Sunday, February 21, 2010

Necros - Demos

"The Necros were formed in 1979 in Maumee, Ohio.They were a punk band made up of high school kids playing fast, furious, short songs of the sort that were eventually dubbed “hardcore” by the media a couple years later. In 1980, the Necros recorded a demo, and in early 1981, Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson (of Touch and Go fanzine) fronted the money to release 4 of those songs as a 7” record (commonly known as the Sex Drive 7"). This 7” became the first release on Touch and Go Records."
I'm wasn't able to find any reliable information about these demos, also mentioned as 'clubhouse' 81 and 81-82 pre lp demos (?).
Eitherway, enjoy this piece of history.

Clubhouse Demo '82

01. Police Brutality
02. Work Now
03.Your Version Of What I Think
04. Rip Off
05. Beter Never than Late
06. Caste System
07. What Have We Got?

(this demo is also known as the early days 7'' bootleg)

Clubhouse Demo '83

01. No One
02. Take 'Em Up
03. Face Forward
03. Police Brutality
04. Change
05. Conquest For Death
06. Satisfy
07. Your Version Of What I Think


*edit: '81 Demo removed by request, check out Alona's Dream Records for a remastered edition of this demo, out May 2012

On Equal - 1st Demo

I've already introduced this band in an earlier post, and, by mistake i mentioned that it was the bands only demo, wish was wrong.
Also as fulfillment of a request, here's the bands 1st Demo, at this time without the two female vocalists.

01. intro
02. September of my years
03. under the bridge
04. legacy


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snapcase - Demo

Snapcase (formerly known as Solid State) was one of the bands that defined the 90's hardcore, and probably the best of it's time.
This is their 2º demo, the first with the name Snapcase.

01. Break The Silence
02. The Voyage
03. Die Laughing
04. Undertow


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Skrotes - Demo

Skate or DIE!

01. Teenage Kicks and Circle Pits
02. You're the Reason Punk is Dead
03. SxOxDx


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Circuits - Demo

Circuits (former All My Circuits) is a hardcore/powerviolence/screamo/whateveryouwannacallit band from Melbourne, Australia.
There is still a 2º press of their demo for sale. If you like it give it a go.

1. Dead & Gone.
2. Worlds Away.
3. Left Behind.
4. Our Hostile Landscape.
5. Stations.
6. Puritanical Ignorance.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pointing Finger - Fighting For The Movement (demo)

Pointing Finger are one of the most memorable Portuguese hardcore bands. Widely known outside their country, became a mark for the SXE youthcrew scene, not only in Portugal, but in Europe as well.
This is their 1999 demo tape. Enjoy.

1. Let Us Begin
2. Earth First
3. No More Violence
4. Respect
5. It’s Not Right
6. You Choose
7. Posers In The Scene
8. Manipulation
9. High On Dope
10. The Truth
11. Free Will
12. XXX