Monday, December 30, 2013

Wolfdog - Born Wolf EP

Hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil.
Inspired by bands like: No Warning, Guns Up!, Bitter End and Alpha & Omega.

If you happen to be from Brazil or stay there in January, check them out on tour with Rotting Out
More info on their Facebook

01. Blindness 
02. Enemy Within 
03. Why are we here? 
04. End of Line

Various Bitrates 

Human Bodies - Demo MMXIII

Nothing like a bit of venomous black metal into our hardcore, hein!
Human Bodies is a 2-piece, raw, punk-infused black metal band from Boston. 

01. Segments, Nevermore
02. Stygian Reverie 
03. Dregs 
04. While the Others Wait

Various Bitrates 

Kingpin - 2013 Demo

"Groove metal/hardcore crossover from Glasgow, featuring members and ex-members of: Eviscerate AD, Rough Justice, Senzafine, MAIR and Insomniac.

Influences: Merauder, Pantera, Biohazard, Leeway, Sepultura, Madball, Life Of Agony, Beastie Boys, S.O.D, Wu-Tang Clan, Strife, Cold World, Hatebreed, yada yada...

We are going to absolute decimate a venue near you very, very soon."

 01. Former Glory
02. Choking Dust
03. Bitches Leave

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Crosses - Demo

Frantic hardcore from Denver, Colorado, featuring members of Negative Degree.
Lo-Fi and abrasive, like hardcore should be.

01. Nothing
02.  Why Try? 
03. Untouched 
04. No Standards/Anxiety 
05. Dead Awake 

Various Bitrates

The Fanboys - Enter The Fanboys Promo Tape

The Fanboys are getting ready to release their first LP, Enter the Fanboys.
If you want to get a taste of what's to come, do check out their promo tape.

01. Microchip
02. Coffee Shop 
03.  Special Person In Christ 

Various Bitrates

Bonestorm - Demo 2013

Fellow neighbours Bonestorm are a hardcore punk from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Formed in December of 2012 and influenced by Ceremony, Trash Talk, Punch, DNF, Mind Eraser, Let It Die…

01. Intro 
02. Slammed Head
03. Kings of Decadence
04. In Ruins
05. Jailed
06. Dead Men
07. The Biter Beast

Various Bitrates

High Card - Demo 2013

Hardcore Punk from Long Island, NY.

They are playing the Backtrack record release show Jan. 10, so get there soon to check them out.

01. Save Your Breath
02.  Cut It Quick 
03.  High Card 
04. See Through The Lies 
05.  Venom

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Manipulate - Demo MMXIII

"New York Hardcore's new breed, MANIPULATE. Full of veterans in the game featuring current/ex members of Terror, The Promise, Backtrack, Carry On, Internal Affairs, and Dead Wrong. This demo is a new testament of the future of New York."

Check out Flatspot Records for Cassetes.

01. Warning Signs 
02. Living Lie 
03. Look The Other Way 
04. Loose Link

Various Bitrates

Wild Life - Demo 2013

Coming from Belgium was already suspicious, Wild Life bring us one of the best demos released in Europe this year, quoting influences from "New hardcoreband from of Stop And Think, Rampage, Face Reality, etc.
Get copies at Open Up Records or at the Band's Page.

01. Intro & Through
02.  Efforts In Vain 
03.  C.T.F. 
04.  The Golden Rule


Slag - Demo 2012

SLAG is a Hardcore Punk band from Chicago IL.
 If you like it, don't forget to check out their newest 7''.

01. (A)(a) 
02. Collected 
03.  Elevation 
04. Gut Rot 
05. Customer Bullshit 
06.  S.L.A.G. 
07. Balance 
08. Push 

Various Bitrates

Measure X Up - Demo 2013

New Halifax Straight Edge Hardcore Band.
They are releasing a new demo soon and further packaging everything into a neat tape, so keep an eye for it.

01.  Don't Give In 
02. Say What You Will 
03.  Use Your Head 

Various Bitrates