Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Confines - Demo

"The Confines demo is five songs of genius hardcore featuring wonderfully tried-and-true lyrical themes that are nuanced and not-so-boring, creative stop-and start-rhythms, and subtle, live-sounding guitar noise.
Features members of Failures, Brain Killer, Social Circkle, and Even Keel."

1. Mediocrity Rules
2. Downward Harmonization
3. The Impossible Standard
4. Culture Trust
5. Polite Conversation


108 - Limited Edition Demo (2006)

Former member's of Beyond, Ressurection, Inside Out, The Judas Factor and Burn compose what is, apart from shelter, the most notorious face of Krishna in the hardcore scene.
This is a self produced "demo" that was released by the band in 2006.
Be aware of the new album, 18.61, when it comes out by deathwish anytime now.

1. Angel Strike Man
2. Repeat
3. Ashes/dust
4. The Sad Truth
5. Our Kind
6. Strength or Fear?
7. (Walk?) Their Path
8. The Bars (Black Flag Cover)
9. Coptic Times (Bad Brains Cover)
10. Blood (1995 Demo)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Critical Point - Demo '09

"Positive but pissed off Youth Crew from Faro, Portugal. Featuring members of Pointing Finger, Pressure and Broken Distance. 4 songs of fast and uncompromising Old School Hardcore that will try and shake things up in a sometimes passive and stagnant scene."
If you like it, get the tape while there still are some.

01. Foundation
02. Make a Choice
03. Broken
04. Thinking Clear


The Hard Way - Demo 09

The Hard Way from the UK deliver us a good demo that they released last year. Kind of reminds me of stuff like TUI or Downpresser.

01. Dear Summer
02. Dust Cloud
03. The Way Is Hard


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adolescents - Complete Demos (80-86)

(myspace didn't exist back then)

Adolescents helped define what hardcore punk really is.
Most claim, these guys where.

01.We Can't Change the World
02.Black Sheep
03.Growing Up Today
04.We Rule and You Don't
05.I Hate Children
06.o Friends
07.Who Is Who
08.Wrecking Crew
09.Wrecking Crew
12.Self Destruct
13.Do the Eddie
14.Richard Hung Himself
15.The Liar
16.The Peasant Song


Clearsight - Demo

Clearsight was a sXe hardcore band (youthcrew all the way) from Kiev, Ukraine, that broke up last year.
this is their 2008 demo, enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Shout Out
3. Enough
4. Rowdy
5. Holding Time
6. Fraud
7. Straight Ahead


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazarus Taxa - Demo

Been stoked in this demo, Michigan hardcore/crust really reminded me of cursed / trap them.
Good forseen future for these guys, check them out

01. Edgewood Arsenal
02. A Gun Rack? A Gun Rack. What Am I Going To Do With A Gun Rack? I Don't Own A Gun, Let Alone Many Guns That Would Necessitate An Entire Rack.
03. 6079


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beast - Demo EP

"Hate everything / Worship nothing"
Beast come from Santa Cruz, CA and deliver us some good hardcore tunes.
Kind of reminds me of The Banner in the slower parts.
Check them out.

01. I Don't Go Where I'm Supposed To Go
02. Decay
03. They're Staying Away
04. Isolation
05. Caving In
06. Cleaned Out