Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blind Authority - Demo 2013

"Hailing from South of England and heavily influenced by Think I Care and Infest."
Demo copies are sold out for ages, but you can check their newest 7'', No Future, at their bandcamp page, and get copies at Self Acceptance Records.

01. Intro/Skin Deep
02. Blind Authority 
03. R.I.S. 
04. Oppression 

Various Bitrates

Lost Souls - Demo

Richmond, Virginia newest hardcore punk act.

01. Find Your Fate
02. Plague 
03. Price I Pay
04. Taste the Truth

Various Bitrates 

Spiked Collar - Demo 2014

Fresh Oldschool hardcore straight from Detroit.

03. JUNK 
04. NO

Various Bitrates 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blunt Force - Demo

"Blunt Force is a new project from the suburban hell of New Jersey; featuring a current member of Night Birds, as well as BE alumni from Bloodtype and Phibes. Mainly influenced by bands like Slapshot/ Stars and Stripes, Blunt Force blends Boston 82 hardcore with UK 82 punk/oi. The songs are melodic yet hard and mid paced. Includes a cover of a Boston classic. "

Get copies of the tape at Bleeding Edges Label .

01. Spineless
02. Cross My Path 
03.  Doesn't Matter 
04.  Bleak
05. Brotherhood (DYS) 

Various Bitrates

Forced Entry - Forced Entry

"Crushing hardcore punk, spreading the ideologies of General Shermans March to the Sea in beautiful historic Savannah, Georgia."

01.  Mind Enslaved 
02. Fake City 
03. In Your Home 
04. Beach Disaster 
05. Guilt // Fight

Various Bitrates 

SHIFO - Demo 2009-2014

"Two-pieces band from Trento, Italy.
We currently play in Holy, Komplott, Left In Ruins, Crop Circles.

We like punk. We did a couple of jams some years ago and we gave birth to 6 songs, we recorded just 4 completely in our practice place. We took 5 years to finish the recordings and mix.

 01. La Droga
02. Mai Come Voi 
03.  Snuss 
04. Discomerda 

Various Bitrates

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Raw Justice - Artificial Peace EP

Raw Justice from Nantes had already dropped us a really good demo some time ago.
They are now back with a new 7'' EP, coming out on Straight & Alert Records

01. Pagan Stomp
02.  Useful Pride 
03. Mad At This World 
04. Empty Shelves 
05.  Artificial Peace 
06. Get Old 
07. Loud & Proud 
08.  Daily Grind

Various Bitrates 

Cloudburst - Dead Demo 2014

Indonesia born and bread Cloudburst play Metallic Hardcore / Punk with influences from Converge, Alpinist, Baptists, Botch and Cave In.
Check out the awesome 2 song demo.

01. Dead
02. Death by A Thousand Cuts

Various Bitrates

The Real Deal - Demo 2014

"The Real Deal is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Cleveland, OH. Combining the classic Cleveland sound from bands like Confront and Meanstreak with 80's NYHC. The Real Deal formed in the spring 2014, and they quickly recorded their debut tape which is coming to life through Straight and Alert in the fall of 2014."

01. Proven
02. Real Deal 
03. No More Games 
04. We Out Here
Various Bitrates 

Calf - Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy

"Calf is a post rock/noise band formed in Karditsa greece in 2008. Calf present a complicated mixture of music that can sometimes reach the edge. Their second album "Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy" was released on 18 July 2014."

01. Are you Laura Palmer? No I'm a fucking psycho
02. Lunacy box demon booth 
03. Squeezing blue hope from my christian numb cock 
04.  The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.I 
05. The artist formerly known as hipstercunt pt.II
Various Bitrates 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Snake Handler - Enjoy the View

Another great return to the blog, Snake Handler just released their new 7''.
If you want a copy, head over to their bandcamp page.

"Yes, yet another 7" from a bunch of idiots trying to to get you to spend money on something you don't care about. Members of Korova (AL), Awkward Thought (NYC), and Nervous Passenger (IL) playing fucked up hardcore that is kind of like if Negative FX were into Born Against (or even more obvious references!)."

01. One Movement, One Mind
02. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) 
03.  Golden Calf 
04. Ghosts

Various Bitrates 

Boddicker - Crime Upheaval

Boddicker just recently released their new record.
If you didn't catch them on our former post, don't loose the chance to check them out.
 The tape is sold out, but you can always threaten them to make more!

01. Crime Upheaval 
02. Rise Of The Downtrodden 
03. Halo Of Bullets 
04. Bath Salt Baptism 
05. Vigilante 
06. Executive Decision 
07. The Isolationist 
08. Drygulch 
09. Social Control 
10. We Are Watching You 
11. Energy Blackmail 

Various Bitrates 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black Spell - Demo 2014

"PHILADELPHIA's new masters of stomping, dark, schizo and nightmarish hardcore punk"

 Tapes available at World Gone Mad Records

 01. Vulgar Flowers
02.  Hole 
03.  Specter 
04. Wearing Spit 
05. Night Mute 
06. Thin Blood 
07.  Proof

Various Bitrates

Get A Grip - Green Peaks // Dark Valleys

Vermont Hardcore band Born in early spring 2011.
Former members of Orange Juice and Awaken The Martyrs. 

