Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Hammer - Demo 2014

Gothenburg Hardcore with a capital H. Angry, fast and in-your-face!
Keep them in eyesight and watch out for a physical copy.

01.  Intro / Is This Life? 
02.  Comprehension 
03. Born To Lose

Various Bitrates

Guiltfeeder - Demo MMXIV

Toronto chaotic driven hardcore.
Get in touch with the band for CD copies of the demo, and magic cards too!

01.  Shadow People 
02. Brain Burner 

Various Bitrates

No/Breaks - Demo

"No/Breaks was formed as The Black Circle Boys in the fall of 2009. After a few lineup changes and several times being on hiatus we've decided to give it one more go with another new lineup and a new name. We are No/Breaks. Rip it."

01.  Socialcide 
02.  Life At Crotch Level

Various Bitrates 

Crime & Punishment - Demonstration 2014

"Crime & Punishment are fresh bread from Boston, Massachusetts  playing NYHC styled hardcore kind of like Bulldoze/Undertow/Cold As Life."
Keep an eye for tapes about to be released.

01. Intro/BPD Stomp
02. Acquitted
03. State of Pain
04. Blinded Eyes
05. Law & Order

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Social Damage - Both Demos

Indianapolis Straight Edge to be released by my favorite european label and store.
both demos compiled, to be released at Straight & Alert Records.

01. Wrecked
02.  Unwelcome Mat 
03. Forget 
04. Tied 
05. Deadbeat 
06. Thin Line

Various Bitrates

Leather Daddy - Demo Tape

Raw, all female, hardcore punk from Boston? Massive check!
Oppressed Mind Records have a limited run of the tape, go get it!

01. Cracks
02. Vomit Pack 
03. Get Out 
04. In My Skin 

Various Bitrates

Fuming Mouth - Demo 2013

Death Metal infused hardcore from Milford Massachusetts.
Get tapes at their Bigcartel page, and keep an eye for their split with Gatlin.

01. Immolate 
02.  Executioner's Sabbath 
03.  Infernal Void 
04. Adverse Ritual 

Various Bitrates

HOME - Bound To Gravity

"The trio HOME from Innsbruck is serving the audience a rough mix of rock-based riffs and metal grooves since 2010. Most people may call that sludge, some may declare it as Post-Hardcore, but the band itself doesn't mind to be caught in between anyway."
Get a copy of the CD at their label Sound Zero .
01. Hole
02. Next To Last
03. No Way Out, My Friend
04. Not Even Me
05. Burlesque
06. Old Hand
07. Kyoto
08. Horse Cable
09. Dead City

Various Bitrates