Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old Lines - demo​.​winter​.​2012

Baltimore has been breeding a lot of good stuff lately. Former members of Pulling Teeth and Ruiner got together for Old Lines.
This is their debut demo.

01. Dead Sea
02. Cages 
03. No Holy Days

Variable Quality

Friday, January 27, 2012

Take It Back - Demos

Idonesia's coolest guys dropped me the demos from their band Take It Back.
80's vibe Thrash N Roll.
For fans of skatin', thrashin', and fuckin' shit up.
They are looking for bands to share a split with, if you're interested get in touch here.

Demo 2007

01. Skate To The Street
02. Fast Music Is My Life
03. Still Alone
04. Bullshit Poser Hardcore
05. Top Guys
06. Missing Expectation
07 - Me Vs Music
08. Skate Thrash Destroy
09. TV Set
10. What The Fuck
11. Fuck Yeah (Taste Of Flesh)
12. Skate Of The Day
13. Good Damn Songs
14. Skateboard To Hell (Circle Flex)
15. Dear Friend Vs Damn Honey
16. Skateboard
17. Emancipation
18. Fuck What They Say
19. I Hate Anyone
20. No More


Demo 2011

01. Skate and Drunk
02. Let's Go Drunk
03. Hardcore Joke's
04. I Don't Care
05. Hardcore Rockstar
06. I Don't Know What I Do
07. Skate to The Street


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Altered Boys - Demo

New Jersey Hardcore baby! Well.. not the kind of sound you would associate with NJHC but really... who gives a shit? 80's influenced 78rpm hardcore.
Great demo, check it out.

01. Ask A Punk
02. Timebomb
03. Get Used To It
04. Drug War
05. Missionary Position 

Variable Quality 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Viduus - Fearfully Awaiting the End

"Heavy and dark hardcore featuring Ex-Stay and current Shai Hulud members. For fans of His Hero Is Gone, Neurosis."

01.Naught But Perversion
02. Muzzled And Gagged 
03. The Olympian View

(Valid email required)
 Variable Quality

Saturday, January 21, 2012

East Beast - Demo 2012

Massachusetts Hardcore
"Fuck being nice, nigga I'm naughty."
01. East Beast  
02. Burn 
03. Deceased Feast 
04. King of the Jungle  
05. Lost 
06. My Third Eye 
Variable Quality 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vanish - Demo 2011

"Pennsylvania hardcore band VANISH, kind of reminded me of Hope Conspiracy, mainly because of the vocals.
Demo Tape still available through Upper Hand Records.

01. Hopeless Humanity 
02. Vanish 
03. Losing Sight 

Variable Quality 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Want You Dead - ΑΩ

I Want You Dead, whose debut release was already posted before here, bring us their most recent 7'', entitled ΑΩ.
Check it out.

01. All Colors Pitch Black
02. Cvlts
03. Collapse
04. Black Sails


Thursday, January 12, 2012

DNA - Demo 2011

Most recent acquisition by Triple B records, DNA come from Portland with fast paced hardcore.
Their demo tape was released by Snot Rocket Records and is still available if you want to grab a copy

01. hate.control
02. no trust
03. thrillseeker
04. done laughing
05. rich man's war
06. reality in society

Variable Quality

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hardcore Punk / Crust from GRAZ, AUSTRIA.
 Check out their remaining discography available for download at their bandcamp.
There's still copies of their latest LP available at BlackHeart Records, in case you want to show them some love.

01. Out Of Breath
02.  For Every Suicide 
03. The Inevitable Waste
04.  The Plan 
05. Boredom Über Alles I
06.  Boredom Über Alles II 
07.  Signs Of The Problem

Variable Quality

Friday, January 6, 2012

Iron Cages - 2012 Demo

D-Beat hardcore crust from Milwaukee featuring members of Expire, Harm's Way, and Ritual Form.
 Great demo, don't let it slide.
01. No End
02. Wolves
03. Desolation
04. Desperation
05. Euthanasia

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last Dayz - Demo MMX

Polish Hardcore, Death Threat rings any bells?

01. Intro/Locked Up
02. On The Loose
03. Can't Stand Losing
04. Untitled
05. Outro/Last Dayz


Abomination - Dark Corner of the Mind

"Abomination, from Boston, Massachusetts, came slithering out from under the floorboards of the darkest basements in the city. They are a Satanic, heavy-hardcore band, oozing with menacing grooves. Like a rabid onslaught of wild dogs, the music drags you to the ground and tears at your flesh. The riffs run through your veins like black venom, infecting your mind and leaving you on both knees worshiping the devil. Taking influence from the likes of: Slayer, Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Electric Wizard, & Mearuder, this blend of horror intoxicates you with fear and buries you alive, drenched in torment"

 Check out their recent split with Villain.

01. Bringer of Death 
02.  Godless Monstrosity 
03.  Parasite Paradis 
04.  Morbid Aggression (Feat. Dan of Revenge) 
05. Soulless Creatures 
06. Beast
07. Pale Fate

Variable Quality