Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends

On topic of Straight & Alert and awesome French bands, heres another great S&A release.

"RAW JUSTICE is a young band hailling from Nantes, western France, featuring ex and current members of No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Formed in the fall of 2012 they recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch)."

Apparently these S&A copies are all sold out (which is great) , so if you still want a copy, Life to Live Records still have a few copies.

01.  Intro / No Tolerance 
02.  Take A Pill
03. Raw Justice 
04.  Weak Minded 
05. Enough 
06.  No Friends 

Various Bitrates

Also link at Mediafire

Cut Loose - Demo 2013

"CUT LOOSE  brings Youth Crew back in Paris ! New band featuring paris hardcore / Straight Edge veterans who play or  used to play in Get Lost, First Failure, Last Quiet Time, Black Spirals, Jack Move or DIG.
They started to play at the begining of 2013 and just dropped their first demo tape.
If you are into Youth Of Today, Step Forward or Minority Unit you have to check them out !"

If Tapes are already sold out at Straight & Alert Records, spam Alexis's mailbox begging for more.

01. Peace Within My Mind
02.  Falling Down 
03. Going Around 
04. Life On Tracks 

Various Bitrates

Also available through Mediafire

Sunday, November 3, 2013

DisXease - Demo 2013

"A deadly encounter between São Paulo in 2013 with Boston 83 and Cleveland 88."
Awesome new Straight Edge blood from São Paulo, Brazil.
Check Thinking Straight Records for tapes.

01. No Escape
02. Burning Flags 
03. The Few 
04. Regret 
05. Authority

Various Bitrates 

Common Ground - Injustice EP

Common Ground, one of the newest Lancaster, PA, hardcore acts.
Also take your time to check out their Self Titled EP.
Get in touch with the band for physical copies.

01. The Last Days 
02. To The Grave 
03.  A.T.W.A.R. 
04.  Injustice 
05.  Demise of Humanity 

Various Bitrates

Shitmouth - The Revenge Of Hot Nuns

"4 kids that needed to say a lot of stuff to some people and they thought of using music to say those things sounded better."
Hardcore Punk like you forgot existed!

02. Jesus Is Watching You Masturbate  
03. Cadilhe 
04. I Laughed 
05. Your Pussy Stinks 
06. Online Punx 
07. 2 Girls 1 Cup 
08. Society's A Herd 

Various Bitrates