Monday, December 30, 2013

Wolfdog - Born Wolf EP

Hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil.
Inspired by bands like: No Warning, Guns Up!, Bitter End and Alpha & Omega.

If you happen to be from Brazil or stay there in January, check them out on tour with Rotting Out
More info on their Facebook

01. Blindness 
02. Enemy Within 
03. Why are we here? 
04. End of Line

Various Bitrates 

Human Bodies - Demo MMXIII

Nothing like a bit of venomous black metal into our hardcore, hein!
Human Bodies is a 2-piece, raw, punk-infused black metal band from Boston. 

01. Segments, Nevermore
02. Stygian Reverie 
03. Dregs 
04. While the Others Wait

Various Bitrates 

Kingpin - 2013 Demo

"Groove metal/hardcore crossover from Glasgow, featuring members and ex-members of: Eviscerate AD, Rough Justice, Senzafine, MAIR and Insomniac.

Influences: Merauder, Pantera, Biohazard, Leeway, Sepultura, Madball, Life Of Agony, Beastie Boys, S.O.D, Wu-Tang Clan, Strife, Cold World, Hatebreed, yada yada...

We are going to absolute decimate a venue near you very, very soon."

 01. Former Glory
02. Choking Dust
03. Bitches Leave

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Crosses - Demo

Frantic hardcore from Denver, Colorado, featuring members of Negative Degree.
Lo-Fi and abrasive, like hardcore should be.

01. Nothing
02.  Why Try? 
03. Untouched 
04. No Standards/Anxiety 
05. Dead Awake 

Various Bitrates

The Fanboys - Enter The Fanboys Promo Tape

The Fanboys are getting ready to release their first LP, Enter the Fanboys.
If you want to get a taste of what's to come, do check out their promo tape.

01. Microchip
02. Coffee Shop 
03.  Special Person In Christ 

Various Bitrates

Bonestorm - Demo 2013

Fellow neighbours Bonestorm are a hardcore punk from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Formed in December of 2012 and influenced by Ceremony, Trash Talk, Punch, DNF, Mind Eraser, Let It Die…

01. Intro 
02. Slammed Head
03. Kings of Decadence
04. In Ruins
05. Jailed
06. Dead Men
07. The Biter Beast

Various Bitrates

High Card - Demo 2013

Hardcore Punk from Long Island, NY.

They are playing the Backtrack record release show Jan. 10, so get there soon to check them out.

01. Save Your Breath
02.  Cut It Quick 
03.  High Card 
04. See Through The Lies 
05.  Venom

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Manipulate - Demo MMXIII

"New York Hardcore's new breed, MANIPULATE. Full of veterans in the game featuring current/ex members of Terror, The Promise, Backtrack, Carry On, Internal Affairs, and Dead Wrong. This demo is a new testament of the future of New York."

Check out Flatspot Records for Cassetes.

01. Warning Signs 
02. Living Lie 
03. Look The Other Way 
04. Loose Link

Various Bitrates

Wild Life - Demo 2013

Coming from Belgium was already suspicious, Wild Life bring us one of the best demos released in Europe this year, quoting influences from "New hardcoreband from of Stop And Think, Rampage, Face Reality, etc.
Get copies at Open Up Records or at the Band's Page.

01. Intro & Through
02.  Efforts In Vain 
03.  C.T.F. 
04.  The Golden Rule


Slag - Demo 2012

SLAG is a Hardcore Punk band from Chicago IL.
 If you like it, don't forget to check out their newest 7''.

01. (A)(a) 
02. Collected 
03.  Elevation 
04. Gut Rot 
05. Customer Bullshit 
06.  S.L.A.G. 
07. Balance 
08. Push 

Various Bitrates

Measure X Up - Demo 2013

New Halifax Straight Edge Hardcore Band.
They are releasing a new demo soon and further packaging everything into a neat tape, so keep an eye for it.

01.  Don't Give In 
02. Say What You Will 
03.  Use Your Head 

Various Bitrates

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends

On topic of Straight & Alert and awesome French bands, heres another great S&A release.

