Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Outshined - The Way

"Four tracks of absolute sonic decimation that will surely fuck your shit up. Heavy hardcore blended with elements of classic crossover and low-key death metal vibes. Its chunky, Its groovy. IT SLAPS!. Did I mention fat ass riffs? They got those locked down. Outshined come from Richmond, VA and share member with BARGE, MAD EXISTENCE etc. DO NOT sleep on this. You will regret it. "

Tapes soon through Laying Waste Records.

01. Unlearned
02. Faceless
03. The Way
04. Slave To The Truth

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Forced - The Vanishing Dark

"Blackened sludge/hardcore band out of Long Island NY. Influences from bands like Coffinworm, Cursed, and Craft. The Vanishing Dark is their first full length recorded with long time friend and co-conspirator on other projects Jay Newman (Unearthly Trance) at his home studio."

01. Introduction
02. Bathe Us All in Light
03. Oculus
04. Pulling Teeth
05. Lung Float Test
06. Total Mimetic
07. Night Communion
08. Spirals

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Enemies - Negative Mental Attitude

"Finnish hardcore band Enemies new cassette EP "Negative
Mental Attitude". In short, NMA (cue the
enema-jokes) is our third release, and our first of three planned EP's
in 2016.

It's designed as true bummer music, as all air has been choked out of
the tracks, both in terms of songwriting and production, to coincide
with the oppressively bleak March weather. A spring album as conceived
by us."
Tapes available at the bandcamp page

01. Petty Cross
02. Crawl Beneath Me
03. Fuck Hardcore
04. My Apartment Has Become A Prison

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Life Debt - Demo 2016

Fresh hardcore from Melbourne.
Tapes are unfortunately already sold out.

01. Growing Pains
02. Friendly Fire
03. Pass Your Judgement
04. Bite Back

Various Bitrates