Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Farley Overdose - Demos

"Reno, NV hardcore band The Farley Overdose" ... "love but two things, weed and Eyehategod (in that order). "
Great stuff that i found out this week, Eyehategod is clearly an influence. they have also the sludge crust feel, reminding me of Baroness for example in their first records, and sometimes the Holy Terror band vibe.
Either way I'm really lousy in terms of comparing bands so check them out for yourself.


01. Sin It To Win It
02. Blacking Out
03. The Gnarly Overdose
04. Spiral Mind
05. All That's Left Is Pictures
06. Party Time


...Up In Smoke

01. Whoremoans
02. Kali Yuga
03. Buzzard Gut
04. Point 7 To Heaven
05. ... Up In Smoke


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