"RAW JUSTICE is a young band hailling from Nantes, western France, featuring ex and current members of No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Formed in the fall of 2012 they recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch)."

Apparently these S&A copies are all sold out (which is great) , so if you still want a copy, Life to Live Records still have a few copies.

01.  Intro / No Tolerance 
02.  Take A Pill
03. Raw Justice 
04.  Weak Minded 
05. Enough 
06.  No Friends 

Various Bitrates

Also link at Mediafire

Cut Loose - Demo 2013

"CUT LOOSE  brings Youth Crew back in Paris ! New band featuring paris hardcore / Straight Edge veterans who play or  used to play in Get Lost, First Failure, Last Quiet Time, Black Spirals, Jack Move or DIG.
They started to play at the begining of 2013 and just dropped their first demo tape.
If you are into Youth Of Today, Step Forward or Minority Unit you have to check them out !"

If Tapes are already sold out at Straight & Alert Records, spam Alexis's mailbox begging for more.

01. Peace Within My Mind
02.  Falling Down 
03. Going Around 
04. Life On Tracks 

Various Bitrates

Also available through Mediafire

Sunday, November 3, 2013

DisXease - Demo 2013

"A deadly encounter between São Paulo in 2013 with Boston 83 and Cleveland 88."
Awesome new Straight Edge blood from São Paulo, Brazil.
Check Thinking Straight Records for tapes.

01. No Escape
02. Burning Flags 
03. The Few 
04. Regret 
05. Authority

Various Bitrates 

Common Ground - Injustice EP

Common Ground, one of the newest Lancaster, PA, hardcore acts.
Also take your time to check out their Self Titled EP.
Get in touch with the band for physical copies.

01. The Last Days 
02. To The Grave 
03.  A.T.W.A.R. 
04.  Injustice 
05.  Demise of Humanity 

Various Bitrates

Shitmouth - The Revenge Of Hot Nuns

"4 kids that needed to say a lot of stuff to some people and they thought of using music to say those things sounded better."
Hardcore Punk like you forgot existed!

02. Jesus Is Watching You Masturbate  
03. Cadilhe 
04. I Laughed 
05. Your Pussy Stinks 
06. Online Punx 
07. 2 Girls 1 Cup 
08. Society's A Herd 

Various Bitrates 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Awake - Demo 2013

It's good to see straight edge gaining momentum again, specially in my little corner of the world.
This is Now is the debut demo from Lisbon, Portugal's Awake.
Keep them on your radar, and check out their tapes, available for pre-order at Salad Days Records.

01. Intro/Empty Words
02. Is there any reason? 
03. Time To Change 
04. Don't Need 

Various Bitrates

Ratpack - Ciudad Maldita

Bornn in 2010 2010 with members of xEl Valor de Lucharx and Billy the Kid.

01.  Despertar de los Muertos
02.  Ratpack
03. Furia
04.  Plagas (Feat. Eddy from Billy the Kid)
05.  Ciudad Maldita

Various Bitrates

M.O.R.A. - M.O.R.A. EP

From Helsinki, Finland, M.O.R.A. has been playing with the existing line-up since 2008. Angry hardcore with two female vocalists, mixture of old and newschool. Members are/have been in bands such as Black Betsy, Spoiled Betty, Confusa and Aurinkokerho

03.Neulan alla
04.Liika on liikaa
05.Mun jutut
07.Sika V.I.P
(The zip file contains our 9 song EP, low resolution version of artwork and roughly translated lyrics from finnish to english. for the mp3 version, get it at their bandcamp)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Clean Break - Demo 2013

Faro Straight Edge back on the map, from the same place that brought you bands like Critical Point, Pressure and Broken Distance, to name a few, comes another SxE hardcore attack from the usual suspects.
you won't get disappointed.
 If you want a tape, act fast, there are just a few on the bandcamp page.

