Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rebel Spies! - Before I Die I Shall Destroy The Rebel Spies!

Jeff from the mighty Michigan Graveyard not only has an awesome blog,but also a new awesome band. Rebel Spies just released their debut EP and i'm glad to be able to share it here.

"Tell the guys in REBEL SPIES! their music reminds you of 7 SECONDS, AVAIL, BAD RELIGION or DAG NASTY and they’ll unabashedly thank you. No one here is trying to reinvent the wheel! These guys play hardcore punk, with a sincerity that you can feel in every song. A band member pedigree that includes the SUICIDE MACHINES, HELLMOUTH, FORDIRELIFESAKE, HIFI HANDGRENADES and TELEGRAPH; they just want say thank you to the music for all they have gotten from it. REBEL SPIES! is their love letter to hardcore and punk. Dedicated to preserving the "loud, fast rules," their mission is to create music for new kids, and for those that remember the glory days of old. So whether you like to slam dance, stage dive, or just sing along, the pit is now open!"

7'' records at East Grand Records are already sold out, but you can always make a little pressure, maybe they'll print more...

01. We Must Be Cautious 
02.  What Have I Done
 03. Fire When Ready

320 kbps 


  1. Thanks so much for the support!!!!
    Jeff & Rebel Spies!

  2. :-)