard or the band to get a tape.

01. Convictions/Buggin’ Out
02. I Can’t Deal
03. Dead Weight
04. Don’t Buy In
05. Own Up

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enlightenment - Demo

Enlightenment are a young modern/hc/punk band from Leipzig, Germany.
Melodic hardcore with what we could already call a 2000's influence.

01. eclipse of reason
02. place of hope
03. message to daddy
04. our opus


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Out Crowd - Demo

No Links

Thanks to Backwash Records for reminding me of Atlanta, Georgia’s awesome Out Crowd, these guys have just released a new 7'' through Reaper Records (If you're from Portugal Backwash Records has some copies) and it could not be a better time to remind everyone to listen to their Demo, that is still available in 7'' through Lionheart Recods.
Old sKool Harcore!

01. Intro
02. What Are Friends For?
03. Blue Bloods
04. Our Struggle