Monday, March 28, 2011

I Want You Dead - We are the Legions of Scums


I Want You Dead from Greece drop us their debut release.
"I Want You Dead were formed in September 2008 in Patras , Greece , to deliver negative soundscapes through hardcore music . Forwarding any comments,messages,thoughts to our inbox would be much appreciated. "

01. Let's Get This Straight
02. My Words Like Knives
03. Mora
04. A Million Funerals
05. Moshpit Bruise
06. I Am Decay
07. Circle
08. Holofernes
09. Old Tyme Hardcore (Bonus Track - Slapshot cover)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bleeding Through - Demo


"Bleeding Through, a straight edge metalcore/death metal band, was formed in 1999 in Woodlake, California. The band's roots can be traced back to 1998, when Breakneck was founded by Brandan 'Sheep' Schieppati (Eighteen Visions / Throwdown), Javier Van Huss (Eighteen Visions / The Mistake / Enewetak), guitarist Scott Danough, bass guitarist Chad Tafolla and drummer Troy Born (Taken).
Their 2000's demo was followed by a full length album released through Prime Directive Records entitled Dust to Ashes in April 2001."

01. Reflection
02. Hemlock Society
03. Aurora III
04. Oedipus Complexxx
05. Thornes of Agony

256kbps (M4A)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rot In Hell - Sins Of Malice (Demo 7'')


I know "Holy Terror" bands are quite the hype nowadays, but lets face it, most of them are THAT good!
This is UK's Rot In Hell debut release, reprinted on 7'' vinyl, and long sold out.

01. Behavioural Resistance
02. Sin Of Malice
03. Final Word (Meanstreak)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Concussion - Demo Tape

New D-beat/Crust Hardcore band with current and ex members of C.O.P, Gross Negligence and Knife Fight.

01. Retribution
02. Crutch
03. Plague
04. Corrode

Variable Quality

The Kingsford Run - 2011 Demo


"We are the kingsford run from simi valley, california. we play rock n' roll music for kids who will listen. listen to our music // come to our shows // send us on tour."
If you like The Chariot or Norma Jean, don't let it pass.

01 Clubbing Seals
02. Arrows
03. Dead Dogs for Quarters

Variable Quality

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bang Bros - Demo 2010

Great stuff from Ireland.
They also have a split tape with Wardogs, both of them sold out i think.

01. Intro / Too Real
02. Circumstantial Evidence

Variable Quality

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gehenna - Demo


"Long out of print tape from the infamous Gehenna. These tracks were gathered for the excellent "The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness" semi-discography CD and later on the LP. Like the tape, the original CD, which was released by CrimethInc, is out of print; A389 released the LP a couple of years back and still has copies of both the first and second press.

01. 83%
02. Woodmaker
03. The Bottom Line


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Evolve - EP


"Evolve is a 4 piece straight edge hardcore band from Maura, Norway. Started out in 2009 and soon released a demo. In April 2010 they released their debut 7". Their sound can be described as classic youth crew hardcore with a twist of small town depression and frustration.

Evolve strongly support vegetarianism and animal rights."

01. Staying Clear
02. Bigger Picture
03. Maura Pride
04. Our Bonds
05. Into Nothing
06. Follow Through

Variable Quality

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Current - Demo 2010

Current is a new band hailing from Syracuse. This is their first demo.

01. Forward
02. Adrift at Sea
03. Burnt
04. Immovable Object
05. Struggle

Variable Quality

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Proof - Blood Money EP

"PROOF is a hardcore-metal band formed in 2007 in Bucharest,Romania.We played and toured with bands like Born From Pain,Death Before Dishonor,Ignite,No Turning Back,Last Hope,Manifestation,Confronto,The Setup,Burn The 8 Track,Bleed Into One,Nine Eleven,Deathdrive and many more.
Our first EP "Blood Money" was released in 2010 and we're currently working on our first album."
If you like stuff in the vein of Hatebreed or Born From Pain, check them out.

01. Violent Opposition
02. The Storm of Conflict
03. Beyond Prejudice
04. Blood Money
05. Healing The Wounds


Cursed - Demo Recordings


I've been looking for this for ages, this is Cursed's first recording, 3 song demo with 2 songs that would later be part of their classic I, through Deathwish Records.

01. Polygraph
02- God & Country
03. Disrupticon


Friday, March 4, 2011

Pussy Hole Treatment - Destroy Everything Now (Demo)


"Formed in 2009, PxHxT is a band who has been revitalizing the crossover/thrashcore scene in Portugal.
In 2009 PxHxT released a demotape called "Destroy Everything Now" on Black Rain Records. Approximately in June of 2010 Juicy Records released a Split between Never Fail (Hardcore from Lisbon) and PxHxT.
Now PxHxT is recording their first full length that will be out as soon as possible!
"PxHxT plays fast hardcore with a good balance of melody, emotions and vitality." by HardBoiled webzine"

01. New World
02. Think for yourself!
03. Danger is Near
04. No Tomorrow
05. Superiority Talk
06. Destroy Everything Now

Variable Quality

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wise Up - Holding On Strong (Demo)


"Formed in January 2007, WISE UP is a new band from Portugal. Five kids from different cities around Portugal decide to start a new band, Tiago on vocals, Pedro & Tim on the guitars, Luis on Bass and Rafael on Drums are the WISE UP. This is our time! Our effort! Our dedication! Wise Up supports a vegan/vegetarian and drug-free lifestyle"

01. Holding On Strong
02. Get A Life
03. Give Value
04. Our Way