Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fought Alone - Demo 2010 & Nothing Nice To Say (EP)

"A mix of old and young dudes who just wanted to play old style hardcore. Includes ex and current members of Four Walls Falling, Thinktank, Over My Dead Body, Short Circuit, and Losing Skin."

Demo 2010

01. Turned Your Back 
02. Face Reality 
03. Waste Of Life 
04. No Affiliation 
05. On My Own 
06. Target For Profit 
07. Wasted Words 
08. Whats Ahead

Variable Quality

 Nothing Nice To Say

01. Fought Alone 
02. Personal Politics 
03. Judgement Day 
04. The Good Fight  
05. Flounder  

Variable Quality 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bent Life - Demo

Bent Life hail from Nebraska and released their demo through Lost Time Records.
New 7'' to be released on 6131 Records.

01. Bent Life
02. Beginning of The End 
03.  Tied To The Earth
04.  Lead Astray 
05. Survive


Barren Lives - Consumption

fast/heavy 80's influenced hardcore/punk/d-beat with heavy influences from DOOM, Poison Idea, etc.

01. Man-Made 
02. Lost Cause 
03.  Barren Lives 
04. Frauds 
05.  Slave Now, Slave Forever

Variable Quality

Monday, November 14, 2011

Backflip - New Ticket, New Journey

 "It has been almost a year now. Doing it from the heart, straight from the city of Loures, where we're all from. Four guys, one girl and one thought: Have fun everytime we gather to play, always talking shit, always helping each other. Hope you enjoy it, as much as we do doing it. Hoping to stick around."

 01. Intro
02. Stand Up Tall
03. Yours Truly
04. Fandango
05. Am I Right?
06. Cut Th'a Bullshit
07. Les Serpents


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Stared Into The Forest - Society Discontinued

"A bunch of people brought together by their love for DIY hardcore. We're not reinventing hardcore but we sure like to play it. We're opposed to discrimination and any totalitarian beliefs.
I Stared into the Forest recorded their debut EP this summer, released by Fading Halo Records."

01. watching the world collapse 
02. sloth machine 
03. locked in part i 
04. locked in part ii  
05. clean up the snow 
06. sore monday 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kicked In - Demos

Kicked In are an awesome band from Kansas City in the vein of the Lockin' Out Records bands.
Their 7'', In Session is also available at their Bandcamp Page and through Thinkfast Records.

Demo 2010

01.Warchant Intro
02. Intro/Free Mind  
03. Urban Decay 
04. Square One
05. Time Can't Change 
06. No Respect  
07. Crampin' My Style


Demo 2011 

 01. In Session 
02. Our Fun
03. Crampin' My Style 


No Submission - EP

New punk/hardcore band from Burlington, Vermont.

01. I Still Believe
02. Dear Fred Phelps
03. Counter Recruitment 
04. SS Trash
05. Game Over  
06. Cages 
07. Shit Out of Luck 
08. We Are Human

Variable Quality

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Step Aside - Reaching Out

Tucson youthcrew straightedge, love it or love to hate it.
There's still hard copies available of the tape, and soon available in 7''.

01. Intro/Mind in a Maze
02. Reaching Out 
03. Step Aside
04. Stronger Than Life 
05. Nothing's Gotta Give

Variable Quality

The Hollowmen - Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man

"The Hollowmen is a five headed band formed in 2010 in Tenerife,Canary Islands. It comprises members of hardcore and metal bands from the Canary scene (Wreckage (RIP), Good Fellaz,Pollution (RIP),Against All Hope,Dead Relic).We enjoy filling our songs with nihilistic visions of society,religion and politics (three betrayals toward modern man!),but also fighting an unholy war against Justin Bieber."

01. Unholy Tunes 
02. Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man 
03.  Cainite 
04. Human Nature 
05.  Growing Colder

Variable Quality