Sunday, November 28, 2010

Expire - Demo '09

"New hardhitting, "hardstyle", hardcore from milwaukee. compiled of ex members of take control, wholehearted, and barriers now bridges, expire put together a demo last fall and have since been signed to hellfish in california."

01. Darker
02. Expired
03. Lately
04. Navy Blue or Black
05. Sold Short


Most Precious Blood - Demo

Most precious blood came back from the dead the past year to hopefully drop a new record in the near future. Here's their 2000 demo.

01. The Knot
02. And The Band Played On
03. Sincerely
04. The Lantern
05. Song Of Siren
06. Come What May


Friday, November 19, 2010

We Ride - Demo '09

"We Ride born in Vigo in 2009. Four friends (Mimi, Borja, Victor and Brais) and the Hardcore as a thing in common We Ride have toured in almost all of Spain, Portugal and Germany during their first year of life, during which they published the “Demo '09”. In 2010, without leaving aside the shows, they have written and recorded their debut album: “Directions”; 12 new direct songs of Hardcore/punk. "

01. The distance
02. How we fight
03. What went wrong
04. Eating the big fish

256kbps (M4A)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Spirit - Be Yourself (Demo)

Boston Hardcore with some really fast Straight Ahead vibe.
It'll take you longer to download than to listen, but it will me worth it.

01. Free Spirit Intro
02. Express Yourself
03. Stand As One
04. Unite
05. Be Yourself


xfilesx - Demo

"Nihilism and Straight Edge go together like flies and shit - that's where XFilesX are coming from. For anyone out there who is tired of being bullshitted by marketable versions of hardcore music, and at the same time tired of the third reich of political correctness, your time has come. This is hardcore music, plain and simple, for people who are tired of being a target market. Fast, aggressive and unapolgetic - the music is primitive and brutally honest, and doesn't need buzzwords like "crucial" to hold it up like a crutch."

01. If Being Negative Is Wrong I Don't Want to Be Right
02. Bomb 80's Night
03. Lars Ulrich Said the Words 'New York Hardcore Scene' On MTV's Return to Rock
04. Dirty Dancing
05. It's Not Punk to Say Punk
06. Edge Day All the Way
07. Direct From Demo to Equal Vision Records
08. Carmen Electra Said the Words 'Washington DC Hardcore Scene' On Vh1's Top 100…
09. On Line Addiction
10. The New Addition to the Fairhaven Skatepark Eats Shit
11. It's Not Edge to Be in a Band
12. Loyal Goon
13. Then What Do You Smoke Guy
14. You Break Edge We Break Your Face
15. The Youth Is Out There
16. The Youth Is Out There (remix)