Thursday, October 2, 2014

Raw Justice - Artificial Peace EP

Raw Justice from Nantes had already dropped us a really good demo some time ago.
They are now back with a new 7'' EP, coming out on Straight & Alert Records

01. Pagan Stomp
02.  Useful Pride 
03. Mad At This World 
04. Empty Shelves 
05.  Artificial Peace 
06. Get Old 
07. Loud & Proud 
08.  Daily Grind

Various Bitrates 

Cloudburst - Dead Demo 2014

Indonesia born and bread Cloudburst play Metallic Hardcore / Punk with influences from Converge, Alpinist, Baptists, Botch and Cave In.
Check out the awesome 2 song demo.

01. Dead
02. Death by A Thousand Cuts

Various Bitrates

The Real Deal - Demo 2014

"The Real Deal is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Cleveland, OH. Combining the classic Cleveland sound from bands like Confront and Meanstreak with 80's NYHC. The Real Deal formed in the spring 2014, and they quickly recorded their debut tape which is coming to life through Straight and Alert in the fall of 2014."

01. Proven
02. Real Deal 
03. No More Games 
04. We Out Here
Various Bitrates 

Calf - Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy

"Calf is a post rock/noise band formed in Karditsa greece in 2008. Calf present a complicated mixture of music that can sometimes reach the edge. Their second album "Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy" was released on 18 July 2014."

01. Are you Laura Palmer? No I'm a fucking psycho
02. Lunacy box demon booth 
03. Squeezing blue hope from my christian numb cock 
04.  The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.I 
05. The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.II
Various Bitrates