01. Cut And Run
02. Save Face
03. Thick As Thieves 
04. Behind The Times

Various Bitrates

Lost Cause - Demo 2013

Formerly What's Right, but still Straight Edge commited,  from Fargo, ND.
Also take some time to check their previous demo.
01. Empty Soul
02. Delusion
03. Scorn
04. Stranded & Senseless

Various Bitrates

So Stressed - Attracted To Open Mouths

So Stressed from Sacramento, California play a weird, noise rock/punk using drums, guitar, keyboard/sampler, and voice, since 2010.
The band released a tape of the record, which is also available on CD by Music Ruins Lives (and features a bonus track).
Check it!
1. Adults
2. A Fisherman's Feast
3. Little TV
4. Secret Breasts
5. Animals Seeking Political Asylum
6. Hairstyles
7. Molly
8. The Astronomical Horse

Various Bitrates

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trenches - Demo

Trenches is a new oldschool vibe hardcore band from Oakland.
The demo will be available in tape, so if you want one and can't be at their 2nd October show in El Rio, SF, get in touch with the band.

01. Enemy
02.  Blackout 
03.  Gas Rag 
04. Safe in Shadows 
05.  A.F.S 

Various Bitrates

Victimized - Demo 2013

Talk about fresh, Victimized from North west cumbria, UK just released their first demo.
Check it out.

01. Intro / Make A Move 
02. Volatile 
03. Twisted World 
04.  Break These Chains 

Various Bitrates

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Thousand Words - Vivre Sa Vie

A Thousand Words, already posted several times in this blog (although never enough), just released a new EP.
Good, as always, and available through Salad Days Records in two awesome colored 7''.

"The Portuguese juggernauts are back with a killer release. 2 songs of heavy and heartfelt Hardcore that will make your ears bleed and hit you like a punch to the stomach. FFO Rise And Fall and Unbroken.


01. Vivre Sa Vie
02. Gutters

Various Bitrates

Overreact - EP 2013

Srasbourg based Overreact are about to drop their first release in 7'' vinyl. In the meantime, check out their EP at their bandcamp.
"Coming from the most northeastern part of France and formed in fall 2011 by members of acts like SPITFIGHT, SOLSTIS, COLD STEEL, AIM FOR DA HEAD or J’AURAIS VOULU, Strasbourg’s OVERREACT distilling a furious metal-rooted hardcore transcended by personal influences. Crossing genders of both punk and metal, the five-pieces outfit draws inspiration from 90’s crossover bands such as ALL OUT WAR, CRO-MAGS, NEGLECT and INTEGRITY. In reaction of the grim assessment of a crumbling modern world in which terror and illusions reign, the band delivers a raging blend of cathartic rhythms, purgative melodies and intense breakdowns.
Aiming to demonstrate their abilities to provide the most sincere and meaningful music, OVERREACT is about to release its first EP on Paris based KNIVES OUT RECORDS. It will be out on a hand numbered limited black vinyl 7 inch edition containing a surge of powerful riffing and committed anger."

01. Look and laugh...
02. Endless
03. Icebreakers
04. Overreact

 Various Bitrates 

Negative Rage - Does Yours? (Tape)

Negative Rage is a one man punk band from Halifax.
If you like it raw, give it a go. Also, check out the Figure It Out  and  Don't Wanna Talk Tapes.
Get it touch via email for tapes.

1. Does Yours?
2. Can't Reember
3. The Living End (The Jesus and Mary Chain)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Revengeance - Complacent Complacency EP

Revengeance just made their latest EP available for free download. Don't sleep on one of the best bands to come out from Portugal last year.
And if you wanna piss of the neighbours with some loud powerviolence/grind/hardcore, don't 
forget to grab a copy in 7''!

01. The Model Citizen
02.  Drunken Dialects 
03.  Inaugurate The Warfare 
04.  (R)helix 
05.  Lex Talionis 
06.  Nihilistic Circus Parade 
07.  Controlller (Void Cover) 
08.  Bloodshot Vision 
09. Army Of None 
10. Jockcore Mentality 
11. A Screwdriver In The Ass Of Capitalist Hardcore 
12. Pictorial Representation of Faith 

Various Bitrates

Bricks - Forfeit

Bricks just released their new tape, new stuff, same poison!
Get in touch with the bandthrough their email for tapes .

