Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cult Ritual - Demos


"Tampa's renown CULT RITUAL, a dense mercurial wreck spinning out of control at every moment. Pulling from a vast and diverse history of influences, these young stalwarts have begotten a beast that teems with contemplative senselessness. Laced with vexation and an inner devotion to authenticity, they stand ready to change your life."
Links taken from their blog, take some time to check out the rest of the EP's, also for download in the blog.

Demo I

01. Weak Body
02. Unhappiness
03. The Hand That Feeds
04. Why Wait?
05. Hot Cement
06. Eat the Police
07. Regret
08. Selfish Songs


Demo II

01. Guiltless
02. Hunger Pains
03. Electric Depression
04. Haunted Ground
05. Nausea (X)
06. Cancer Money


Fools Die - Demo


"After On Equal was put to an end, there was any doubt that another project would soon be brought to life. Willing to do more and better, Ricardo, Dorio, Bruno and Hugo started rehearsing in April 2006 and it wasn't until late November, when Nuno Teles joined in, that the band would be complete. .. ..In February 2007, we recorded our debut demo at Windmill studios in Viana do Castelo, with Ivo Cunha as producer. .. ..One year later Joca joined the band, and in August 2008 we started recording an EP at the Black Sheep Studios in Lisbon, with the producer Makoto Yagyu. .. In March 2009, André Castanho from The Walking Dead joined the band as bass player. .. .. After a few adjustments the EP "Keeping The Thrust" comes out, edited by ourselves, in June 2009."

01. Day One
02. On The Threshold Of Eternity
03. Tune In
04. LXIV AG, Again


Friday, February 25, 2011

Upright - Demo '10


Upright is a Finnish hardcore band bringing the New York Hardcore sound to the north of Europe, and hopefully to the rest of the world.

01. Face The Consequenses
02. Violent Mind
03. Shithole
04. Temptations

Variable Quality

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunglust - Demo


New fierce hardcore band from Boston.

01. Broken Idol
02. Family Crest
03. Silent Hymn
04. Closed Casket

Variable Quality

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Damaged Goods - Demo


Fast paced old school hardcore from Belgium's now extinct Damaged Goods.
They went on to release a self titled 7'' and the Fever LP.
Check them out

01. Out of sight
02. Shut your trap
03. Unbreakable
04. Too little, too late
05. Living hell
06. Damaged goods


Friday, February 18, 2011

Barbarian - Demo


"A hardcore band from Edison, NJ. Featuring Ex members of the Gray Lines Of Perfection."

01. II
02. V
03. IV
04. VI


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cthulhu Youth - Demo


UK's Down-tempo/Grindcore/Powerviolence/Noise act Chtulhu Youth released this hard and abrasive demo in midst 2010, check them out.
They still have tapes at Subsubtropicsrecords.

01. Mental Abuse
02. The Wizard Cat
03. Stay Posi, Die Happy
04. Svart Utopia
05. Anton Lavey's Funny Tales
06. Global Warming Me
07. S.O.S.D.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ice - Demo MMVII


"THE ICE - 2010.... Hailing from the German hardcore scene, THE ICE combines the best of different worlds. Mixing heavy and strong guitars with the sad ambience and melodies of late 80ies' and early 90ies' metal and alternative music scene, THE ICE are setting themselves off from the contemporary music scene. On top of that, driving vocals and a unique arrangement of sythesizers carry a powerful, yet mystic atmosphere that speaks through each song. .. With lots of worldwide touring experience from their former bands, each individual musician in THE ICE contributes to the band's energetic and thrilling live performance. With a very heavy, yet melodic record under their belt, THE ICE is ready to take stages by storm... .. ..Colonia MMVII."

01. Powertrip
02. Spitting Venom
03. Into the Light
04. Shedding Skin
05. Stay Hungry


Friday, February 11, 2011

Bailout - Demo MMXI


Heavy hardcore from Dublin, Ireland, with influences from
Rise and Fall, Terror, Madball, Donnybrook and Pantera.

01. Anonymous
02. Self-assessment
03. Unprepared
04. Brutality

Variable Quality

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Times - The Demo

Good new band from new jersey, taking their influences from Right Brigade, among other '00 hardcore bands.

01. bad times / p.m.r.
02. again...
03. alternate destination
04. no laughing
05. cum dumpster
06. the OC


Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Thousand Words - Demo '09


Hardcore from Faro, Portugal, that already brought us great bands like Broken Distance, Rat Attack and many others.
This is the band's only release to date.

01. Intro
02. Down
03. Nothing Stays The Same
04. React
05. Dangerous Streets


Friday, February 4, 2011

Millenial Reign - Demo


"After five years of promising each other that they would start a "clevo" style band one day, Jordan (ex No Warning) and Damian (Fucked Up) finally just said fuck it and did it with the help of Jesse (ex No Warning). This band is about old friends getting together and playing heavy music again."
Check out Bones... Dust... Nothing... out on 1917 Records, one of the best records of 2o1o.

01. I start fires
02. Moore's law


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Written Off - Demo 2011


Here's Written Off's second demo.
Their first demo was already posted previously.

01. One in the Same
02. Questions
03. Corruption Inc.
04. Iron State of Mind
05. No Return

Variable Quality