Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Sister - Self Titled EP

"Little Sister takes the traditional hardcore sounds of Amebix, Discharge and early Swedish hardcore and mixes them with the Cleveland Hardcore style and influences from the more melodic side of Death Metal: Mix that with Motorhead worship and you have an idea of what the Cleveland five piece is doing. There is a certain atmosphere to this band's recordings that brings to mind standing at the edge of a murky abyss. There is an underlying tension between melody and power that is skillfully fused to put this record in the same vain as Clevo heros Nine Shocks Terror. The lyrics deal with war, oppression and alienation in a semi detached but realistic form, as if someone had traveled away for a long time to return and comment on a society gone mad in their absence. Dark, brooding and powerful would probably be the three most evocative words in describing such a work."

01. Ancient Minds / Ignorant Ways
02. Exile's Return
03. Osaka Death Poems
04.  Hunting The Hunter 

Various Bitrates

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