Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not OK - Self Titled EP

Amazing debut release form Not OK, Featuring Members of Sunlight Ascending, and Ex- Megalodon members.  Very interesting blend of screamo, hardcore and sludge.

01. Far From Okay
02. Torrence 
03. Poor Image 
04. Untitled 
05. Bye Bye Blackbird

Various Bitrates 

Lay It On The Line - Midnight In The Bellagio


"We are a hardcore band and have been since Dec 2011. We played our first show in March 2012. With this band anyway. We collectively enjoy listening to Modern Life Is War. We don’t agree on much else."
 Also check their newest EP A Lesson In Personal Finance on their Bandcamp Page.

01. This Is The Deal
02.  Me And Lorenzo Rollin' In A Benzo 
03. Oreo Speedwagon 
04. A Score A Drink 
05.  Spread Thin 
06.  Easy Stree
07. Elevator Music 
08. Room Full Of Cunts 
09. Midnight In The Bellagio 
10. Me And Chester Rollin' In A Fiesta

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just Sayin' - Do Something (EP)

Austin Hardcore comprised of current and ex-members of Cutting Losses, The Zoltars, Dead Times, Losing Grip, The Red Death, Thin Ice, Stone Cold.
 Check out Stay Alert Records for a fisical release anytime soon.

01. Intro 
02. Declaration 
03. Do Something 
04. Concrete Feet 
05.  Break Free 
06. Get The Point 
07.  Modern Problems

Various Bitrates 

In Tongues - GHC 2012

"From Glasgow, Scotland and playing heavily metal influenced hardcore with nods to the GHC old guard (Broken Oath) and the mid 90s.
Pretty much an Integrity rip off band with delusions of being Disembodied.
Check it."

01. Faceless 
02.  Existence Denied 
03. Victims Turned Scapegoat


(also available for download n the bandcamp page) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Sister - Self Titled EP

"Little Sister takes the traditional hardcore sounds of Amebix, Discharge and early Swedish hardcore and mixes them with the Cleveland Hardcore style and influences from the more melodic side of Death Metal: Mix that with Motorhead worship and you have an idea of what the Cleveland five piece is doing. There is a certain atmosphere to this band's recordings that brings to mind standing at the edge of a murky abyss. There is an underlying tension between melody and power that is skillfully fused to put this record in the same vain as Clevo heros Nine Shocks Terror. The lyrics deal with war, oppression and alienation in a semi detached but realistic form, as if someone had traveled away for a long time to return and comment on a society gone mad in their absence. Dark, brooding and powerful would probably be the three most evocative words in describing such a work."

01. Ancient Minds / Ignorant Ways
02. Exile's Return
03. Osaka Death Poems
04.  Hunting The Hunter 

Various Bitrates

Paranoid - Demo 2012

New UKHC band featuring members of Ironclad and Wardogs.

01.  Lowlife 
02. Control 
03. Fail to Exist 
04. Give In 

Various Bitrates

Friday, May 11, 2012


Clearly influenced by the 90's Hardcore scene, Austria's EL CAMINO CAR CRASH still manage to bring us a fresh sound that doesn't sound like an obvious ripoff.
Couldn't confirm the reference to the Swing Kids, but it fits just right.

01. Typography's Dead
02. Rhythm & Love 
03. Zap, Zap, Repeat 
04. Johnny’s Center Part

Various Bitrates 

Edit: Check Out Take It Back Records for a tape copy of the demo, with one extra track. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nation On Fire - Demo 2012

New Jersey represented here again, with Nation On Fire for the fans of fast crust d-beat hardcore punk.

01. The Cause
02. Dishonarable Discharge
03.  Recycled Graves 
04. Architects of Our Demise 
  05. AWOL
06. No God or Man 

Various Bitrates

Desperate Living - Demo 2012

"Desperate Living: A barrage of annoyingly unenthusiastic sounds that cohesively inspire anxiety and depression."
Southern California Melodic Hardcore.

01. Change 
02. Nothing 
03. Void
04. Free


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ugly Parts - Demo Tape

New Jersey's been dropping alot of great hardcore lately, one of the most recent is Ugly Parts, ripping hardcore straight out of 1982.
Get in contact through their email if you want a tape, also, keep an eye out for their 7'' to come out on Mind Melt Enterprises.

01. Drain
02. Closing In
03. Good Job
04. Waste
05. Big Man