Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends

On topic of Straight & Alert and awesome French bands, heres another great S&A release.

"RAW JUSTICE is a young band hailling from Nantes, western France, featuring ex and current members of No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Formed in the fall of 2012 they recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch)."

Apparently these S&A copies are all sold out (which is great) , so if you still want a copy, Life to Live Records still have a few copies.

01.  Intro / No Tolerance 
02.  Take A Pill
03. Raw Justice 
04.  Weak Minded 
05. Enough 
06.  No Friends 

Various Bitrates

Also link at Mediafire

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