Thursday, January 30, 2014

Measure X Up - Demo 2014

Just a couple months after their first demo, here are Measure Up with their 2014 demo.
If you haven't checked them out, here's your chance, be sure to check out their awesome 2013 demo also.

01. Sooner Or Later
02. Far Too Long 
03. Whats Done Is Done 

Various Bitrates

Tomorrow We Hunt - Acid Life

First Croatian hardcore band on the blog, and quite the surprise!
Dark, melancholic, melodic hardcore.
supporting D.I.Y., vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and antifascism.
Amazing recording that shows a lot of baggage behind it.
Take the time to check out their past recordings, Griefbearers and  Bitter Words.
Check it out!

01. Rotten Town
02. Smog Drenched Life 
03. Underbound 
04.  Constant Disappointment 
05. Pressure To Succeed 
06. Without End 
07. Advocates of Bigotry 
08. Closure 
09.  Half Mast 
10. Two Steps Back 
11. Loss Of Self

Various Bitrates 

Middleground - Demo MMXIII

Sorry for the long delay, but DIY has its setbacks...
Speaking of DIY, nothing better than to introduce Middleground, a one man show from Adam Kelly, which recorded all the guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. 
He's also looking for a drummer and bassist, so check it out!

01. Defined
02. Rings Hollow 
03. Lost in Solitude 
04. Beneath the Surface 

Various Bitrates