01. Green Peaks // Dark Valleys 
02.  Breaker 
03. Atticus 
04.  Paper Dreams 
05. Coldfront

Various Bitrates 

Dirty Harry - Demo

Powerviolence straight from Leiria, Portugal.
Physical copies available soon, keep an eye.

01. Life Infection Death
02.Human Degradation 
03. Living Hell 
04. Rick and Morty 
05.  Marco 
06.  Waiting to Die 

Various Bitrates

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mock Order - Demo

Mock Order is a Transatlantic duo from Canada and Ireland.
The lyrics are powered out and written by Hannah in Ireland and the music is penned and performed over in Canada by Cody.
The result is fast, catchy anarcho hardcore punk.
D.I.Y. in the truest sense.
Tapes available at Imminet Destruction Recods.
edit: actually, they are already sold out... plenty of other great records left though... just sayin'.

01. Unnatural Selection 
02. Outcry 
03.  Sleep Anxiety 
04. Consumed 
05. Sexual Liberation 
06. Disarm 


Mental Distress - Demo 2014

MENTAL DISTRESS is a female fronted Hardcore-Punk band from Strasbourg/France with members of More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Overreact and Galere. 
12-tracks demo tape/CD co available at Crapoulet Records, Les Colloques De La Haine and Stupid Kids Records.

01. Intro
02. Mental Distress
03. No Distraction
04. Fuck Your Penis Privilege
05. Nox On The Dancefloor
06. Love Sex, Hate Sexism
07. Dumbass Proudstance
08. Mood Changes Swing
09. I'd Rather Die Than Listen To NOFX 
10. Love Knows No Gender
11. Not Just Boys Fun (7 Seconds)
12. Frankreich Dü Opfer (Nihil Baxter)
Various Bitrates

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hittin' Random - Demo

Venice hardcore, shredding those fuckin gondolas!
 Tapes may still be available at the shows.

01. Hittin random 
02. Media 
03. Hard work 
04.  Don't run

Various Bitrates 

Enchant - Cycle Of Abuse

NYHC vibe straight out of Texas!
Get  in touch with the band for some awesome tapes of the recording.


Various Bitrates

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rat Path / Drag Me Under Split

Rat Path just released a new split with Drag Me Under.

Check it!

01. Rat Path-Behind Bars
02.  Rat Path-Hunter Gatherer 
03. Drag Me Under - Tankercycle 
04. Drag Me Under - Robots Talk at 60hz 

Various Bitrates

Grump - Back to Being Normal (Tape)

Grump just released a new tape
Halifax represent!

As before, get in touch with Cody for tapes.


Various Bitrates

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rebel Spies! - Before I Die I Shall Destroy The Rebel Spies!

Jeff from the mighty Michigan Graveyard not only has an awesome blog,but also a new awesome band. Rebel Spies just released their debut EP and i'm glad to be able to share it here.

"Tell the guys in REBEL SPIES! their music reminds you of 7 SECONDS, AVAIL, BAD RELIGION or DAG NASTY and they’ll unabashedly thank you. No one here is trying to reinvent the wheel! These guys play hardcore punk, with a sincerity that you can feel in every song. A band member pedigree that includes the SUICIDE MACHINES, HELLMOUTH, FORDIRELIFESAKE, HIFI HANDGRENADES and TELEGRAPH; they just want say thank you to the music for all they have gotten from it. REBEL SPIES! is their love letter to hardcore and punk. Dedicated to preserving the "loud, fast rules," their mission is to create music for new kids, and for those that remember the glory days of old. So whether you like to slam dance, stage dive, or just sing along, the pit is now open!"

7'' records at East Grand Records are already sold out, but you can always make a little pressure, maybe they'll print more...

01. We Must Be Cautious 
02.  What Have I Done
 03. Fire When Ready

320 kbps 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stinky Bollocks - The Thread of Life EP

"Established in 2007 in Clisson, Stinky Bollocks attack the scene in late 2008 playing more than 170 concerts. 2012 saw the first European tour with One thousand directions and the release of their first EP "Painful Birth". 2013 heralds a new sequence for the group always motivated by his original desires.
Take the time to check out Painful Birth EP  and their 2011 Demo.

01. The Line (Feat. Jben A.T.H.)
02.  Back on Track 
03. Lost 
04. Heads & Tails 
05.  Rebirth 

Various Bitrates

Clean Break - Face Value EP


Clean Break just released a great new EP, Face Value, after their debut demo already featured in the blog and again featured in this recording.

