Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Pact - Demo

"The Pact from Sheffield are bringing back the style and sounds of the early 00's ala' American Nightmare, Right Brigade , Count me Out etc.
The soundtrack to too many quiet nights of desperation, of shitty gigs in deadbeat towns and the creeping dread of impending adulthood. The good times are over, so take a swig, break a bottle and scream like you used to when you gave a fuck."
Check Hemlock 13 for tapes.

01. Memory Lane (Dead End)
02.  Breathing Fresh Air Through Rotten Lungs 
03. Signing On 
04. Absolve

Various Bitrates 

Sloth Herder - Abandon Pop Sensibility EP

"Maryland/Pennsylvania USA based Blackened Grind band formed in Frederick, MD 2009. After an unreleased demo was recorded in 2010, the band recorded their self released ‘Sluggard’ EP in early 2012. The latest EP "Abandon Pop Sensibility" was recorded November 2012 and released on December 21st, 2012." 
Not for the little boys...

01. Intro
02. Cowards Of The New Age
03. Spiritual Aim
04. Relapse/Reward
05. Bleached
06. Dug Up

Various Bitrates

Zodiacs - Demo

"Zodiacs, along with Side FX, are the ushers of the new age of Indianapolis HC and one listen to their demo will make you understand why. Super burly vocals spit rage over Donny's incredible Shipwrecked-meets-CCM guitar riffs. Destroy your local basement to SOP, chumps."
Check out the tapes at Not Normal Tapes.

01. Cult Persona 
02. He's Not There 
03.  Freedom Club 
04. SOP 

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vacant - Demo 2012

Five piece from Dublin playing hardcore with a lot of powerviolence  in the mix, with influences  from Mind Eraser, Weekend Nachos, Vaccine, Hatred Surge, Despise You, Coke Bust, Raw Nerve, Young And In the Way, etc...

01. Pharmacy
02.  Commotion 
03.  Technicolour 
04. Acceptance 
05. Disappointment 
06. Epiphany

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wrong Idea - What's Left Inside

"Straight Edge from Tuscon with their new EP, 5 tracks of early 2000's inspired hardcore featuring members of Step Aside. Perfect FFO Mouthpiece, Mindset, Mental, Righteous Jams, Losin' It & Justice."

01. Intro
02. Slip
03. Wrong Idea
04. All Ages 
05. What's Left Inside

Various Bitrates 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Retribution - Demo & Consumed EP

"Retribution is a new straight edge band from Detroit, Michigan and they share members with Face Reality and Freedom."
Grab a copy of the 7'' at Lost Time Records.

 01. Retribution
02. Diseased and Dead
03. No More


Consumed 7''
01. Intro/Diseased and Dead 
02. D.R.A.
03. Consumed 
04.  No More 

Various Bitrates

Iodine - An Abyss at Nightfall

"Iodine where born in 2006 in Portugal, with 2 long time friends. Influenced by Poison the Well, Deftones, Architects, Cult Of Luna, etc, their sound has been in a constant evolution, using something between caos and calm as a background, expressing in their lyrics, disguised as histories, the wrongs and rights of the word."
They have just released their second EP, An Abyss at Nightfall, but be sure to check out Prelude to an Unsuitable Metaphor also.

01. Silent King
02. Chaos Swan 
03.  Monsters of Free Will 
04. Aurora's Thief

Variable Quality