Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Ropes - Demos

Picking up where the Repos left off, with the original intensity
  still present; the powerful and rapid drumming and the blasting guitar riffs.
Keep an eye for their releases on youth attack records.


01.  Forward Defeat
02. For The Blitz
03. Blood Gut Twins
04. Valium Cocoon


Demo II

01. Hitchhiker
02. Went Gone
03. Love Me
04. Down In Flames
05. Time Alone


Sunday, October 23, 2011

In The Red - 4 Song Demo

Cleveland Hardcore with members of Stop & Think, Commited etc.
They played just a handful of shows between 2003 and 2004, and left this awesome demo.
Check it

01. Er.T
02. 3 Topics
03. Lost Time
04. Red Right 88


Steppin' Stone - Demo

With members of Expire, influenced by Mental and Warzone.
Tape out on Lost Time Records.

01. Jack Move
02. Feel The Fury 
03.  Bottomfeeder
04.  Trip


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Negative Circles - Six Songs (Demo)

80's influenced raw hardcore from Halifax, NS.

01. Intro
02. Negative Circles
03. Eye Contact
04. Giving Up
05. Notes
06. Reap/Sow

Variable Quality

Profits - 1913 (Demo)

"Dark Hardcore residing from Portland, OR. Started in September of 2009 to bring loud, heavy, pissed off music back to the NW. Ended July 2011."
Check out the Only For A Few and  Upon The Backs Of Broken Men EP's also, available at their bandcamp page.

01. Treading Water
02. 1913 
03.  Debt, Inc. 
04.  Salmon P. Chase 
05.  Swarm Beatings 
06. Pyramid Schemes

Variable Quality

Haute Couture - Demo

"New parisian band featuring guys from Black Spirals, Autistic Youth and Miles Away. Raw hardcore punk taking influences from Poison Idea, The Fix or Negative Approach. 6 tracks demo that could have been recorded in 1982 in Portland!"

 01. Haute Couture
02. Hello Finn
03. Love Glove
04. Act Your Age
05. Sketch It Up
06. Serious Shame


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Traitors - Demo 2011

Heavy, Dark and "Crusty" Hardcore from Tampa, FL.

01. Despaired
02.  Delusion 
03. Unholy

Variable Quality

Ida Sessions - Demo & EP

Nice little band from Buffalo NY, stating influences from boy's life, i hate myself, june of 44, lincoln and raymond carver.


01. House
02. Guilt
03.  ~ ~ ~
04. Robes 
05.  Summer 
06. Falls

Variable Quality


01. Summer Days
02.  Summer Nights 
03. Bummer Daze 
04. Bummer Knights

Variable Quality

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Green Beret - Demo 2010

Hardcore punk in the vein of Discharge/Totalitar from Boston.

01. Violence Is Their Currency
02. In Order To Control
03. No Truth
04. Neutralize Me

Giant - Demo 2011

"Oslo City hardcore's GIANT is out with their first demo. Inspired by late 80's Boston and New York City hardcore. Make sure to check it out and download the demo."

01.  Intro/ Douche Chills
 02. Do The Right Thing 
03. Choose The Wrench/ Gym Ratz 
04. Me And My Friends

Variable Quality