Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Red Death - Demo 2014

"In 2014, DC's RED DEATH came out of the gate and obliterated everyone with one of the best hardcore demos of the year. Their first recorded output channels the sheer brutality and precision of crossover classics like Animosity, Cause for Alarm, and Best Wishes, without straying too far from the rawness and reckless abandon of hardcore punk. the perfect introduction to one of the most promising hardcore bands going on the East Coast today."

Grave Mistake Records has a press in 7''.

01.  Already in Hell 
02. Disfigure 
03. Unholy Agony 
04. Perpetrator

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Hittin' Random - Where's Your Rage

Hittin' Random just released a new EP, check it!

01. Intro + Fear Control
02.  Stay Away 
03. My Ground 
04.  Where's Your Rage

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Edalene - I'm Still Here

"5 piece screamo/emo band from Sydney Australia  just put out a free 3 song Ep on the 1st of May called "Im Still Here".

01. Ryerose 
02.  Awakening 
03.  A Tuesday in June

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Drug Control - Drug Control EP


"Drug Control, formed in early 2014, was set to put San Diego straight edge back on the map. Drug Control's songs and lyrics are straight to the point and in your face, influenced by acts such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSD, and Youth of Today. After a great demo tape on Criminal Rights records they are about to drop their debut 7" on STRAIGHT & ALERT recs and COINTOSS records. Drug Control Crew, is coming for you."
01. Building Bridges
02. Enough is Enough
03. Endless Cycle
04. Because of You
05. Like Brothers
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Ragecage - Sick Songs Demo

"RageCage features members from Upward and ex member from The Difference, and give us the best demo comin'out from Italy in 2014. No doubts about .
True '87 NYHC style in the vein of Breakdown and Raw Deal, with great powerful guitars and vocals."
Tapes at Assurd Records .

1. Intro/The stallion slam
2. Real Enemy
3. Nightmares
4. Mad Dog Killer
5. Street Invaders
6. Revenge

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Bonestorm - Life Is Poison (Demo II)

Fellow Bonestorm recently released a new demo. If you missed it the first time around, good time to check it out!

01. The Hole
02. Public Morals
03. Life Is Poison
04. Rivers Of Blood
05. Greed
06. This Nothing
07. Rejected

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