Sunday, June 26, 2011

DoubleXCrossed - Moscow Drug Free (Demo)

Youthcrew Straightedge hardcore from Moscow.

01. Intro (M.D.F.)
02. On The Edge
03. The Sheep (In a Herd)
04. Crossroads
05. Look Behind
06. Never Understand (Chain Of Strength)

Variable Quality

Social Circkle - Demo Tape

"Social Circkle is an American hardcore punk band from Mass who formed in 2006 and put out a demo. Since then they’ve released two 7” and a 12”, the first 7” was titled “Static Eyes”, and the second “I’ve Got Afflictions.” The 12” was titled “City Shock”

01. USSA
02. Private World
03. Paralyzed
04. Nothingcan
05. Drunk Cop
06. Can't take it
07. Calling in
08. Burn me up


Friday, June 24, 2011

Deathrite - MMXI Demo


"The sheer brutality of extreme Metal and the high speed attacks in the vein of your favourite Grindcore bands, all wrapped up by the no-bullshit- and fuck-you-attitude of Punk."

Demo tape released through Life and Death Records:
"We are proud to announce that DEATHRITE let us handle the release of their demo tape. 5 songs of pure blasting punkmetal in the vein of early Trap Them, early Pulling Teeth, Nails and the likes. "

01. Sirens
02. Renegades
03. Claws
04. Black Sails
05. Vultures/Wolves


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Royal Blood - EP


"In recent years, the term hardcore has been thrown around loosely, to say the least. If mullets, mustaches, and skinny jeans have made a comeback, it's about time that hardcore in it's purest form did too. Starting in early 2010, Mike, Jordan, and Scott (ex Figure Four) started writing songs, and with Jason and Calvin completing the lineup later that year, Royal Blood immediately went to recording the first DIY demo. With this finished, all that is left is to see hardcore the way we think it should be. If you're interested in booking or contacting us, we can be reached at"

01. No Shame
02. Worthless
03. Every Failed Step
04. Over The Edge
05. Fistfull Of Nothing

Variable Quality

Old Ghosts - 2011


"Hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY, formed in early 2011, former members of Dead Hearts, xEnvyx, The Control, The Grail and The Pavers."

Great Stuff!

01. Invocation
02. Scapegoat
03. Sermon
04. Dear Faith
05. Matrimony
06. Familiar
07. Lucifer
08. The Devil You Know
09. God And Ghosts
10. Caskets
11. Side Show Demon

Variable Quality

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reaching Hand - Demo


"Reaching Hand was a girl-fronted band formed in the hot summer of 2007 by 4 kids who shared the same love for hardcore music. Soon after the band formed, it went through a line up change when it's original bass player had to leave this project behind. Still, the remaining 3 members went to studio and recorded a Demo. After a couple successful tours and a following EP, Threshold, they disbanded."

01. Stick To Your Side
02. Your Mistake
03. Start Over
04. Interlude
05. Running Late
06. Nothing Left

Power Trip - Demo

"Formed in early 2008, Power Trip is a hardcore band from Dallas, Texas in the vein of mid-to-late 80’s thrash/NYHC acts such as Nuclear Assault, Cro-Mags, Leeway, Exodus, Killing Time, and The Icemen."

01. Vultures
02. Acid
03. Untitled
04. This World
05. Questions


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out of Time - Demo


Another great release for Born Ill Tape Productions, St. Louis hardcore band with influences raging from Breakdown, Outburst, Leeway, Killing Time, etc.
Check It

01. Collapse
02. Overstayed
03. Captive
04. Realization
05. Nice Try
06. Vision Blurred

Variable Quality

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vice - Get Down, Stay Down (Demo)


Pissed off as fuck hardcore from Cleveland with members of Homewrecker, Wreak Havoc and Light Years. Tape out soon by Born Ill Productions.

01. Your Light
02. Vice
03. False Reality
04. Rat Race

256kbps (M4A)