"CLEAN BREAK formed in the summer of 2013. After a handful of practices, David and Armando decided to record a demo at the band's practice room with the 4 songs they've been working on. The demo tape was released in August 2013 on Salad Days Records.This is their debut 7’’ featuring 4 new tracks and 2 re-recorded ones taken from the demo. Behind this new band are Faro / portuguese hardcore veterans who used to play in Broken Distance, Critical Point, Pointing Finger, The New Blood or Pressure."

01.  Face Value 
02. Long Way To Go 
03. Save Face 
04. Seize The Day  
05. Pass The Buck 
06. Cut And Run 

Various Bitrates 

Hollow Truth - The Power To Endure

Hollow Truth, previously featured in the blog, just released their new EP, The Power To Endure.
Check it out!
This record is was released on April 11th through Powertrip Records as a 12" vinyl with artwork screen printed on the B-side. Get a copy of the record  now over at Evilgreed.

01. A Hymn to Athena
02. Worship the Wayfarer
03. Terrible Winds Pt. II
04. Outstretched Arms
05. Supersoul
06. A Glimpse of Persephone
07. The Power to Endure
Various Bitrates

Jack Move - Demo 2014

"JACK MOVE is another brand new band hailing from Paris, France. Featuring ex and current members of Cut Loose, Get Lost and Money Time, this 4 piece hardcore band brings Boston 2K influenced hardcore back on the french map (along with Cut Loose). They formed around early 2013. Fans of '88 NYHC, Boston 2K, Mental, Outburst, Lights Out , The Rival Mob : WATCH OUT !"

01. The Union & I
02. One More Year 
03. Dollar Eyes 
04. Breathe 

Various Bitrates

Boddicker - False Flag

"Boddicker is a gang of thugs that play criminal grind/d-beat/powerviolence, and have a new release called "False Flag". It is available for digital download on their bandcamp and limited to 100 red cassettes. They've been a band for 2 years, have some previous touring under their belts, including an upcoming month long jaunt in June-July, and blackmailed Profane Existence into releasing a split 7" with Kata Sarka; which was named one of the best splits of 2012 from Cvlt Nation."
Also take the time to check out the split with Kata Sarka and the Mich is a Bastard EP.
01. Halo Of Bullets 
02. Flesh Eulogy 
03.  Gun Walker 
04. Amoral Axiom 
05. High Value Target 
06.  War Party 

Various Bitrates

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jagged Visions - Beyond The Serpent's Touch EP

Conneticut Hardcore clearly inspired by Integrity and the Holy Terror vibe.
Also, take the time to check out the bands debut EP, The Sword That Slays The Seasons.

01. Dogs 
02. Bloodcast 
03. Crucible of Worlds 
04. Amongst the Dead 
05. Beyond the Serpent's Touch

Various Bitrates 

Idle Hands - The Worst Times EP

"6 Piece hardcore band from South East London, We recorded our first EP 'The Worst Times' mid February at The Cro's Nest Studio With Sam Threadder who has recorded the likes of No Second Chance, Last Witness, Dead Swans and a number of bands under the Rucktion Records Label."

01.  Intro/Another Lie 
02. Slut 
03.  Backstabber (Featuring Pelbu, Knuckledust) 
04.  Scum 
05.  False Perspective

Various Bitrates 

Seeing Red - Half bad Half worse EP

South Dakota's Seeing Red representing old school NY inspired Hardcore!

01. Death Adder
02. Exasperation 
03. Half bad Half worse 
04. Soulless 

Various Bitrates

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Hammer - Demo 2014

Gothenburg Hardcore with a capital H. Angry, fast and in-your-face!
Keep them in eyesight and watch out for a physical copy.

01.  Intro / Is This Life? 
02.  Comprehension 
03. Born To Lose

Various Bitrates

Guiltfeeder - Demo MMXIV

Toronto chaotic driven hardcore.
Get in touch with the band for CD copies of the demo, and magic cards too!

01.  Shadow People 
02. Brain Burner 

Various Bitrates

No/Breaks - Demo

"No/Breaks was formed as The Black Circle Boys in the fall of 2009. After a few lineup changes and several times being on hiatus we've decided to give it one more go with another new lineup and a new name. We are No/Breaks. Rip it."

01.  Socialcide 
02.  Life At Crotch Level

Various Bitrates 

Crime & Punishment - Demonstration 2014

"Crime & Punishment are fresh bread from Boston, Massachusetts  playing NYHC styled hardcore kind of like Bulldoze/Undertow/Cold As Life."
Keep an eye for tapes about to be released.

01. Intro/BPD Stomp
02. Acquitted
03. State of Pain
04. Blinded Eyes
05. Law & Order

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Social Damage - Both Demos

Indianapolis Straight Edge to be released by my favorite european label and store.
both demos compiled, to be released at Straight & Alert Records.

