Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make No Mistake - Voices EP

Make No Mistake from Australia dropping their awesome debut record  citing influences form DTN, Guns Up  with a bit of Cruel Hand and A & O.
check it.

01. Culprit
02. Breathing
03. Woe Is Me
04. 115
05. Rage
06. Play 20 Bucks

320kbps (M4A)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trespasser - Wages of Faith EP

Speaking in Cleveland, check out the dark and fast hardcore from Trespasser.
Look for their tapes when they get released over at Root of Evil Collective.

01. Seeds of Man
02.  For Better or Worse 
03.  Break or Obey 
04. Wages of Faith 
05. Heretic 

Various Bitrates

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guilt Trip - Demo

Clevo back on the map with Guilt Trip, classic Cleveland Style!

01. Lesson One (Time's out)
02. Rhythm
03. We Rise
04. No Dice
05. Deep Sleep

Various Bitrates

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cold As Life - Demos

Sorry for the delay on this one, but it had to be an epic post. 

Detroit's finest legends, a lot of wild tales have been told about this band, and in a way that some times stands more than the music itself, let's bring back the music to the spotlight on Cold As Life.

"Cold As Life was a hardcore punk band based out of Detroit, Michigan, existing from 1988 to 2001. Lyrical themes consisted of brutal depictions of the horrors of growing up and living in a city plagued with corruption, murder, drugs, depression and poverty, along with the tragedy of losing friends, family and band-mates to murder and drug abuse. Their shows were frequently violent, involving vicious fights that often included stabbings and beatings with various weapons. Stories of these shows would spread throughout the Midwest punk and hardcore communities, contributing to the band's notoriety. Cold As Life drew musical influence from such bands as Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, Discharge, 4 Skins, Cro-mags, Black Sabbath and Slayer.
In early 2007 a reunion tour was organized by former members but featured Enzo (of fellow Detroit band Dogz of War) on vocals instead of co-founder and longest standing member Jeff Gunnells."

Info on the bands demos gets a little confusing, their 1988-1993 compilation has the tracks mixed up between demos so i really don't know which is what.
I can't find a year info on the first demo posted but since it's postumos to Rawn Beauty's death, i suspect that it's the 1995 demo. If that's true then the labeled Demo 1995 must be wrong labeled since it's still sound like Rawn Beauty on vocals (and he died in 1993).
The only one that i think is correct is the 1997 Demo, since it sounds like Jeff Gunnells on vocals already.
Either way, i couldn't confirm any of this i left it as it was. If anyone can confirm any info about the posted demos or has any other missing from the post, please contact me.

Demo (?)

01. I Can't Breath
 02. Hell On It's Way
03. Cold As Life
04. Wake Up
05. Where Are We Going
06. How Much Longer
07. Detroit City
08. Boyz In Blue


 Demo 1995

01. All Alone
02. All Addicted
03. Ten Til Midnight/Terrorzone


Demo 1997

 01. Promise
 02. Ski Mask And A .45
 03. Born To Land Hard
 04. Bleeding Heart
 05. What It Was


Negative Standards - I​-​V

"Negative Standards is d-beat/hardcore with noisy elements and samples. sixteen minutes of rage. comes with a button and sticker in a hand-numbered and stenciled envelope. members of acts of sedition and kentucky fried doom."

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Young Lungs - Demo 2011

Another great recent demo, The Young Lungs come from Maine and dropped this fearce demo in late 2011.

01. Enough is Enough
02. Traitors
03. Young lungs
04. Through my eyes
05. All for nothing

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kid Armor - Demo

Straigh Edge Hardcore band from California with a really fresh sound.
Great demo, support these guys.

01. Locked & Loaded/Hatred
02. Bad Intentions
03. Still

Various Bitrates

Sweet Jesus - Demo

 No Links

Hardcore band from Providence, featuring members from Have Heart, Verse, and Soul Control.
Tape is Sold Out but they have a 7'' on the way through Triple-B.

01. Even Breathing
02. Bedsides
03. Sunstroke


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Violent Future - Demo 2012

Great new hardcore band from Toronto featuring members of Urban Blight.

01.Goon Life
02.Government Takeover
03.Bloody Victims
04.Violent Future
05.Life Sucker
06.Fatal Reality
256kbps (M4A)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dark Times - Demo Tape

"Dark Times is a punk band from Oslo, Norway. They started out as an all-girl trio in 2010. Today they consist of AK (guitar/vocals), Sebastian (bass) and Rikke (drums). The demo-tape was released on Ormeyngel Records and Sacred Tapes in January 2011. The songs are about alienation, resentment of posers and general pain. Their first 7-inch will be released in the fall of 2011 on Sheep Chase Records."

01. He's a Slut
02. Talk Too Much
03.  Break It Off
04. Dead Meat
05. Worlds Away

Various Bitrates