Sunday, May 29, 2011

Darkwoods - Road to Ruin EP & Extinction Tape


South Shore, MA Straight Edge. Their latest tape was recorded by Trevor Vaughn at the Colliseum, check out their bigcartel for copies. Expect a full length soon.

Road To Ruin
01. Road to Ruin
02. Pawns
03. Everyday Curse
04. Struggle and Grunt
05. Better Off Dead
06. Bullshark
07. White Trash
08. Deliverance

Variable Quality

01. Intro
02. Hole in the Wall
03. Dread

Variable Quality

Unreckoned - Violent Society (Tape)

"FFO- hardcore. speed and sludge. hate and more hate. pain and suffering."

01. State of Being
02. Harsh Reality
03. Violent Society
04. Already Dead

Variable Quality

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upward - Demo 2011


"5 piece Italian youth crew band, putting away the polished since February 2011."

01. What We Stand For
02. Put Away The Polished

Variable Quality

Cutting Losses - The Demo & Conviction Tape


"Hardcore band from Austin, TX by way of Richmond, VA.
We just recorded 9 songs including some old jams done better with Wade Oliver at Wade’s World. If you live in the Austin area and don’t record with this fool you’re a fool. Expect to hear these songs on a 7 inch in the near future."

01. Choices
02. Wet Paper Bag
03. Anvil
04. Cast


01. Island
02. One Deep
03. Tick, Tick
04. Anthrophobe
05. Wits' End
06. Choices II
07. Forward Thinking
08. Jukai

Variable Quality

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Merauder - Demos


"If the music of New York City is any indication of what’s ingrained in the hearts of its people, Brooklyn’s own MERAUDER epitomizes the underbelly of inner-city America at its grittiest and most fearless. While rebellion-hungry suburbanites and wannabe gangstas fall victim to current trends and faux tough posturing, the true warrior spirit that is MERAUDER remains the genuine article after nearly two decades."

1993 Demo (with Minus on vocals)

01. Life Is Pain
02. Final War
03. Besiege The Masses
04. Fear Of Sin


1998 Demo (with Eddie Leeway on vocals)

01. Find My Way
02. Five Deadly Venoms
03. Save My Soul
04. We Are the Ones


Black Monolith - Demo EP


San Francisco's new d-beat crust hardcore with a some black metal influences.
Nice stuff.

01. Abandon Heart
02. Dead Hand
03. Hedonist

Variable Quality

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cold Blooded - Protect Your Neck Part Three (Demo)


"Cold Blooded was born in late 2009 with the aim to bring something fresh to the Portuguese/European hardcore scene.
A couple of months later, the first demo entitled "protect your neck part III" was recorded at Mad Dog studios
and the band started to played as much as they could in Portugal/Spain getting an amazing feedback throughout the way.
Since day one they face the project in a very serious way and never stopped composing , trying to shape what they had in mind for a long time.
In february of 2011, Cold Blooded entered the studio again to record a promo for the upcoming E.P at Cubo D'Ensaio studios
and the outcome was stunning, mixing hard riffs and mosh parts with a unique groove."

01. Intro
02. My Gift To You
03. 10 Year's Strong
04. Watch Your Mouth
05. Zino Ain't Got Shit On Me


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mind Trap - Demo 2009


"From the Ashes of Won’t Step Aside there arose a new hardcore powerhouse in Vienna, Austria. Featuring members of Nothing to Lose, those four kids will make you mosh the hell out of every venue they play.
Prepare for more, prepare for war."

01. Intro|Skullfucked
02. Fast Animals, Slow Children
03. Odio
04. 20080509
05. Deep Sleep
06. Alpha And Omega
07. True Colors
08. Scum
09. Outro

Variable Quality

Turnstile - Demo

"Turnstile is a young band from the Baltimore/DC area. For fans of Madball and Leeway, Turnstile delivers a unique mix of heavy and groovy. Formed in the late summer of 2010, the band has released a demo catching the ears of many audiences. The impelling riffs, catchy rhythms, and driving vocals bring out a sound that will make you jump. They will release their 6-song 7" EP entitled "Pressure To Succeed" on Reaper Records in March 2011."

01. Death Grip
02. The Dream
03. The Things You Do


Friday, May 13, 2011

Slave - Abyss


Slave dropped their new EP Abyss, following their demo, also published a while back, and where kind enought to share it here.
Nice stuff, check them out.

Edit: Replaced with bandcamp link.

01. Rise of Shame
02. Savaged Haven
03. Towers
04. Abyss
05. Downfall
06. Scarecrow

Variable Quality

Friday, May 6, 2011

No Solution! - Demo '11

"Rough youth crew styled hardcore from France influenced by Youth Of Today, Brotherhood, Loud & Clear or Confront. After 2 years playing and some line up changes they've eventually put out a demo CD. 6 tracks in 7 minutes. Check them out !"

01. Abandoned Friend
02. Try to Understand
03. Competition is Unfair
04. Where Does Ethic End?
05. Sign of Friendship
06. Outro

Variable Quality

Plagues - Demo

New hardcore band from Orange County.

01. A Step in the Wrong Direction
02. Breathing 03. Upended
04. No Ghosts
05. Five Shapes
06. What Was Red is Black Instead
07. We Have Finally Been Offended

Variable Quality

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mind Piece - Demo


Mind Piece was a four piece hardcore band from New York. Unfortunately they only released this demo, great stuff.

01. Adrift
02. No Control
03. Wearing Thin
04. Wasted
05. The Earth is Flat
06. Violent Change


Home Run - Demo 2010


"HOME RUN is a POSITIVE YOUTH CREW band from Klang valley Malaysia.We are 4 straight edge kids who’ve been involved in hardcore for many years and played in quite a few hc bands. We are a band intent on spreading a message of a positive lifestyle to the young and new generations. This band is all about having a good time and keeping this spirit alive. We tried to build up the scene and makes thing more positive. From now on, we still on recording our 1st demo contain 5-6 song. The most important thing is we say what we think and we dont give a fuck if you like or not..because the most important thing in the hc scene is the kids itself."

01. Nothing Can Change
02. Satisfied
03. Drug Free Youth
04. Time to care
05. We'll make the difference (cover)


Variable Quality

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Labels and Distros

I've been collecting and placing links to european labels and distros in the sidebar for some time, mainly because they're harder to find in a websearch than american, for example. I want to update that and make it broather.
So, if you have, or know of, distros, labels, (band) webstores, zine publishers, etc. around the world, please send me an email stating the website and country, so i can make a list of links and create a solid base for people that want to spread their scene and find some of the stuff posted here (and elsewhere).