Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gazm - Menace To Tha Earth

After their awesome EP Dirty Beach, GAZM are back!
"Vinyl will be available via Byllepest Distro in early 2017."

05. EASY 2 SEE

Various Bitrates

Friday, August 26, 2016

Northwoods - S/T

"NORTHWOODS, featuring members of VENTO D'OTTOBRE, (A)TOLL and DESOURCE.
The self titled EP, available as 12 Inch one side Vinyl and digital download, blends all the different members' various influences such as CONVERGE, MASTODON and BOTCH to create a progressive mixture of Hardcore and Metal.
The 3 tracks embed the key elements of Hardcore music such as cathartic vocals and aggressive guitars with the experimentation and progressiveness of the modern metal.
Lyrics are developed using tools such as rhymes and rethorical figures, a stream of consciousness in the ambiguity of life and the human condition."

01. Obsolete
02. Traitors
03. Blindfold

Various Bitrates

Closet Witch - Euth Split

"Both bands play chaotic metal influenced mathy/grindy hardcore. Euth is from Wyoming. Closet Witch is from Iowa. Cassettes are available to purchase since August 8th via Sassbologna Records.

01. Closet Witch - Funeral Regrets
02. Closet Witch - Civil Necessity
03. Closet Witch - Nekhbet
04. Euth - Violent Reprieve
05. Euth - Blind Rotters

Various Bitrates

Saturday, July 9, 2016

G.L.O.S.S. - Demo


Now that their new EP Trans day of revenge was just released, it's a great time to re-check out their awesome debut demo.

01. G.L.O.S.S. (We're From The Future)
02. Masculine Artifice 
03. Outcast Stomp 
04. Lined Lips And Spiked Bats 
05. Targets Of Men

Various Bitrates

Migraine - Demo

"Migraine is a band from Austin that plays Capital "H" hardcore. They sick kids making angry rock, why are they so angry, society y'know"

02.  I'M ILL

Various Bitrates 

Fissure - Fissure

"Contrary to the band's name, FISSURE flawlessly couples ferociously fast riffs with mid-tempo heaviness, marrying the core components of "power-violence" to create a wall of sound that is both powerful and violent. Raw, aggressive punk music played with all the snarl, spit, piss and vinegar of the genre's reigning champions, it's no surprise that the Orange County, CA quartet have shared the stage with such acts as Infest, Capitalist Casualties, ACxDC, Despise You, etc."

01. Junkie's Day Off
02. Left-Footed
03. Gary Busey for President of the Moon
04. Untitled
05. Hey, Bro, You Like Attack Attack!?
06. I Want All Our Songs to be About Rims
07. I Used to Cut Myself to Dashboard Confessional
08. G.I.M.P

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Outshined - The Way

"Four tracks of absolute sonic decimation that will surely fuck your shit up. Heavy hardcore blended with elements of classic crossover and low-key death metal vibes. Its chunky, Its groovy. IT SLAPS!. Did I mention fat ass riffs? They got those locked down. Outshined come from Richmond, VA and share member with BARGE, MAD EXISTENCE etc. DO NOT sleep on this. You will regret it. "

Tapes soon through Laying Waste Records.

01. Unlearned
02. Faceless
03. The Way
04. Slave To The Truth

Various Bitrates

Forced - The Vanishing Dark

"Blackened sludge/hardcore band out of Long Island NY. Influences from bands like Coffinworm, Cursed, and Craft. The Vanishing Dark is their first full length recorded with long time friend and co-conspirator on other projects Jay Newman (Unearthly Trance) at his home studio."

01. Introduction
02. Bathe Us All in Light
03. Oculus
04. Pulling Teeth
05. Lung Float Test
06. Total Mimetic
07. Night Communion
08. Spirals

Various Bitrates

Enemies - Negative Mental Attitude

"Finnish hardcore band Enemies new cassette EP "Negative
Mental Attitude". In short, NMA (cue the
enema-jokes) is our third release, and our first of three planned EP's
in 2016.

It's designed as true bummer music, as all air has been choked out of
the tracks, both in terms of songwriting and production, to coincide
with the oppressively bleak March weather. A spring album as conceived
by us."
Tapes available at the bandcamp page

01. Petty Cross
02. Crawl Beneath Me
03. Fuck Hardcore
04. My Apartment Has Become A Prison

Various Bitrates

Monday, April 18, 2016

Life Debt - Demo 2016

Fresh hardcore from Melbourne.
Tapes are unfortunately already sold out.

01. Growing Pains
02. Friendly Fire
03. Pass Your Judgement
04. Bite Back

Various Bitrates

Monday, March 14, 2016

VURDALAK - Demo 2016

"VURDALAK - is a russian kind of living dead, its like mix of vampire and zombie and that bastard eat flash and drink blood of their living family. 
Of course this is replica of russian president and goverment (vurdalaks face on cover is Putins face) and all lyrics about our tragedy times in economic crisis, social hate and law injustice.
And yes, it is in Russian language, cause it is problems of our people but we want to be heard in other countries.
Genre: raw, dirty hardcore-punk like The flex, Freedom and Hard stripes but with fewer breakdowns and more punk sound."

01. Intro+Вурдалак
02. Ненависть
03. Самооборона
04. Migration
05. Дохлые шлюхи

Various Bitrates

Heavy Hands - Demo '16

"Heavy Hands is a hardcore punk band from Portland, OR that plays ’80s style USHC with influences from early Boston and NYHC. Featuring current/former members of Portland bands Mongoloid, Organized Sports, Sick Rats, Steve and Fought Alone, we recently recorded/released our demo in February 2016."

01. Introducing
02. Skin Deep
03. Class Act
04. Daily Dose
05. Cult Ritual
06. Big Mouth

Various Bitrates

Walk Away - MMXVI

Straightedge hardcore from Berlin
Tapes (preorder) available at their bigcartel page.

01. Battle Scars
02. Feeding The Flame

Various Bitrates

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sick Urge - Final Task


01.  Final Task 
02.  Payback Time 
03.  Thinner Nights 
04. Homophobic Motherfuckers 
05. Waiting For The Fucking Bomb 
06.  More Oppression 
07. Relief / Grief
08.  I Love Violence 
09.  Nazi Scum

Various Bitrates 

Concussive - Demo 2015

East Bay Power Violence with members of members of  ExVx,Epileptic Seizure,& Malicious Dismemberment.

01. Zest Quest
02. Composite
 03. Human Error
04. Power Cycle
05. Foresight
 06. Subsist
 07. Insensible
08. Captious
 09. Timeless
Various Bitrates

Monday, January 11, 2016

Harm Done - Abuse / Abused


 After an excellent demo tape, heres Harm Done with there debut LP.
Available for preorder (the LP, cd already available) at Straight & Alert Records.

1. A Perpetual Wait
2. Sink Again
3. Drifting Away
4. Alone
5. Empire Of Dust
6. Abuse / Abused
7. XY Domination
8. Twice Rather Than Once
9. Two Worlds
10. Intro
11. Wall Of Stone
12. I Am The Mistake
13. Crooked Friendship
14. Big Mouth
15. No Authority But Mine
16. Bitter End
17. Blunder

Various Bitrates

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paper Lungs - Death Will Touch All We Love

"Melodic Hardcore band from Sheffield/Nottingham. Formed in 2012 featuring ex-members of While She Sleeps, The Legacy, Almost Home and Dead Harts."
01. 24th July 
02. What Life Throws 
03.  Parting Gift 
04. Tomorrow Is Now 
05.  The Further Apart, The Closer We Are 
06.  In Love, We Hate
Various Bitrates