01. Wrecked
02.  Unwelcome Mat 
03. Forget 
04. Tied 
05. Deadbeat 
06. Thin Line

Various Bitrates

Leather Daddy - Demo Tape

Raw, all female, hardcore punk from Boston? Massive check!
Oppressed Mind Records have a limited run of the tape, go get it!

01. Cracks
02. Vomit Pack 
03. Get Out 
04. In My Skin 

Various Bitrates

Fuming Mouth - Demo 2013

Death Metal infused hardcore from Milford Massachusetts.
Get tapes at their Bigcartel page, and keep an eye for their split with Gatlin.

01. Immolate 
02.  Executioner's Sabbath 
03.  Infernal Void 
04. Adverse Ritual 

Various Bitrates

HOME - Bound To Gravity

"The trio HOME from Innsbruck is serving the audience a rough mix of rock-based riffs and metal grooves since 2010. Most people may call that sludge, some may declare it as Post-Hardcore, but the band itself doesn't mind to be caught in between anyway."
Get a copy of the CD at their label Sound Zero .
01. Hole
02. Next To Last
03. No Way Out, My Friend
04. Not Even Me
05. Burlesque
06. Old Hand
07. Kyoto
08. Horse Cable
09. Dead City

Various Bitrates

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Adult Crash - Unfinished Business EP

"On Unfinished Business, their debut 12” EP, Adult Crash plays a powerful brand of hardcore, with the dramatic, rhythmic build-ups of Bl’ast!, the concrete-thick guitar work of SS Decontrol, the blunt vocal delivery of early Agnostic Front, and some left-of-center thrash flourishes a’la Septic Death. Far more than just a Frankenstein monster of well-tread influences, Adult Crash has a seamless, naturally flowing sound that can only come from veterans who have truly internalized the craft of hardcore songwriting. Featuring a cadre of San Diego/Chula Vista HC veterans, including Tim Gonzalez of Amenity and House of Suffering, Adult Crash has the credentials and musicianship to convincingly deliver their unique sonic onslaught in spades. Mandatory listening for all true believers in the HC arts."

Another great release on 12'' vinyl from Standards Label .

01. Full Control
02. The Words
03. At-Risk Youth
04. Wait of The World
05. Tried and True


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wako Fuck - Eliminate Culture EP

Not exactly a new band but support to a new label delivering Wako Fuck's final 12''.

"Final 12” EP from North County San Diego’s ferocious HC stalwarts Waco Fuck. Distilling the Totalitar and Napalm Death obsessed ultracore of their earlier output into a more powerful, midpaced assault, Eliminate Culture weaves deftly through Scandinavian-derived thrashings, violent dirges, infectious, Rudimentary Peni style riffing, and the hard hitting SoCal traditions of Battalion of Saints and the like. If you have an ear for forward thinking, well played hardcore bound by neither cliché nor pretension, Eliminate Culture is for you."

01. Leave Me Alone
02. Quality of Life
03. Anti Rational
04. Self Hate
05. Past Lives
06. Untitled


Never Human - Demo

New band from Halifax, featuring members of Castle Wolfenstein, Negative Circles, Negative Rage, etc. (Cody you bastard!)

Halifax never disappoints!

01. Void of Voice
02. Prove
03. Pathetic
04. Erase
05. Deny
06. Not My Views
07. Conquest For Death (Necros)
Various Bitrates

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Measure X Up - Demo 2014

Just a couple months after their first demo, here are Measure Up with their 2014 demo.
If you haven't checked them out, here's your chance, be sure to check out their awesome 2013 demo also.

01. Sooner Or Later
02. Far Too Long 
03. Whats Done Is Done 

Various Bitrates

Tomorrow We Hunt - Acid Life

First Croatian hardcore band on the blog, and quite the surprise!
Dark, melancholic, melodic hardcore.
supporting D.I.Y., vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and antifascism.
Amazing recording that shows a lot of baggage behind it.
Take the time to check out their past recordings, Griefbearers and  Bitter Words.
Check it out!

01. Rotten Town
02. Smog Drenched Life 
03. Underbound 
04.  Constant Disappointment 
05. Pressure To Succeed 
06. Without End 
07. Advocates of Bigotry 
08. Closure 
09.  Half Mast 
10. Two Steps Back 
11. Loss Of Self

Various Bitrates 

Middleground - Demo MMXIII

Sorry for the long delay, but DIY has its setbacks...
Speaking of DIY, nothing better than to introduce Middleground, a one man show from Adam Kelly, which recorded all the guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. 
He's also looking for a drummer and bassist, so check it out!

01. Defined
02. Rings Hollow 
03. Lost in Solitude 
04. Beneath the Surface 

Various Bitrates