Friday, August 27, 2010

Sea Of Shit - Demo Tape


Chicago based Sea Of Shit bring us a powerviolence/crust/hardcore in the vein of Crossed Out, His Hero is Gone, Infest and Man is the Bastard.Get a copy of their split 7'' with Socially Retarded at
01. Vulgar Display Of Deception
02. Worried Sick
03. Beating A Dead Horse
04. Product Of Environment
05. Self-Reassurance
06. Answers

Variable Quality

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chokehold - Demos

Chokehold was a vegan straight edge hardcore/punk band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. They first formed in 1990, releasing the "More Than Ever" demo tape in 1991. This was quickly followed in 1992 by a split EP with Crisis of Faith and the Life Goes On EP that same year. In 1993 Chokehold released the Prison of Hope LP through American label Conquer the World Records (CTW). They released their next record, 1994's Instilled EP, on Philadelphia, PA's Bloodlink Records. They followed this in the next year with their second LP, Content With Dying. They signed in 1996 to Germany's Mad Mob Recordsand recorded four new songs to be released as a split CD with Feeding the Fire, but after a European tour in 1996 the band decided to break up. They played their last show in March at the New Bedford Fest in Massachusetts. These four songs were released as a self-titled EP on Jawk Records the following year. Members went on to play in such bands as The Swarm, Brutal Knights, Left For Dead, Haymaker, Our War and Seventy-Eight Days.

This Whole World Is An Addiction

01. Insecurity
02. Bottom Line
03. We Stand Alone
04. Born To Die
05. Sign Of Hate
06. Time To Say
07. For The Child
08. Everybody
09. The Odds We Face
10. We Stand Alone [live]
11. Insecurity [live]
12. The Odds We Face [live]
13. Bottom Line [live]
14. Time To Say [live]


More Than Ever

01. More Than Ever
02. Deaf To Reason
03. Deception
04. Fail To See


Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm really sorry for the lack of updates but i've had some too much work and too few time to dedicate to everything else. I'll get back on this as soon as possible.