Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rebel Spies! - Before I Die I Shall Destroy The Rebel Spies!

Jeff from the mighty Michigan Graveyard not only has an awesome blog,but also a new awesome band. Rebel Spies just released their debut EP and i'm glad to be able to share it here.

"Tell the guys in REBEL SPIES! their music reminds you of 7 SECONDS, AVAIL, BAD RELIGION or DAG NASTY and they’ll unabashedly thank you. No one here is trying to reinvent the wheel! These guys play hardcore punk, with a sincerity that you can feel in every song. A band member pedigree that includes the SUICIDE MACHINES, HELLMOUTH, FORDIRELIFESAKE, HIFI HANDGRENADES and TELEGRAPH; they just want say thank you to the music for all they have gotten from it. REBEL SPIES! is their love letter to hardcore and punk. Dedicated to preserving the "loud, fast rules," their mission is to create music for new kids, and for those that remember the glory days of old. So whether you like to slam dance, stage dive, or just sing along, the pit is now open!"

7'' records at East Grand Records are already sold out, but you can always make a little pressure, maybe they'll print more...

01. We Must Be Cautious 
02.  What Have I Done
 03. Fire When Ready

320 kbps 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stinky Bollocks - The Thread of Life EP

"Established in 2007 in Clisson, Stinky Bollocks attack the scene in late 2008 playing more than 170 concerts. 2012 saw the first European tour with One thousand directions and the release of their first EP "Painful Birth". 2013 heralds a new sequence for the group always motivated by his original desires.
Take the time to check out Painful Birth EP  and their 2011 Demo.

01. The Line (Feat. Jben A.T.H.)
02.  Back on Track 
03. Lost 
04. Heads & Tails 
05.  Rebirth 

Various Bitrates

Clean Break - Face Value EP


Clean Break just released a great new EP, Face Value, after their debut demo already featured in the blog and again featured in this recording.

"CLEAN BREAK formed in the summer of 2013. After a handful of practices, David and Armando decided to record a demo at the band's practice room with the 4 songs they've been working on. The demo tape was released in August 2013 on Salad Days Records.This is their debut 7’’ featuring 4 new tracks and 2 re-recorded ones taken from the demo. Behind this new band are Faro / portuguese hardcore veterans who used to play in Broken Distance, Critical Point, Pointing Finger, The New Blood or Pressure."

01.  Face Value 
02. Long Way To Go 
03. Save Face 
04. Seize The Day  
05. Pass The Buck 
06. Cut And Run 

Various Bitrates 

Hollow Truth - The Power To Endure

Hollow Truth, previously featured in the blog, just released their new EP, The Power To Endure.
Check it out!
This record is was released on April 11th through Powertrip Records as a 12" vinyl with artwork screen printed on the B-side. Get a copy of the record  now over at Evilgreed.

01. A Hymn to Athena
02. Worship the Wayfarer
03. Terrible Winds Pt. II
04. Outstretched Arms
05. Supersoul
06. A Glimpse of Persephone
07. The Power to Endure
Various Bitrates

Jack Move - Demo 2014

"JACK MOVE is another brand new band hailing from Paris, France. Featuring ex and current members of Cut Loose, Get Lost and Money Time, this 4 piece hardcore band brings Boston 2K influenced hardcore back on the french map (along with Cut Loose). They formed around early 2013. Fans of '88 NYHC, Boston 2K, Mental, Outburst, Lights Out , The Rival Mob : WATCH OUT !"

01. The Union & I
02. One More Year 
03. Dollar Eyes 
04. Breathe 

Various Bitrates

Boddicker - False Flag

"Boddicker is a gang of thugs that play criminal grind/d-beat/powerviolence, and have a new release called "False Flag". It is available for digital download on their bandcamp and limited to 100 red cassettes. They've been a band for 2 years, have some previous touring under their belts, including an upcoming month long jaunt in June-July, and blackmailed Profane Existence into releasing a split 7" with Kata Sarka; which was named one of the best splits of 2012 from Cvlt Nation."
Also take the time to check out the split with Kata Sarka and the Mich is a Bastard EP.
01. Halo Of Bullets 
02. Flesh Eulogy 
03.  Gun Walker 
04. Amoral Axiom 
05. High Value Target 
06.  War Party 

Various Bitrates