01. Habits
02. Forfeit 
03. Identity 
04. Secrets
05. At A Loss
06. Deluded 
07. Wasted

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Presence Of Fear - Demonstration 2013

"Presence Of Fear is a new band out of West Michigan that plays a metallic/heavy style of hardcore with some hints to beatdown, quoting influences from bands like All Out War, Ten Of Swords, etc."

1. America's Pastime
2. Forever The Neglected
3. Smoke And Mirrors
4. Hatred Within
5. Sworn In 
Various Bitrates

Blare - Blare

80's influenced hardcore punk from Richmond VA.

01. I'm You
02. Reasons
03. Verbally Empty
04. Know
05. Bad Dreams
06. Hollow
07. Kids
08. Problems

Various Bitrates

Hollow Truth - Prometheus Bound EP

Dublin's Hollow Truth, previously featured with their demo, just released their new EP.
If you like a good dose of oldschool thrash crossover, don't let this one slip by.

01. With Sword & Salt
02. Prometheus Bound 

Various Bitrates

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Puig Destroyer - Puig Destroyer

"PUIG destroyer is a baseball themed grind/hardcore project from Riley Breckenridge (Thrice), Mike Minnick (Curl up and Die), Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City) and Jon Howell (Tigon, Kowloon Walled City), with obvious influences (new baseball phenom Yasiel Puig).  Preorders at The Ghost Is Clear Records."

01. One Man, Five Tools
02. Dat Hat
03. Destroyer of Baseballs
04. Nine and Never Apart
05. Basebrawl
06. Stop Fucking Bunting

Various Bitrates 

No Thanks - Demo '13

Youthcrew Straightedge from Oklahoma with members of  Thought Crime.
 Keep an eye on the facebook page for news about physical copies.

01. Intro
02. Here For The Show
03. No Thanks
04. Not Alone
05. My Mistakes
06. A New Chapter
Various Bitrates

Red Scare - Demo 2013

"Hardcore punk band from Seattle, WA. for booking."

01. Marked 
02. Sheep 
03. Fifteen 
04. Neanderthal 
05. Beg

Various Bitrates 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As It Hurts - Demo 2013

Beatdown Hardcore from Liege, Belgium.

  01. This mad world 
02. Not ready to stop   
03. You will Suffer


Chelsea Smile - Survival of the Innocent

"Chelsea Smile was formed with a group of friends who have a big heart for hardcore music. With
some line-up changes in the past Chelsea Smile now has a solid team and their debut album ‘Survival
of the Innocent’ is released in the summer of 2013. The album reflects their vision on life and
how they see the world. With a mixture of hardcore such as Terror, Trapped Under Ice and Expire
combined with some Nasty and Shattered Realm beatdown influences, Chelsea Smile packs one hell of a punch. Expect some rough mosh and 2step on the dance floor with this set of fresh Dutch hardcore fanatics."

01. Last Night a Beatdown Saved My Life
02. Last Breath 
03.  Rhytm of Your Heartbeat 
04. Abandon Ship 
05. Tidal Waves 
06.  Survival of the Innocent 
07. Wide Awake 
08. Stray Away

Various Bitrates 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Chained Down - Crossroads

Salt Lake City Hardcore Punk with a lot of youthcrew vibe.
The recording is a little ruff on the edges but don't let that stop you from checking it out.

01. Doubt
02. Sham Life 
03. Impact 
04.  Vile 
05.  Identity 
06. Strength Within 
07.  Set Aside 
08. Held Back 

Various Bitrates

Professor - Publish Or Perish EP

Professor, whose demo i had posted just a few weeks ago, just released a new EP.
Keep an eye for the 7'' coming out on Scum Bros Records later this summer.

