Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abomination - Dark Corner of the Mind

"Abomination, from Boston, Massachusetts, came slithering out from under the floorboards of the darkest basements in the city. They are a Satanic, heavy-hardcore band, oozing with menacing grooves. Like a rabid onslaught of wild dogs, the music drags you to the ground and tears at your flesh. The riffs run through your veins like black venom, infecting your mind and leaving you on both knees worshiping the devil. Taking influence from the likes of: Slayer, Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Electric Wizard, & Mearuder, this blend of horror intoxicates you with fear and buries you alive, drenched in torment"

 Check out their recent split with Villain.

01. Bringer of Death 
02.  Godless Monstrosity 
03.  Parasite Paradis 
04.  Morbid Aggression (Feat. Dan of Revenge) 
05. Soulless Creatures 
06. Beast
07. Pale Fate

Variable Quality 

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