Sunday, May 26, 2013

IRATE - Demos

"In 1995, five young aspiring musicians gathered together in the Bronx, NY. They were drawn to each other for two reasons: a love of heavy music and the disillusionment created by urban adolescence. Nick (guitar), UV (drums), Nando (guitar), Phil (vocals) and Jayson (bass) became known as Irate and established themselves as one of New York City’s most brutal metal bands. Their music exemplified through sound and lyrics the harsh realities of growing up in a city (as well as a world) of apathy and indifference, a place where you must scream to be heard. "

Demo 96

01. Malintentions
02. Step to My World 
03. Straight Up 


 Demo 1999

01. Supremacy
02. Malignant 
03. C.P.R.


Demo 2003

01. Vendetta
02. Blasphemy
03. Depression
04. Fallen


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  1. please reupload all of the irate demos, thank you very much...