01. Froshario Stomp
02. Tuitionage 
03.  Academic Integrity 
04. Men's Rights 
05. Hüsker Düde 
06.  Nat Interner Rebellion 
07. Semester At C#

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Piece Keeper - Demo 2013

Baltimore still on the map!
Piece Keeper is a 5 piece hardcore band out of Baltimore, Maryland, and is just what Baltimore is getting us used to!
If you're in the area, try to see them live with Fire & Ice The Upper Hand and Over and Out, or with Incendiary and Crosscheck.

01. Crush Proof
02. Collapsing The Barriers
03. Lacking Love
04. Attention Deficit
05. Mask

Various Bitrates

UNCLE - Primata

Two piece powerviolence/hardcore/punk from Prince Edward Island, Canada.
If you're a fan of Orchid, The Locust etc. do check it out!
Tapes available at their bandcamp

01.  Knots 
02. Caged Ape 
03. Dump Run 
04.  Hunter//Gatherer 
05. Generalissimo 
06. Flight Response 
07. Louse 
08. Fossorial 
09. Takers 

Various Bitrates

Saturday, June 15, 2013

True Love - A Floral Note

Don't be fooled by the cover and title, these Michigan natives hit hard!
Straightedge hardcore for the fans of Carry On, Sworn In, Right Brigade, Panic etc.

01. Intro/TLC
02. Midnight People
03. Out In The Streets Pt. I 
04. American Tears 
05. Chained Melody

Various Bitrates 

Big Content - Demo 2013

"4 song demo tape by Big Contest - Boston and Wilkes-Barre join forces again to make hardcore music for the people. Music in the vein of Warzone, Negative Approach, Krakdown, and Breakdown with lyrics confronting the issues of everyday life. Members of Intent and Disengage. "

01. In Too Deep
02. Consumed
03. What Will You Do?
04. Running In Circles

VBR (m4a)

Selfish Ways - Demo 2013

"Hardcore band from Visalia, CA."
Groovy hardcore with NYHC influence.
01. Seven 
02.  Empty 
03. Waste 
04. Outlook 
05. Years

Various Bitrates 

Monday, June 3, 2013

One Last Struggle - Demo

"We are four kids, we aren't musicians, we are all very different, but together we make this. We go by the D.I.Y. and anti- capitalist ethics in hardcore-punk and our lives! We want to teach, learn, meet people, talk, sing, shout and scream! We want rebellion, we want freedom, we want liberation! This is our last struggle in a world that doesn't care!"

01. Trapped In A Fold 
02. One Last Struggle 
03. Apathy 
04. Same Old Everyday 
05. Pointing Fingers 

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Break 'Em - Demos

Break 'Em are a fairly recent band from Lindesberg/Örebro, Sweden, that just released their new demo.
 Also, take the chance to check out their first demo, and get in contact with the band for copies.

Demo 2012

01. Class War
02. Armageddon 
03. Get Out

Various Bitrates 

Demo II

01. Intro/Erased
02. Worthless 
03.  Caught in a Nightmare 
04. Soul Trip 

Various Bitrates

Enlightenment - Propaganda Of Desires EP

Leipzig's Enlightenment, whose demo i had already posted just released their new EP. If you missed them the first time and are a fan of melodic hardcore, don't skip it.

01. Endgame
02. Enfants Perdus
03. Power Of The Imagination
04. Principle Of Hope
Various Bitrates

Sunday, May 26, 2013

IRATE - Demos

"In 1995, five young aspiring musicians gathered together in the Bronx, NY. They were drawn to each other for two reasons: a love of heavy music and the disillusionment created by urban adolescence. Nick (guitar), UV (drums), Nando (guitar), Phil (vocals) and Jayson (bass) became known as Irate and established themselves as one of New York City’s most brutal metal bands. Their music exemplified through sound and lyrics the harsh realities of growing up in a city (as well as a world) of apathy and indifference, a place where you must scream to be heard. "

Demo 96

01. Malintentions
02. Step to My World 
03. Straight Up 


 Demo 1999

01. Supremacy
02. Malignant 
03. C.P.R.


Demo 2003

01. Vendetta
02. Blasphemy
03. Depression
04. Fallen