Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lay It On The Line - Midnight In The Bellagio


"We are a hardcore band and have been since Dec 2011. We played our first show in March 2012. With this band anyway. We collectively enjoy listening to Modern Life Is War. We don’t agree on much else."
 Also check their newest EP A Lesson In Personal Finance on their Bandcamp Page.

01. This Is The Deal
02.  Me And Lorenzo Rollin' In A Benzo 
03. Oreo Speedwagon 
04. A Score A Drink 
05.  Spread Thin 
06.  Easy Stree
07. Elevator Music 
08. Room Full Of Cunts 
09. Midnight In The Bellagio 
10. Me And Chester Rollin' In A Fiesta

Various Bitrates 

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