Friday, April 30, 2010

H2O - 94-95 Four Song Demo

Just saw a great show from them this past week, and what better celebration then to share their demo here.

"H2O was born out of frontman Toby Morses unquestionable desire to give something back to hardcore music. Having been a roadie for several years with New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All, Toby got his first big chance to perform during one of their shows. "Pete (Koller) wrote a song on the road, I wrote some lyrics, and for a goof I sang 'My Love Is Real' during one of their encores." The crowd reaction was so strong that Toby's charismatic onstage appearances became a welcome and expected addition to SOIA shows. It was soon apparent that Toby was a much better frontman than he was a roadie, and such was the catalyst that led Toby to put together his own band.
He began by enlisting the help of his childhood friend Rusty Pistachio on guitar. After recruiting bassist Eric Rice and drummer Max Capshaw, H2O played its first show in December 1994, making an immediate and lasting impression on the New York masses. When the demand for their demo tape exceeded all expectations, the band recorded a seven-inch for Equal Vision Records. With their unique ability to fuse searing hardcore riffs with catchy melodic punk, it wasnt long before H2O was touring up and down the east coast. "

01. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
02. Scene Report
03. If The Mask Fits
04. Go


The Hope Conspiracy - Demo

"With the help of Mark Thompson of Tortuga and Hydra Head Records, The Hope Conspiracy headed to Godcity Studios in Norwood, Massachusetts to record their first demo in November 1999. It consisted of three songs ("Escapist", "Divinity Sickness", and "When the Doves Fly"). They produced 1000 copies of the tape, and managed to present 200 copies at their first show with black and white covers (which were quickly made on the way to the gig). Then they produced 800 more color copies of the demo cover based on a design by Aaron Turner. In early 2000, Turner brought up the idea of the demo cassette being put on CD and 7" vinyl, and the band accepted the invitation. The CD version contained one extra song, "It Meant Nothing". In both demos, the song "When the Doves Fly" was renamed to "Regret Kills". This demo is now out of print."

01. Escapist
02. Divinity Sickness
03. When The Doves Fly


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Culture - Demo Tape

"Culture began in 1992 with Mark Mitchell on vocals, Rich Thurston on guitar and bass and Josh Williams on drums in Cooper City, Florida. Almost immediately, Mark parted ways with the band, and Rich assumed vocal duties in addition to the string instruments. The duo recorded a four song demo, and sent it to labels to get it released. Soon after Stan Obal joined on bass and John Wylie on second guitar. Shortly before the release of their self titled 7" on Shadow Records, Rich asked Pete Carreno to replace Obal on bass..."
Members of Culture wen't on to form (or make part of) bands like as friends rust, morning again or throwdown, to name a few.

01. Where Are You?
02. Lesser Being
03. Short of Living
04. Open for Suggestion


The Farley Overdose - Demos

"Reno, NV hardcore band The Farley Overdose" ... "love but two things, weed and Eyehategod (in that order). "
Great stuff that i found out this week, Eyehategod is clearly an influence. they have also the sludge crust feel, reminding me of Baroness for example in their first records, and sometimes the Holy Terror band vibe.
Either way I'm really lousy in terms of comparing bands so check them out for yourself.


01. Sin It To Win It
02. Blacking Out
03. The Gnarly Overdose
04. Spiral Mind
05. All That's Left Is Pictures
06. Party Time


...Up In Smoke

01. Whoremoans
02. Kali Yuga
03. Buzzard Gut
04. Point 7 To Heaven
05. ... Up In Smoke


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jasta 14 - Bust (Demo)

"This is the Jasta 14 "Bust" demo from 1993. Featuring Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) on vocals, Greg Burns (Red Sparowes) on bass, Rich Neagle on guitar, Bob Beimler on guitar, and Todd Zullo on drums. The (self-proclaimed) influences for this material range from Integrity to Sick Of It All to hip hop.
Welcome to 90's Hardcore"
Thanks to Buske from an attitude exhumed for making this available.

01. Trippin Balls
02. Baran
03. Smog
04. Who's To Blame


Bad Brains - 1978 Demo

I should have started this blog with this record.
In my opinion, it all started right here...
this is not a rip of the Pay To Cum! 7'', it's a demo recording of a 1978 rehearsal that feature the songs from their fore-mentioned record

01. Pay To Cum
02. Red Bone In The City
03. How Low Can A Punk Get
04. Another Damn Song


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the mist of such sounds as hardcore, powerviolence and black metal, comes the most interesting new band i've heard this year. This is their first release, originaly in tape, now available in 7''. Don't let this one pass.

01. Meteor Shower
02. Fleshkvlt
03. Bermuda Triangles
04. Heavens Gate
05. Lines of Coke


Friday, April 9, 2010

Trainyard - Demo

"The early stages of Trainyard began in early 2007 when drummer Jeff and singer Ian wanted to start a band that was along different lines of the current bands that existed in the area, taking influences from New York Hardcore, Metal, punk, Oi, as well as 80's hardcore and trash. Very quickly after the early jam sessions Adriana joined as bassist. Finding a guitar player was much harder than it should have been so after a few shows with Ian's brother James, we were able to recruit Bob Reed, recording engineer for the Trainyard 2008 demo..."

01. Your Views
02. TLMT
03. Fear
04. Mind Cemetery
05. Shaffir
06. Pushed

128kbps (M4A)

Yaphet Kotto - Unreleased Tracks (CD-R)

For something a little different from the usual, here's one of my favorite bands with a very singular release, thanks to Kevin from Fashionable Activism for making this available.
"This is a rip of a Yaphet Kotto CD-R that was supposed to be given away as part of the Portraits of the Past reunion show. The songs were, at least in part, going to be part of a Seein Red' split that never materialized. Yaphet Kotto was to also reunite for a final show. Alas, that didn't happen due to some internal band strife. The CD-Rs were never given away, and were sold shortly thereafter."

01. existance is pain
02. full of mistakes
03. heritage (by jasemine)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Territory - World Misery (Demo)

"Territory is a hardcore band from Tucson, Arizona. Features members of Life In Chains, Alarm, and Fake Out."

01. World Misery
02. Excess Humanity
04.Right Might


Sorry Excuse - Demo

Classic Straightedge hardcore from Kansas, Missouri. This is their 2008 demo, they have a new 7'' in the works produced by Ryan Abbott from BLANK STARE/SOCIAL CIRCKLE.

01. Mounting Stress
02. Eye For An Eye
03. Divide
04. Grow Up