Sunday, June 30, 2013

Piece Keeper - Demo 2013

Baltimore still on the map!
Piece Keeper is a 5 piece hardcore band out of Baltimore, Maryland, and is just what Baltimore is getting us used to!
If you're in the area, try to see them live with Fire & Ice The Upper Hand and Over and Out, or with Incendiary and Crosscheck.

01. Crush Proof
02. Collapsing The Barriers
03. Lacking Love
04. Attention Deficit
05. Mask

Various Bitrates

UNCLE - Primata

Two piece powerviolence/hardcore/punk from Prince Edward Island, Canada.
If you're a fan of Orchid, The Locust etc. do check it out!
Tapes available at their bandcamp

01.  Knots 
02. Caged Ape 
03. Dump Run 
04.  Hunter//Gatherer 
05. Generalissimo 
06. Flight Response 
07. Louse 
08. Fossorial 
09. Takers 

Various Bitrates

Saturday, June 15, 2013

True Love - A Floral Note

Don't be fooled by the cover and title, these Michigan natives hit hard!
Straightedge hardcore for the fans of Carry On, Sworn In, Right Brigade, Panic etc.

01. Intro/TLC
02. Midnight People
03. Out In The Streets Pt. I 
04. American Tears 
05. Chained Melody

Various Bitrates 

Big Content - Demo 2013

"4 song demo tape by Big Contest - Boston and Wilkes-Barre join forces again to make hardcore music for the people. Music in the vein of Warzone, Negative Approach, Krakdown, and Breakdown with lyrics confronting the issues of everyday life. Members of Intent and Disengage. "

01. In Too Deep
02. Consumed
03. What Will You Do?
04. Running In Circles

VBR (m4a)

Selfish Ways - Demo 2013

"Hardcore band from Visalia, CA."
Groovy hardcore with NYHC influence.
01. Seven 
02.  Empty 
03. Waste 
04. Outlook 
05. Years

Various Bitrates 

Monday, June 3, 2013

One Last Struggle - Demo

"We are four kids, we aren't musicians, we are all very different, but together we make this. We go by the D.I.Y. and anti- capitalist ethics in hardcore-punk and our lives! We want to teach, learn, meet people, talk, sing, shout and scream! We want rebellion, we want freedom, we want liberation! This is our last struggle in a world that doesn't care!"

01. Trapped In A Fold 
02. One Last Struggle 
03. Apathy 
04. Same Old Everyday 
05. Pointing Fingers 

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Break 'Em - Demos

Break 'Em are a fairly recent band from Lindesberg/Örebro, Sweden, that just released their new demo.
 Also, take the chance to check out their first demo, and get in contact with the band for copies.

Demo 2012

01. Class War
02. Armageddon 
03. Get Out

Various Bitrates 

Demo II

01. Intro/Erased
02. Worthless 
03.  Caught in a Nightmare 
04. Soul Trip 

Various Bitrates

Enlightenment - Propaganda Of Desires EP

Leipzig's Enlightenment, whose demo i had already posted just released their new EP. If you missed them the first time and are a fan of melodic hardcore, don't skip it.

01. Endgame
02. Enfants Perdus
03. Power Of The Imagination
04. Principle Of Hope
Various Bitrates