Monday, June 25, 2012

Negative Circles - Pointlessly Destructive and Dangerous: Live on CKDU

"Fast noisey hardcore from the end of the world. (Dartmouth)."

After dropping us one of the best demos last year, Negative Circles return with this awesome live record featuring some great covers and a few new songs.

01. . Intro/Negative Circles
02.  Giving Up 
03.  Eye Contact 
04.  Notes 
05.  Reap/Sow 
06.  Jazz Interlude 
07.  My War (Black Flag) 
08.  Forming (The Germs) 
09. Wanting 
10. Cool Party 
11. . Instrumental Two
12. Same 
13. Catch Up 
14. Boys Don't Cry (The Cure)

Various Bitrates 

Walkout - Demo 2012

"Walkout are hailing from Vancouver (with members from North Van, Vancouver, Surrey, and Langley) and long for a sound reminiscent of Northwest Hardcore bands like Champion and Reserve 34."

01.  Intro/Ad Nauseam 
02.  Ocean Walker 
03.  Blind
04. Malaise 
05. What's Passed

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Flex - The Demo

Amazing demo from Leeds, UK band The Flex, recorded with karaoke mics into a PA system. They draw influences from the 80's Boston scene, like Impact Unit, SS Decontrol, DYS and Jerry’s Kids, and also the later Boston bands like Think I Care and Nightstick Justice.


Direct Effect - Forget the Rest EP

Old School Hardcore Punk from Orlando, Florida.

01.  Forget the Rest 
02.  Lazy Boy 
03. Presser, Pressure 
04. Don't Lose Sight

Variable Bitrate 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Northern Blue - Self Titled EP

Northern Blue, Portuguese band born from the ashes of Day Of The Dead, also with members of No Good Reason.

"Five guys, different tastes, different outlooks, one band: Northern Blue.
We got together through circumstance and chance.
This is the result. Heartfelt, sincere and DIY.
We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it.
See you soon!"

01. In Circles 
02. Desperate Living, Desperate Days 
03. Long Way From Home 
04. Not A Stranger Anymore 
05. Disconnected 
06.  No Bad Blood Between Us 


Expectations - Self Titled EP

Five-piece melodic and atmospheric hardcore band from Bulgaria.
Check them out

 01. Cursed
02. May 14th
03. This is The End
04. Goodbye Today
05. Set Me Free
06. Vultures
07. Only When Shared


Monday, June 4, 2012

Providence - Turn The Tide (Demo)

"Formed in 2005, Providence come from the depths of filthy Paris and play dark and brutal hardcore, full of crushing breakdowns. Since their beginning the band sought to innovate rather than imitate, intending to create a combination of social/political awareness and aggression. Feeling that hardcore had strayed from its roots and DIY ethic into subgenres like Emo and Chaotic Metal, a good, basic, heavy sound is their aim.
Providence’s style is huge, metallic and epic, yet manages to be efficient and straight up at the same time. A low and thick dual guitar sound is underpinned by intense double-bass drumming, mostly switching between mid-tempo and punishing breakdowns but occasionally breaking into full-on bursts of hardcore speed. The hoarse-growled vocals that complete this already potent formula are complimented by monstrous gang backups, spitting out venom on a variety of topics including politics, economy and the craziness of the world, yet maintaining a poetic turn of phrase.

Check out the band's one track demo from 2006.

01. Turn The Tide


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blistered - Demo

90's influenced hardcore from Tampa

01. Undone
02. On the Outside Looking In 
03.  Heavy Hand

Various Bitrates 

Primitive Ways - Let the Scum Rot EP

"Crust/Grind influenced hardcore punk from Newark, DE/DELCO, PA."

01. Let the Scum Rot
02. Bastards of Civilization
03. The Perfect Death
04. Ten (Ft. Garrett Jansen)
05. Slaughter Regime
06. Victims of a Subtle Holocaust
07. Halt
Various Bitrates