Thursday, February 20, 2014

Adult Crash - Unfinished Business EP

"On Unfinished Business, their debut 12” EP, Adult Crash plays a powerful brand of hardcore, with the dramatic, rhythmic build-ups of Bl’ast!, the concrete-thick guitar work of SS Decontrol, the blunt vocal delivery of early Agnostic Front, and some left-of-center thrash flourishes a’la Septic Death. Far more than just a Frankenstein monster of well-tread influences, Adult Crash has a seamless, naturally flowing sound that can only come from veterans who have truly internalized the craft of hardcore songwriting. Featuring a cadre of San Diego/Chula Vista HC veterans, including Tim Gonzalez of Amenity and House of Suffering, Adult Crash has the credentials and musicianship to convincingly deliver their unique sonic onslaught in spades. Mandatory listening for all true believers in the HC arts."

Another great release on 12'' vinyl from Standards Label .

01. Full Control
02. The Words
03. At-Risk Youth
04. Wait of The World
05. Tried and True


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wako Fuck - Eliminate Culture EP

Not exactly a new band but support to a new label delivering Wako Fuck's final 12''.

"Final 12” EP from North County San Diego’s ferocious HC stalwarts Waco Fuck. Distilling the Totalitar and Napalm Death obsessed ultracore of their earlier output into a more powerful, midpaced assault, Eliminate Culture weaves deftly through Scandinavian-derived thrashings, violent dirges, infectious, Rudimentary Peni style riffing, and the hard hitting SoCal traditions of Battalion of Saints and the like. If you have an ear for forward thinking, well played hardcore bound by neither cliché nor pretension, Eliminate Culture is for you."

01. Leave Me Alone
02. Quality of Life
03. Anti Rational
04. Self Hate
05. Past Lives
06. Untitled


Never Human - Demo

New band from Halifax, featuring members of Castle Wolfenstein, Negative Circles, Negative Rage, etc. (Cody you bastard!)

Halifax never disappoints!

01. Void of Voice
02. Prove
03. Pathetic
04. Erase
05. Deny
06. Not My Views
07. Conquest For Death (Necros)
Various Bitrates