Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boddicker - False Flag

"Boddicker is a gang of thugs that play criminal grind/d-beat/powerviolence, and have a new release called "False Flag". It is available for digital download on their bandcamp and limited to 100 red cassettes. They've been a band for 2 years, have some previous touring under their belts, including an upcoming month long jaunt in June-July, and blackmailed Profane Existence into releasing a split 7" with Kata Sarka; which was named one of the best splits of 2012 from Cvlt Nation."
Also take the time to check out the split with Kata Sarka and the Mich is a Bastard EP.
01. Halo Of Bullets 
02. Flesh Eulogy 
03.  Gun Walker 
04. Amoral Axiom 
05. High Value Target 
06.  War Party 

Various Bitrates

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