Sunday, May 26, 2013

IRATE - Demos

"In 1995, five young aspiring musicians gathered together in the Bronx, NY. They were drawn to each other for two reasons: a love of heavy music and the disillusionment created by urban adolescence. Nick (guitar), UV (drums), Nando (guitar), Phil (vocals) and Jayson (bass) became known as Irate and established themselves as one of New York City’s most brutal metal bands. Their music exemplified through sound and lyrics the harsh realities of growing up in a city (as well as a world) of apathy and indifference, a place where you must scream to be heard. "

Demo 96

01. Malintentions
02. Step to My World 
03. Straight Up 


 Demo 1999

01. Supremacy
02. Malignant 
03. C.P.R.


Demo 2003

01. Vendetta
02. Blasphemy
03. Depression
04. Fallen


Snake Handler - Demo I

Snake Handler are a fresh band out of Chicago, with members from Awkward Thought, Korova, etc.
 They just player their first couple of shows with the Night Birds and Give.
I don't have any links but if you want to get a tape of the demo or any other information, get in touch with the band through this email.

01. Wild Eyes
02. Hope And Change
03. Opinions
04. Golden Calf
05. Forever Doomed
06. Wish You Dead


Friday, May 17, 2013

Back Off!! - Demo 2013

"80-83 style punk hardcore with members of Crippled Fox, FxAxSxTx and Grow Up Fuck It Up"

01.  Back Off!! 
02. Trapped In A Void 
03.  Punch In The Face 
04. Why Don't You Get The Message 
05.  Living In A Rat Cage 
06. Hypocrite Fucker 

Various Bitrates

Monday, May 13, 2013

Semper Eadem - Demo 2013


"Semper Eadem from Washington, DC have released their four-song demo, featuring former 86 Mentality frontman Steve Clark (also previously of Crispus Attucks) and Pat Vogel (of Sick Fix and ex-Crispus Attucks)."
 hardcore punk, played like it really is!

01. Righteous Violence
02. Ain't Life Great
03. Still Here
04. Price To Pay

Various Bitrates

Crosscheck - Over Analized EP

Philadelphia hardcore full of groove.
Be sure to grab a copy of the 7'' at Dog Years Records.

01. Held Back
02. Live Through Lies
03. Overlooked
04. Confined
05. Over Analyzed

Various Bitrates 

Vitality - Demo 2013

Vitality is a new hardasnails harcore band from Sacramento, CA. They've been playing shows with Minus, Soul Search, Rude Awakening.
Check it out and try to check them live.

01. Intro
02.  Sixth Hour 
03.  War With My Mind 
04. Abandoned 

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Awesome guys from RVPTVRES dropped me an email with their latest recording, D∑CΔ, do take the time to check out the remaining discography available in their bandcamp.
Influences from Comadre, Refused, Breach etc.
Check out August dates through the States at their facebook page and check them out live.

01. DECA
03. RIZE 
04. MECA 
05. LACK 
06.  KILOS 
09. UPPER 

Various Bitrates

Tragic Film - Demo

Japanese Powerviolence, doesn't get much better than this!
More Japanese bands please!
Demo available in tape, get in touch with the band.

01. Know Your Right
02. Press Out The Pus 
03. Hypocrite 
04. At My Back 
05. Stay

Various Bitrates 

The Black Reef - Mislead EP

"(Melodic) Hardcore Band located in Stuttgart (Bietigheim-Bissingen) / Germany.
Founded in August 2012, the first EP 'Mislead' was released in March 2013."

01. Liberty Dies
02. Step By Step
03. The Black Sheep Never Dies

Various Bitrates