Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black Spell - Demo 2014

"PHILADELPHIA's new masters of stomping, dark, schizo and nightmarish hardcore punk"

 Tapes available at World Gone Mad Records

 01. Vulgar Flowers
02.  Hole 
03.  Specter 
04. Wearing Spit 
05. Night Mute 
06. Thin Blood 
07.  Proof

Various Bitrates

Get A Grip - Green Peaks // Dark Valleys

Vermont Hardcore band Born in early spring 2011.
Former members of Orange Juice and Awaken The Martyrs. 

01. Green Peaks // Dark Valleys 
02.  Breaker 
03. Atticus 
04.  Paper Dreams 
05. Coldfront

Various Bitrates 

Dirty Harry - Demo

Powerviolence straight from Leiria, Portugal.
Physical copies available soon, keep an eye.

01. Life Infection Death
02.Human Degradation 
03. Living Hell 
04. Rick and Morty 
05.  Marco 
06.  Waiting to Die 

Various Bitrates

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mock Order - Demo

Mock Order is a Transatlantic duo from Canada and Ireland.
The lyrics are powered out and written by Hannah in Ireland and the music is penned and performed over in Canada by Cody.
The result is fast, catchy anarcho hardcore punk.
D.I.Y. in the truest sense.
Tapes available at Imminet Destruction Recods.
edit: actually, they are already sold out... plenty of other great records left though... just sayin'.

01. Unnatural Selection 
02. Outcry 
03.  Sleep Anxiety 
04. Consumed 
05. Sexual Liberation 
06. Disarm 


Mental Distress - Demo 2014

MENTAL DISTRESS is a female fronted Hardcore-Punk band from Strasbourg/France with members of More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Overreact and Galere. 
12-tracks demo tape/CD co available at Crapoulet Records, Les Colloques De La Haine and Stupid Kids Records.

01. Intro
02. Mental Distress
03. No Distraction
04. Fuck Your Penis Privilege
05. Nox On The Dancefloor
06. Love Sex, Hate Sexism
07. Dumbass Proudstance
08. Mood Changes Swing
09. I'd Rather Die Than Listen To NOFX 
10. Love Knows No Gender
11. Not Just Boys Fun (7 Seconds)
12. Frankreich Dü Opfer (Nihil Baxter)
Various Bitrates